Protective Tony

Protective Tony

hiya and thank you so much for doing the lord’s work with the fic recs! <3 have protective!tony fics been requested yet?

This is one of my FAVORITE tropes. Everyone knows that, right?  No
secret that if you search the Protective Tony Stark tag, I have a, uh,
number of fics for that, lol.  I love Tony being all protective of
Steve. There is just something so heartwarming about it.  So, anyway,
here you go, Anon. Enjoy!


5 Times Tony Had Steve’s Back, and 1 Time Steve Had Tony’s by @itsallavengers​:
As it turns out, Steve gets himself into a lot more shit than you would
think. And for some reason, it’s always Tony who ends up saving his
sorry ass.

A Symphony of Laughter by ShyOwl: After he lost his mother, Steve was adopted by her
abusive husband and raised as nothing more than a servant in his tech
company. Now, Hydra Enterprises has been bought out by Stark Industries
and, to celebrate, there is to be a grand event.Steve had no
intention to go, he had a lot of work to do to ensure the failure of
Hydra, but with some pressure from a friend and a suit from a mysterious
redheaded woman, he finds himself at a party like no other. It was
supposed to be a secret time with mild memories…but then he ran into
Tony Stark and it became so much more.

Nyctophobia by 3BeesAndCoffee3:
Request: Can you please do a one shot of stony with fluff, and have it
so Steve is afraid of the dark and uses Tony as a nightlight. I’m sorry
that the description is bad.

Drowning in small doses by theappleppielifestyle:
I know you have to die sometime. Please don’t let it be this time.

Routine by @wordsplat​:
Since waking from the ice, Steve has developed an increasingly difficult
case of OCD. Not wanting to be a burden, he doesn’t tell anyone of his
troubles and always keeps his teammates at a safe distance, not getting
too close to any of them. He’s struggling just to keep his head above
water when Tony catches him in one of his compulsions, and refuses to be
pushed away.

as they learned to see by often_adamanta:
Tony stayed silent through her terse explanation, anger growing. When
Natasha was finished, he asked, “So you’re telling me that Steve’s been
missing for almost two months, most likely kidnapped by an unknown
organization, a force which employs two brilliant but completely crazy
scientists that hate Stark Industries because they were refused jobs on
the basis of their psych evals, and I’m only hearing about this now?”

Fallen by Potterwatch97:
Tony does something monumentally stupid that could lead to the death of
the one thing he loves most at the hands of the monster he’s created. He
had to save Steve or he would never forgive himself.

Beckon Me Home by @winterstar95​:
A change in circumstances switches the tables on Tony. When an
assassination attempt leaves Steve debilitated, Tony is his only hope.
In order to save Steve, he might very well have to suffer the same fate
as Steve. A story about the paradox of love.

An Unbroken Heart by @laireshi​:
They aren’t friends, not anymore. But Steve still loves Tony with all
his heart, and Tony still risks his own life to save Steve.

No Exit by @izazov​:
Evading Steve becomes rather difficult when he and Tony get trapped together in an abandoned HYDRA facility.

Eigengrau by @the-vorkosigan​:
Tony is captured; he doesn’t know by whom, or why. He doesn’t know how
much time has passed since. What he knows is, he can now hear something
in the adjacent cell, and that ‘something’ sounds a lot like Steve

The Weight of Armor by @the-vorkosigan​:
Steve is mysteriously kidnapped. His Avengers are worried. Or: a
post-Arthurian AU, with knights and kings and swords, evil sorcerers,
half-giants out of Wales, and two certain idiots who don’t realize they
are in love.

Fix You by @thegraytigress​: The awful script, the play by play and scene by scene…
Tony isn’t going to let it happen this time.  He isn’t going to let
Steve leave again.  He can fix this.  They can talk and not fight.
He’ll have to find a way to make that happen because this has to stop.
It has to.He has to make Steve better again.

To the Victor by @thegraytigress​: Nightmares are real.  Tony is living one.  It’s awful,
unending, torturous.  It’s driving him mad.  It’s killing him.  He just
wants to wake up and go back to his life with Steve, a life filled with
love and happiness. Yet every day the hell of reality presses down,
because Steve went on a mission. Steve made the ultimate sacrifice.
Steve is never coming home. And Tony can’t let himself believe it.

I’ve Got Two Faces, Blurry is the One I’m Not by Fangirlingmanaged:
Ross is too smart, and Tony’s desperate

Dawn Seems Far Away by Tsuki_Amano:
It’s the silence that tips him off, that something’s
wrong. And if he looks hard enough, Tony can make out Steve’s silhouette
in bed, lying still although the air is thick with sorrow.Steve’s had a
not-so-great and all Tony wants to do is make him feel better. Because
cuddles make a lot of things better.

Don’t Take My Things by kitteekatz69:
Steve has a stalker, who eventually drugs him and kidnaps him. Tony
searches for him, and when he finds him, beats the hell out of the

by sabrecmc:
Tony watches the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier unfold.

(honestly, just about everything I write tends to have some version of
this trope, but I think this one probably captures it best)

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