Alpha/Alpha & Omega/Omega

Alpha/Alpha & Omega/Omega

do you know any fic where both are alphas? Also can be omegas but their are the same

There are a couple like that.  Here you go!


I love your little alpha scent by orphan_account: “I have you know that I’m one of the most high-ranking alphas there is”Steve chuckled “No, now you’re not” he dipped his head on the gap of the brunet’s neck again “You are level 4.5 at the moment”“Oh, shut up you” —Tony has a condition, but Steve is always there to help him with it.

I’ll always help you by orphan_account: “I was just going to say thank you, I know it’s weird,
thanking you for punching me in the face and all… but, the soon I get
out of that mindset the better, so, thanks” The genius tentatively
smiled at the soldier. “Anytime”

why stop now by Zekkass:
Tony’s an alpha, Steve’s an alpha, they shouldn’t work.

Settling by trollmela:
Tony’s high and fluctuating alpha ranking made him volatile; Steve had
the low rating of a steady pack leader and needed an anchor after losing
his previous war pack. The Avengers certainly wouldn’t be the easiest
people to get to settle into a pack, but Steve could offer his potential
second comfort at least.


Heat Difficulties by RussianCaravan:
Steve Rogers has avoided the dreaded week of Heat for years, but now the
promised heat that he had avoided for so long had finally arrived, and
with a vengeance.

Old Traditions and New Applications by Bam4Me:
Back when Steve was growing up, omegas spending a heat together was just
friends helping each other out. Encouraged even. Sex wasn’t a bad
thing, but omegas were very fertile, it was best to keep things safe.
Now days, sex usually means starting a relationship, and falling in
love, no matter your designation. Tony Stark doesn’t think that way
though. He’s just as helpful an omega as Steve ever met before. It’s
nice to have helpful friends.

Alphas Need Not Apply by Ryoko21: “Captain America is going into heat in the next 48
hours. He’s got no plan, no support, and no idea how to handle a
lone-heat since the invention of synthesized alpha hormones. And you and
I, as his fellow omegas, are going to help him through it.”A story about omegas wrestling for control of their biology.

Quite the Predicament by Jenioius: It was never a smart choice to begin with, having the
Avengers stay in the same building, in close proximity of each other.
No, an incredibly horrible idea. Then again, this would have never
happened had they not kept secrets. But hindsight equals twenty-twenty.or
the one where Tony’s euphoric, Steve is a sourpuss, Natasha can’t stop
crying, Clint can’t stop talking, Bruce just doesn’t care and Thorki is
so cute.

Uhhhh…*throws stuff at wall*

The Three Steve Solution by galwednesday: The cell was a sinister parody of a cheesy roadside
motel. An enormous heart-shaped bed draped in red satin sheets took up
half the room. There was a small mountain of pillows heaped by the
headboard, a little wicker basket of supplies Steve didn’t want to think
about, and an honest-to-God sprinkling of rose petals across the
bedspread. It would have been funny if not for the ceiling camera
positioned above the bed, guarded by a panel of probably-unbreakable
glass. The guards shoved Steve, Rogers, and Cap inside the room
and backed out. The door closed behind them with the dull thud of
reinforced steel and concrete. “You boys have fun!” one of the guards
shouted, to a chorus of jeers and snickers. “Wow,” Steve
deadpanned, eyeing the whole travesty of a honeymoon suite before them.
He didn’t know where to start. “This is…thorough.”“I’ll say.” Rogers rummaged through the basket of supplies. “There are five different kinds of lube in here.”(A
team of AIM scientists reach into alternate universes to kidnap alpha,
beta, and omega versions of Steve Rogers, hoping that together they’ll
breed the next generation of supersoldiers. The Steves do not cooperate.
Hijinks ensue.)

Switch Verse by @chibisquirt​:

Steve doesn’t think it’s unreasonable of him to be alarmed by Tony’s
disclosure, because Tony’s his teammate.
It isn’t unheard of for a man to switch his dynamic; it
mostly happens in cases of high stress, when the hormones produced would
instigate either an advance to or a retreat from the extreme ends of
the spectrum.  Plenty of soldiers he’d known had gone off to battle as
Betas and come home Alphas; a few came home Omegas, instead, and back
before the days of suppressants, they got an honorable discharge.  But
no one goes straight from Omega to Alpha, or, for that matter, the
reverse, which means that Tony has to have changed dynamic not once, but
twice.  And that is rare.  (changing dynamics and some other pairings,
so pay attention to tags, but the author is incredible, so if it is your
thing, check it out)

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