Tony & Rhodey Friendship

Tony & Rhodey Friendship

Do you have any recs that involve Tony/Rhodey being friends? Rhodey being a really awesome wing man, confidant, or just getting frustrated with Steve and Tony’s flirting and long looks and decided to help out. (thank you so much for all your awesome recs)

There are a lot of Tony & Rhodey friendship fics, so you have a ton of choices, but here are some that you might particularly enjoy that really focus on the Tony & Rhodey relationship, but have Stony, too.


Master of Communication by somanyfeels:
Tony didn’t like being touched, on the rare occasions he wanted physical
contact he would initiate it.  It was how things were, how it had
always been, and he was fine with it.  His new team didn’t know, they
just kept touching and Tony wasn’t quite sure how to ask them to stop.

Good for You by @orbingarrow: Steve doesn’t understand why Tony dates people who abuse him.  Tony doesn’t understand why Steve cares.  The
rest is bad choices, good choices, rehab, milkshakes, paintball,
YouTube videos, couples therapy and learning to put the past in the
past.  Or: How Tony finds his happy ending.

Big, Blond, Beautiful and a dick by Imonherewaytoooften:
Steve and Tony have been dating for two months when Colonel James Rhodes
comes to visit. Steve wants to know why Rhodes suddenly hates him but
he might not like the truth when he finds out.

Tony’s Big Gay Freak-Out by @imafriendlydalek:
Tony’s having a Moment. It’s a good thing Rhodey is there to talk some sense into him.

Can’t See the Forest for the Pine by @musicalluna:
Tony is in love with Steve, only he had no idea.

Razor’s Edge by @musicalluna:
Steve is wearing the Iron Man boots and the Iron Man gauntlets; Jim knows in an instant that something is horribly wrong.

Pranksters Get It All by @xtaticpearl:
…or the four times Tony got re-pranked because of Rhodey and the one time he actually didn’t mind.

Cracked Hearts Under Iron Ribs by @xtaticpearl:
Rhodey is away for almost six months now and comes to meet Tony after
the mission. He doesn’t understand the domesticity of the whole Tower
and unknowingly sets off a whole truck of insecurities which make Tony
crawl back into being a Stark instead of just Tony. The team is not at
all happy and Rhodey joins them in trying to figure out a way to help
their resident genius feel better in his skin.

Beloved by @thecitylightshow: Steve wakes up on the morning of his 18th birthday and takes a moment to just breathe.He
never thought he’d make it to 18, and he’s still not convinced that
he’s going to have a soulmate. He’s been doodling on his skin all his
life,  but from today on, those doodles might appear on someone’s skin.
He might have someone’s doodles on his.Tony has to take a deep breath before he writes on his skin each morning.It’s
been so many days since he turned eighteen and he’s never had a
response. Howard says they don’t want him and Maria thinks his soulmate
is already dead. Rhodey promises him that he’s just the older one of the
two of them, but he’s 20 now.

Hold Me Tight by @potrix-the-queerschlaeger: Rhodey doesn’t mean to adopt the drunk kid he finds in a frat house bathtub. It just sort of happens. Or; five times Rhodey and Tony (and Carol) share a bed, plus the one time they don’t, but things turn out all right anyway.

Rhodey Bear by @kurowrites:
Rhodey visits Tony after having been away for quite a long time.

So You Have a Soulmate by wisia:
Look. Rhodey might be his soulmate, but the only one for Tony is Steve. Let’s get that clear.

(Platonic Soulmates series)

a guy walks into a bank by starkravingcap: Okay, so this looks bad. Like, really bad. Tony knows
this, he has eyes, and ears, and he’s really very intelligent and all,
so he knows just how bad this whole situation is. But—look, it’s not his
fault this time. Or; the one where Rhodey tries to domesticate Tony, and it all goes horribly wrong.

When You Mess With Him… by REM_It_Up: During an event with the Avengers, Tony is kidnapped by
an unknown group of men right in front of the team. The group who took
Tony taunt the Avengers by leaving small clues to Tony’s whereabouts.
When the kidnappers finally get in contact with the team, they are
forced to watch Tony get tortured on camera. The Avengers desperately search for their missing friend before they never see him again.The
kidnappers are smart and fast, they have everything figured out in
order to get away with their plan…They just forgot one thing–Colonel James Rhodes

Men of Iron Don’t Show Emotions, Captain by Naferty:
After the war Tony and Rhodey get captured by enemies. One year is an awfully long time for things not to have changed.

D.P. by tsukinofaerii:
Do not leave important questions to text messages. Rhodey and Tony learn the hard way.