Party Games

Party Games

Truth or dare/ spin the bottle/ never have I ever Stony! Fics

Yes!  There are a few of these!  Here you go, Anon, enjoy!


Truth or Dare by Crematosis:

Playing truth or dare with Loki was one of the most interesting experiences of Tony’s life.

Over My Dead Body by Crematosis:

When Tony refuses to talk to Steve, Loki forces him to communicate through a game of charades.

Poker Night by @captainneverever:

When Tony convinces Steve to play a game of strip poker, Steve isn’t sure what they are playing for or what exactly Tony is after.

What the Actual F*#@? by @queendophne: Well of all things to happen when he called the phone sex work line, Steve was not prepared for this. Maybe he should have…OrSteve is dared to call a phone sex hotline and things do not go as planned.

To Pass the Time by Endellion:

Tony and Steve get locked in a cell during a mission and play truth or dare to pass the time.

Board Out of Our Minds by idioticfangirl:
In the newest plot to get the Avengers to work together as a team, Fury locks them in a room with a load of board games and prays that they don’t kill each other playing them.

My Home is Through You by steveroqers: “How about a board game?” Steve suggested, ignoring the way Tony’s devilish, smouldering smile was replaced with an unimpressed stare.
“Oh my God, seriously?” Tony laughed, loving the way Steve blushed, “Come on, Steve, I’m not 12. You’re killing me here.”The Avengers play Monopoly. It’s hilarious, cute, and full of feels.

Never Have I Ever by SilverStark:

Clint and Tony decide a drinking game is the perfect way to decompress after a mission. Steve doesn’t know any better than to follow along, and anyway it’ll probably be a short game. How many things haven’t two assassins, a god, a billionaire playboy philanthropist, and he and Bruce done yet?

Never Have I Ever by Halfling:

Tony throws a party for the Avengers plus Pepper Potts and Phil Coulson, and they play “Never Have I Ever.”

As You WIsh by Heartithateyou:

Its the weekly game night for the Avengers, so what happens when a game of charades turns into Steve and Tony having to act out love scenes?

Never Have I Ever by Heartithateyou:

The Avengers play never have I ever and some secrets come to light.

Fuck, Marry, Kill by Heartithateyou: Game night at Avengers tower leads to a game of fuck, marry, kill.Too bad Tony knows exactly who he wants to fuck and marry.

Dare to Tease by @xtaticpearl:

Steve thought he was doing an excellent job of teasing Tony and riling him up into a mess of want. It would be only days before he would finally give in. What he didn’t expect is for Tony to turn the tables on him and Natasha to help Tony. One Truth or Dare game is all it takes for Tony to completely wreck him. In the good way, of course.

Do Ask, Do Tell by @polizwrites:

Tony and Steve are competing in a party game that suddenly goes off the rails in the best way.

I Never by Elspethdixon, Seanchai:

Kang had been defeated, they had four hours to kill before the press conference, and they were reduced to playing a party game Steve strongly suspected had been made up by 13-year-old girls.

Party Fixes Everything! Or Does It? by SarkaS:

Janet has had enough of Tony/Steve fighting each other, and wants them to settle things. Best way to do that? Parties, Spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven of course!

Do You Fondue? by GreenRoyale: What would happen if you put together two Super Soldiers, Russian Spy, an Archer and an infamous Genius-Billionaire-Playboy-Philanthropist in a room?They play Cards Against Humanity.

Not that Innocent by secretsuperhero1:

Tony has been pushing Steve long enough. Now he’s finally going to get what he deserves.

one hundred percent skill, fifty percent luck by kellifer_fic:

Where there is a poker game, a v-card and general misunderstandings

Strip Poker by ms_superwhoavengerlockgermany06:

The team has a weekly strip poker night. They get Steve in on it. Everyone gets rowdy, Steve loses a lot, and Tony regrets nothing. Oh, and Clint and Natasha are perverts.

Too Hot by Red_City:

Or, the one where Natasha makes it happen.

Ace of Hearts by theleaveswant:

Tony watches Steve play solitaire.

Lesson Two: Penalties of Cheating by 27dragons, sara_holmes:

The first rule of Avengers Poker Night is: don’t talk about poker night. (Actually, it’s not. The first rule of poker night is to never let Natasha play.) Bucky thinks he might regret accepting Clint’s invitation to join the game, because he’s pretty sure there aren’tany other rules. He thought things couldn’t get much crazier than mealtimes with the Avengers. He was wrong.

Roll the Dice and Swear Your Love (for me) by fandomfrolics:

After all, how bad could a game of Truth or Dare be?

Truth/Dare by ritazien:

In which a party at Avengers Tower turns into a game of truth or dare and Natasha may or may not be manipulating this whole situation.

Seven Minutes in Heaven by steveplustony:

The team finds a Buzzfeed quiz that determines which Avenger you should make out with.

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