Sex God Steve

Sex God Steve

Any fics where Steve is pictured like a sex god? (Bottom Tony) Also I wanted to thank you for these useful fic recs

You know, there aren’t that many with Steve being the experienced one, but here are a few suggestions you might like where Steve isn’t all that innocent:

The (Terrible) Seduction of Tony Stark by cvsossong:
Tony thinks Steve is an innocent virgin and tries to take it slow with
him. Steve is having none of that. Unfortunately, Tony doesn’t take
hints well.

Not that innocent by secretsuperhero1:
Tony has been pushing Steve long enough. Now he’s finally going to get what he deserves.

talk to me by theappleppielifestyle: “I was offering to talk dirty to you so you’d stop thinking I was such a stick in the mud.”Tony considers. Steve’s from the 40s, he assumes dirty talk back then wasn’t as graphic as it is today. “Go ahead.”Steve
cocks his head at him, lets his gaze linger on Tony’s mouth and the
exposed collarbone before saying, “Sometimes when you’re doing tune-ups
on your armour I think about stripping you out of it and fucking you
against the desk in your workshop until you scream for me.””Holy god,“ Tony hears himself say, and Steve grins before continuing.

Mi Amor by LittleMissStark: The genius handed the coin over to him, twinkling chocolate browns lingering on his baby blues. Steve
flipped it. “Tails.” There was a sudden bubbling of elation in the pit
of his stomach as he began to smile stupidly. He took one look at the
dancers on the stage and then back over at Tony. Suddenly he knew exactly what he wanted.  “Is it bad that I’m kind of terrified right now?” Tony whispered as Steve nestled closer. “If
you aren’t, then I am not playing this game right.” He leaned in,
running a hand up Tony’s thigh slowly. “Dance for me.” He breathed into
Tony’s ear. He grinned smugly when the brunette shuddered in his grip.
Steve leaned back, sitting back down again. “Up there.” He jerked his
head towards the stage. “With them.” “Are you implying something, Rogers?” Tony asked, melting into the dark blue hue of the brothel even more. Steve only smiled. “Depends on what you what you want to understand.”*OR*
Tony and Steve encounter each other at a new brothel downtown, play
truth or dare by flipping a coin, and eventually have hot sex.

Payment in Full by @awesomeavocadolove: “What can I do you for, Cap?”Steve bit his lower lip, tucking his hands in his back pockets,
actually rocking back a little on his heels. “Shucks, Mr. Stark,” he
said in a put-upon innocent voice. “I was kind of wondering what I could
do for you.”(Quick, dirty fill based on a Tumblr Picture prompt.)

Prostrate by thryza:
Fill for a prompt on LJ community avengerkink: The super serum has given
Steve enhanced stamina and almost no refractory period. It means that
Steve can easily get one last one in when Tony is done for the night,
and he loves it. (Roughly 1k of shameless PWP ensues. And yes, the title
is meant to be “prostrate,” as in lying supine. Not prostate. I

rough enough for love by @silkspectred:
Steve lie down on the bed. The second time it was Steve that initiated
it, slow handjobs under the hot spray of the shower, and Tony looked
surprised by it. Like it was weird that Steve wanted it. Wanted him.

Full (of your love) by Hiyami:
Steve pushes Tony’s body to its limits and then some.

Size America by KMYash: “Steve was well-endowed before he became a soldier, enough so that
Bucky made jokes about it. After getting the serum, he’s found that he’s
even grown there — and so has his libido, but he’s terrified of sex,
afraid he’ll hurt someone, if not with his strength then with his dick.Tony
only needs to catch one glance at Steve changing before he’s decided
that yeah, he wants a piece of that. He just needs to convince Steve
it’s a good idea.BONUS: Virgin!Steve and/or Steve not being sure
about a relationship with a man, since it was so much more taboo in his
time. Both of which Tony finds strangely adorable.”

Fourth of July by BlazeStarkRogers:
It’s Steve’s Birthday, and Tony has been taking their relationship slow,
to respect Steve’s 1940’s sensibilities. It’s nice and all, but his
patience is wearing thin. He’s a man that has needs. And he really needs
to be fucked. Like now.

The Star Spangled Ass by FireAwayy:
Tony could see through Steve’s wicked plans. He knew this ‘innocent and
american’ act was a joke. Steve had a dastardly plan, all right. Tony did not expect the plan to lead to the two of them going camping. But don’t worry, Tony was absolutely not in love with Steve Rogers, nosireebob. Tony Stark doesn’t have feelings, he’s Iron Man!
But maybe sometimes…he’s just Tony and he might have feelings for Steve Rogers…

Perfect Body by IronShield:
Steve Rogers is struggling with his sexual desires, he doesn’t know if
he should share them with anyone. One day, out of curiosity he reads
some SteveXTony fanfiction and Tony wonders if the fanfic matches up the
the real deal. The first chapter sets it up, chapter 2 and on will
contain all the smut!

(bottom Steve, but he’s very, very into it)

I’ve been laying with the devil by doctorziegler: Steve Rogers likes to wax poetic about his lover at all times— Hell, sometimes even in the middle of screwing the man senseless.(Avengers Kink Meme fill for the prompt: Steve/Tony, size-kink, riding, control“Steve
totally gets off on how much smaller than him Tony is and loves to make
Tony ride his dick, controlling his movements throughout.”
) (thank you to @dagobaby for the suggestion!)

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