Tony Dies in Civil War

Tony Dies in Civil War

Fic recs where Tony dies in Civil War instead of Steve?

I do know of a couple of those, so here you go.  Anyone with other suggestions, please feel free to add them!  Several of these seem to feature Evil!Steve (apparently, Steve without Tony is sort of off the rails, let’s say), so just mind the tags. Enjoy your angst!


Between the Lines of Fear and Blame by Keeperofseeds:
A Civil War AU. Tony takes the bullet meant for Steve at the Courthouse.

The Lies I Tell Myself by Coaster: In a different universe, Tony took the bullet meant for Steve. It didn’t go as he would’ve wanted it to.~It didn’t go as Steve would have wanted it to.

Iconoclasts by Woad:
Tony has seen Steve bleed out on sandstone steps before. He’s watched
the footage of the courthouse shooting hundreds of times. And there is
no way in hell that he’s going to let Steve die on his watch again.

The End by @ironlawyer:
Drabble.  Civil War AU, where Tony ends up dead instead of Steve.

Ghosts of Loved Ones by bettyparker:
Tony dies instead of Steve and after an unfortunate event Steve starts
to slowly forget him. When Tony comes back, Steve doesn’t even know who
Tony is but Tony doesn’t know him either. Can they fix what’s broken?

Rusted Wheel (or How the Civil War Might Have Ended) by @kiyaar:
Tony was on the steps of the Courthouse and took the bullets for Steve.

Purgatory by tictocficsoc:
AU.  Two years ago, Captain America ended the superhero civil war when
he killed Iron Man during the Battle of New York.  But no one ever stays
dead in the Marvel universe.  Now Tony is back, and he doesn’t want to
fight anymore.

What I’m Trying to Say Is, We Need You by starkerized: AU where Tony died at the end of Civil War. Alternately: What if everything in 616 happened – the unfinished eulogy, the Letter, the what-ifs and possible happy endings thrown in his face – except inflicted on MCU Steve?

It Wasn’t Worth It I Just Want You to Hold Me Back) by orphan_account:
After Tony dies, Steve takes a moment to be alone, and mourn.

the good days by romanoff:
Tony dies. Steve doesn’t cope.

Choices and Consequences by sopholeksworld:
The choice Tony has to make might not fix it. He doesn’t think anything would be enough to fix this, anymore. But maybe he can end it.

What You Have Tamed by tsukinofaerii:
Kink Meme Request: Semi mirror!verse fic. Tony gets pulled into another
universe where Steve’s side won Civil War, Tony died, and Steve took
control of the government. By the time they get 616!Tony back, he’s
slightly broken and convinced that Steve owns him and can’t make any
decision without Steve. And gained the ‘distressing’ habit of offering
his body to Steve and waking him up with blow jobs.

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