Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Hi! I don’t know if you still do requests but could you recommend me some fic where Steve and Tony are friends with benefits at first and then they start have feelings for each other and maybe some angst bc they think the other is not interested so there are misunderstandings and mutual pining?? With an happy ending of course 🙂 Thank you and thanks for all the recs too!!!

Friends with benefits is one of my favorite things!  Shocking how often it leads to LOVE, amirite???  Here are some suggestions for you!


Bright As You Can by @sineala:
When Steve shows up at Tony’s penthouse for one of their usual
no-strings-attached dalliances, he’s sure as hell not expecting to find a
second Tony waiting for him. And they’re both interested in keeping him

Love me (not) by navaan:
Steve and Tony fall into a friends with benefits relationship and Tony is completely okay with that. Right?

So Close Together (So Far Apart) by theapplepplielifestyle: Steve and Tony become Friends With Benefits.It backfires on them both.

nothing beyond sex by TheConsultingWriter:
tony’s never been good at showing his feelings and steve’s never been good at hiding his

Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses (series) by Impala_Chick:
Tony’s fancy car provides Steve the perfect opportunity to execute his
plan: the one that involves taking Tony’s cock down his throat.

Any Other Way of Loving by @brandnewfashion:
In which Steve is bad at dating, Tony isn’t, and neither of them are as subtle as they think.

Star-Spangled Butt by @everybodyilovedies:
Tony and Steve are sharing a room in the old MacBarton farm. Which would
be fine, except Tony forgot that he was wearing a particularly
inspirational pair of underwear this morning (patriotically inspiring underwear).

Assemble, Disassemble, Reassemble (series) by thryza: A series of short stories, chiefly Steve/Tony PWP, following up or tied in to episodes of Avengers Assemble.

Smells Like “I Love You” by MiniRaven:
Steve is having a hard time coming to terms with parts of the future.
More precisely, he’s having problems coming to terms with his
relationship with Tony Stark on and off the field. He visits Peggy for a
little advice, but gets a little more than he barged for when he walks
in the room.

You Look a Lot Like My Next Boyfriend by @lelantusposts:
“Pepper, today I met my arch nemesis.” “Again? Really? Is this another Justin Hammer situation?”
don’t hate him, Buck. He’s just some rich kid that’s being forced to do
charity work by his dad. It just pisses me off that he doesn’t actually
care. You know how much stuff like this means to me.”— Or:
A Steve/Tony College AU. Tony attempts to “reform” his public image by
doing charity work. Steve volunteers at said charity. They meet and kind
of hate each other. Then, somehow, they end up friends. And one day
Tony realizes he might be a little bit in love with Steve, which
wouldn’t be that bad if Steve weren’t pretty much straight. Next comes a
bet, a kiss, a minor sexuality crisis, a secret relationship, and a
whole lot of boys being stupidly repressed about their feelings.

Putting the Damage On by Innogenx: Steve Rogers is Captain America. Captain America is bigger than Steve Rogers. After
a break-up, Steve falls into bed with Tony. No big deal, right? It’s
just friends with benefits – no expectations, no strings attached.
Unfortunately no one told Tony.

Optimistic Decompression by exfatalist: To destroy all records of the Superhuman Registration
Act before they could fall into Norman Osborn’s hands, Tony Stark
deleted his brain. In so doing, he forgot a lot of very important – and
very terrible – things that he did. His life since has been spent
attempting to reconcile how much his friends seem to despise him and
knowing, logically, that he could have only ever acted according to his
best judgment.And while no amount of sensory input could possibly bring back such
irreparably lost data, nothing was ever logical about the quiet moments
when two people lay entwined together.

Won’t Stop to Surrender by @msermesth:
A year after the Accords, Tony and Steve reflect on a friends-with-benefits arrangement that ended up just being too much.

Friends With Benefits by starspangledsprocket:
Steve and Tony were friends with benefits, and that was fine, until a
single comment brought everything crashing down around them.

Captain America, Sneak Dater Extraordinaire by @wordsplat:
Steve and Tony are friends with benefits, no emotions involved; at
least, they are until a personality reversal spell reveals something
Steve’s been trying to keep hidden. For someone who’s supposed to be the
paragon of virtue, Captain America can be surprisingly sneaky.

How to be a Truly Terrible Wingman by @wordsplat:
Prompt: “We were both playing wingman for our friends who have now
decided to go home together, and after five minutes of conversation we
fucking hate each other. Let’s bang it out.”

Wednesdays are Awful (Except When They’re Great) by @wordsplat:
Steve and Tony despise each other, so Nick’s natural solution is to
force them to spend one hour a week together in a mandatory bonding
session no amount of shouting, swearing, or physical violence will get
them out of-though they certainly try. Also known as that time Steve and
Tony did everything as ass backwards as humanly possible.

More Than Friends by Pearl_Unplanned: After the first time they have sex, nothing really changed. The
fighting didn’t stop. If anything, it got a bit more heated, they got a
bit closer, and after everyone thought they’d left to go cool off, the
angry sex was great. But that was just about it. More sex, not that
Tony could complain, because Steve was amazing in bed. Here he’d thought
for so long that the man was a blushing virgin. He learned the truth
before they’d even made it to the bedroom. Tony really didn’t want to
complain, because this was more than he could’ve hoped for, but when
he’d watch Steve walk into the room with that tight white shirt and
those loose pants, barely hanging onto his hips, he couldn’t help but
want more than just sex. Or the one where a friends with benefits relationship may be more than just that.

Rom-Comm Goes Wrong by @xtaticpearl:
Tony and Steve have been friends with benefits/dating/god knows what for
a couple of months when Tony finally gathers enough confidence to
confess his love for Steve. When he takes a really bad hit during a
mission and gets stranded with Clint, he decides to just go out and say
it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bring the result they expected.

I Cannot Walk on Water by @izazov:
Steve doesn’t think about having sex with Tony Stark. He certainly doesn’t plan for it. It happens anyway.

Or Call Me Something Else by @festiveferret:
There are things Steve Rogers doesn’t like about the future – see:
Instagram – and there are things Steve Rogers loves about the future –
see: hot, wild, no-strings-attached sex with Tony Stark. That is, until
Tony drops the “b” word, and Steve realizes that what he thought was
casual fun was something much more serious to the other man.

Falling Into You by sabrecmc: Tony and Steve end up as fuck buddies after the events of The Winter
Soldier until Steve calls it off.  When Loki’s spell wipes all of
Steve’s memories since the last time Loki was in town, Tony decides it
will be so much easier to just not tell Steve they had something of a
relationship.  Spoiler:  It isn’t.  Or, how Steve fell in love with Tony and forgot about it, and how Tony fell in love with Steve and realized it.

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