Bucky is Team Stony

Bucky is Team Stony

“Bucky being Team Stony is one of my favorite things!” Yes! Fic recs in this vein, or do these not exist? Love your work, love your recs!

There are a couple I can think of off the top of my head.  I think a lot of fics have a little bit of Bucky being Team Stony (he definitely is in several of my fics), but here are some that focus more on it.  Enjoy!


Bucky is a motherf*cking matchmaker by Heartithateyou: Bucky knows there’s something going on with Steve, the
way he looks at Tony differently, the way he acts around him, that
stupid smile he always has when he’s talking to him.Oh shit, he likes him.

Ceremony by spacefucker:
Steve and Bucky talk mere hours before Steve and Tony’s wedding. He’s nervous. Bucky’s had enough.

Operation: Knuckleheads by @festiveferret:
Bucky is enjoying his new, post-Winter Soldier life at Avengers Tower,
until he discovers that the constant tension between Steve and Tony was
caused by a recent (and mysterious) breakup. Determined to make his
friends happy, Bucky gives himself a new mission: figure out what went
wrong, and get these two idiots in love back together again.

The Do-Over Proposal by nightwalker:
Steve wants to go on a journey, Tony doesn’t think it’s a good time, and Bucky needs to beat some sense into both these idiots.

Issues by so_shhy:
In which Steve has a crippling crush on Tony Stark, Tony is oblivious
and obnoxious, and Bucky expresses his disapproval via
passive-aggressive comics.

Here’s the Real Question: Captain America or a Great White Shark? by ViciousRhythm:
How Bucky got Steve laid (and then engaged) because Shark Week

Baby Won’t Sit on My Lap by Downeystan03:
Tony keeps sitting on everybody’s lap. Steve may or may not be jealous of the fact.

A Bit Busy at the Moment by stardust_and_sunlight:
“BUCKY?” Steve yelled. “I need your help!”
“I’M A BIT BUSY AT THE MOMENT!” bellowed Bucky, two people on his back forcing him down and more approaching.
just asked me out!” Steve shouted back, and then froze as it hit him.
“Oh my god. Tony asked me out. Tony asked me out and then I hung up on

Jealousy by Rionaa:
Tony and Bucky flirt constantly, but they don’t mean anything by it. Then one day it goes too far…

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by Crematosis:
Bucky’s a little annoyed when Tony starts having an erotic dream while
he’s trying to finish his term paper. But once he realizes who Tony’s
dreaming about, things get a lot more interesting.

I Want To Know What Love Is by Impala_Chick:
Avengers Academy gets seriously damaged, and Nick Fury is absolutely
certain of one thing – someone is going to have to be punished. Being a
good spy, he attempts to figure out just what happened first before
doling out punishment. It turns out, Steve and Tony have some issues to
work out.

The One With Bucky’s Biggest Fan by justanotherpipedream: Steve still can’t believe how long it took for him to
notice. It wasn’t a secret really, just something that no one had cared
to ask…it honestly took Rhodey pulling him aside and pulling out an
old photo album, before Steve really understood.Tony Stark was a Bucky Barnes fan.(aka The one where Tony is the biggest Bucky Barnes fanboy, Steve is a supportive boyfriend, and Bucky is perplexed by it all.)

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