Military Tony

Military Tony

Hey do you know of any fics where Tony was/is in the military(Besides Dulce decorum est)(or however that’s spelled)?????

There are not that many with Tony in the military, are there?  There are a couple that have him working with the military that you might enjoy. A lot of them are basically Tony somehow involved in WW2.  Here are a few suggestions.

An Inglorious Affair by @stark-spangled-lovers, morphia:
In 1944, Steve’s commando team, The Basterds, are off to fight nazis in
France. Tony joins their efforts after intelligence suggests that Herr
Kleiser, a German scientist, has set his sights on making a massive
nuclear bomb. Their mission: Get to Kleiser before he completes his evil
plan. What neither of them had planned for, however, was to fall in
love in the middle of the worst war either of them had ever seen.

A Love of War by seekingmoonscapes:
A ‘Tony Stark in WW2 AU’. Following the aftermath of Erskine’s death and
the collapse of Project Rebirth, Tony moves to the catacombs of London.
He and everyone’s favourite super-soldier don’t get on…

What You Don’t Know by @sineala:
In 1941, two strangers meet in a bar. And then Captain America meets
Iron Man. And then Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark. They get it right.
Eventually. And also they fall out of an airplane.

I’ve loved you for a hundred years (and I’ll love you forever more) by Saiya_tina:
Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark, an integral part of Erksine’s project,
during the Second World War. Basically, a retelling of Captain America:
The First Avenger with Tony Stark in the midst of things.

Crescendo by @winterstar95:
1949- World War II ended and all the boys came home heroes, except for
Tony Stark. After the war, Tony returned Stateside disgraced because his
plane went down and his father traded secrets with Imperial Japan to
gain his freedom. Once he dreamed of going to Hollywood and becoming a
star, now he’s stuck singing in a club run by Victor von Doom – the same
man he used to (and maybe still does) have a relationship. Victor
protects him when the committee on un-American activities threatens, so
he owes the man his life and his soul. Tony Stark only wants to sing and
forget his worries. But then one day a war hero walks into the club and
starts to ask questions. Steve Rogers with his earnest eyes and his
honest expression draws Tony like a moth to the proverbial flame. But
Steve the war hero has secrets of his own, and when their two worlds
collide – well, it just might be the death of both of them.

And the one you mentioned, Dulce et Decorum est by samptra:
Badly wounded in Afghanistan Lieutenant Tony Stark had been deemed unfit
for combat. His life now stretching before him a bleakly; a company he
wants nothing to do with, a legacy he can barely tolerate, and a life he
never wanted. Until he’s given the chance to be something he never
imagined; a superhero.

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