Next Avengers

Next Avengers

Hello! Can you recommend some stony fics based on the cartoon Next Avengers?

There are very few works for Next Avengers, and one promising WiP, but here are a couple you might like. Maybe authors will be inspired to write more for it in the future. If anyone has other recs, feel free to add them.

Sympathy for the Devil by Skull_Bearer:
Tony grows a pair of bat wings. The world does not react well. Steve is determined to make Tony feel better.

Hope for the Future by Keeperofseeds (WiP): A sequel/fix-it of the Next Avengers animated movie.After
Ultron has been defeated the next task for the Next Avengers is to
begin clean up on Ultron City and seek out other survivors. Things take
an unexpected turn when they discover that Ultron had kept their parents
prisoners all these years instead of killing them.

The End is Where We Begin by @veldeia:
Tony has spent twelve years raising the Avengers’ children alone, under
Ultron’s shadow, thinking everyone else is dead. After finally defeating
Ultron, they discover that the Avengers aren’t dead after all, but were
kept in stasis all along. So, Tony has to reconnect with his partners,
Steve and Natasha, after all these years, while Steve has to come to
terms with how everything has changed, starting from his son, who is now
a teenager instead of a toddler. (Steve/Tony/Nat) (Thanks to @wrenchirps for the suggestion!)