Road Trips

Road Trips

Hi Sabre!! First, your stories give me life – I LOVE then! Second, your recommendations give me things to read in between reading your wonderful stories 🙂 Any recs for road trip fics? Preferably just Steve and Tony, and I always prefer my fics with a healthy dose of drama/angst 🙂 Thank you! And thank you for taking the time to make all these fic lists – they’re amaaaaazing <3

Thank you, Anon!  Here are some road trip fic suggestions for you.  Enjoy!


Mileage by Misaya: Tony Stark, a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, decides
he wants to sightsee the States, only he needs a driver who can put up
with him for that long. Hoping to pick up some extra cash for his mum
before his deployment and eager to drive across the country as well,
naive Steve Rogers replies to the job advertisement and the unlikely
pair pile into Tony’s Mercedes for an adventure. As the miles
tick away beneath their tires, Tony finds himself counting the days
until Steve’s deployment, and, to his surprise, realises he hopes the
road will never end.

It Will Probably Accelerate by northatlantic:
So the working title of this was variously ‘mixtape,’ ‘how steve rogers
got his groove back’ and ‘oh my god quit thinking of things to add.’
Steve’s perspective of the assembly of the Avengers after the dust has
settled and the rebuilding begins.

Nothing to Forgive by @sineala:
Steve’s roadtrip across America is derailed by the news that Tony’s
comatose body  has disappeared. He unhesitatingly volunteers to join the
search, even as he wonders what Tony will think of him when he finds
him, and if their relationship can ever be the same again.

Road Trip! by shrillfangirlscreaming:
Six friends fresh out of highschool go on a road trip. Arguments with Siri and gas station bathrooms ensue.

Marry Our Fortunes Together by misslucyjane:
Tony takes Steve (along with Phil, Clint and Thor) to look for America.

Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark by @gottalovev:
The Avengers might be reunited, but they are holding together with a
Band-Aid and a severe case of Tony pretending nothing happened. The
superficial truce is shattered the day Steve takes control of Tony’s
suit and forces him to go to medical in a tense situation. When Tony is
ordered to take a vacation, Steve volunteers to go with him.

Dust In My Pockets by samalander: Two road trips, 25 years apart; Steve goes to remember, Tony goes to forget.(A
note on warnings: Tony Stark is 17 at the beginning of the story, and
he shacks up with an older couple and alludes to other sexual contact.
Nothing graphic.)

I’ll Build A Home In You by @theappleppielifestyle: Tony Stark has a total of twenty-eight scars on his body.Or, a roadtrip!fic with a plot.

a kind of macabre and sombre wondertwin type of harmony by MsErmestH: Steve didn’t bring much with him when he left New York
to explore the rest of America—just his motorcycle, the shield, a change
of clothes, and the memories of his Hydra-counterpart. Now, after six
months on the road, he’s stuck in a hell of his own creation.It’s a hell with no room for Tony Stark, who just happens to be standing in the middle of his motel room.

Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of by erde:
They were always close. They could have been holding hands, but they weren’t.
Steve eventually reaches out to Tony. Even after all that’s happened, some things remain the same.

Steve and Tony Take a Road Trip by mjstark: Steve gets fired, and evicted, and dumped, all in one day, and he goes to sleep on the sidewalk. Tony decides it’s time for a roadtrip

In the Stillness of Remembering by @elise509:
Steve Rogers is a reminder of a past that Tony Stark would rather
forget.  But when Steve’s own ghosts suddenly become the present, Tony
finds he and Steve need each other to face the future.

A Second of Totality by @stark-spangled-lovers:
Tony Stark is a lot of things: Sixteen. High school graduate. Child
prodigy. Obsessed with solar eclipses. And also hopelessly in love with
his ex-best friend Steve Rogers. At the end of high school, life sucks
in a not very sexy way, and there’s only one thing Tony’s looking
forward to: a road trip to witness the first solar eclipse on American
mainland in four decades. Over a week of world-stopping kisses and holes
in the sky, Tony finally gets a chance to tell Steve how he really
feels. But can the one short week end in anything but goodbye?

On the Road by georgiathekiwi:
“When Fury first tells him who he’s going to be sharing a car with,
Coulson has to struggle to keep his face impassive, if only because Tony
Goddamn Stark.” An Avengers roadtrip fic.

Headin’ Down the Atlanta Highway by fandomfrolics:
Tony and Steve are tricked into taking a road trip together. Cue lots of UST in a moving, compact space.

Sometimes, This is How Our Story Goes by @winterstar95:
Tony and Steve head out on a road trip to discover what dangers might
lurk for Steve, but they find something else in the process. Each other.

Suburban Streets by apollothyme:
Let’s runaway together and not think twice about it. Let’s travel the
world with endless bottles of Coca-Cola littering our dashboard, sleep
on cheap motels and watch the stars from the car’s roof at night. Let’s
stop in the little towns and the big cities, meet new people and start a
new life. Smell the Pacific Ocean and see the Grand Canyon, make
mistakes and fix them all afterwards. Let’s leave and never look back. (a fic in which Tony and Steve are high school runaways, and that sentence pretty much says it all now doesn’t it).

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