Tony Hiding His Pain

Tony Hiding His Pain

Do you know of any fics where tony is hurt and hiding it? Or any fic where he is hurt but stubborn and won’t rest? 

Hmmm….let’s see…I do know a couple kind of like that?  Not really exactly that, so maybe some other folks can point out some I’ve missed. Check these out and see if they hit the spot. Not exactly all what you are looking for, but I think they might be something you’d like. Enjoy!


From You I Cannot Hide by SailorChibi:  Being a sub isn’t the worst thing in the world. Being a sub who doesn’t like pain, well. That’s just weird. A sub’s sole responsibility in life is to be anything and everything a dom wants, an open canvas for a dom’s brush, malleable and sweet. Obie taught him that, and that fear ultimately tears him and Pepper apart. So Tony hides his dirty secret and doesn’t sub for anyone now. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting.

I’m Fine by Morethancupcake: It’s not a mantra. Not really. It’s not something he explicitly tells himself. No.It’s just… it stuck to him.Fine. He’s fine.

You’ll Feel a Pinch by HappyPoodle:  Everyone thought the Arc Reactor had fixed everything. It had saved Tony’s life, that was true. But having a giant hole with your chest came with complications. Tony had it under control; no need to bother the team with his problems. He was enough of a burden as it was. And it was fine….mostly.

A Tortured Body, A Tortured Soul by audhds: Tony was coping fine.Well, fine apart from the fact that he had well and truly pushed himself to breaking point, both mentally and physically. But it was ok, Stark men are made of iron and he didn’t have time to fall apart. His team needs him. And he can’t let them down again. He has to stop being a failure. If he just worked a bit harder, things would all be ok. Right?!…Or the one where Tony Stark is being his usual self-destructive self, and it takes Steve causing him to have a panic attack in the middle of a debriefing for the team to realise that perhaps, Ironman isn’t quite as indestructible as he would have people believe.

Tell Me A Story by @missbeckywrites​:  Tony is doing fine. Just fine. Until he’s not. Steve notices.

Midnight Kisses by @kurowrites​:  Tony needs to sleep more. Steve tries to convince Tony to go to bed, with a surprising result for everyone.

Threshold Consciousness by magicsen: Tony’s acting strangely—short, snappish, and dangerously distracted.Steve needs to figure out what’s bothering his friend, and he’ll do anything to help—up to and including (literally) falling into bed with him.

Alexia by everythingispoetry:  Tony was ten when he lost the ability to read after an accident involving a brain injury. He’s managed to hide that information from almost everyone for decades and he intends to keep it that way, but then the other Avengers move in and Tony realizes that inviting them was a very bad decision.

After the Fall by badcaseofcasey:  After Tony falls from the sky, he’s hurt, but doesn’t tell anyone; but Steve’s been paying what is maybe a little too much attention to Tony lately.
Also, Steve is a worrywart and Tony is a horrible patient.

We Should Live Until We Die by Unknown:  Tony gets sick. Tony is dying. Tony doesn’t tell a soul.

Second Chances by @izazov​:  Tony Stark is in love with Steve Rogers. Also, he is dying. There is no direct correlation between those two facts. But there is also the matter of Steve Rogers having no idea about Tony’s feelings.

Northwest to Nowhere by @veldeia:

Steve and Tony are lost in the wilderness, with barely any gear but plenty of midges and a magnificent midnight sun—and only each other for company. (thanks to Anon for the suggestion)

Presenteeism by @veldeia​: Tony thinks piloting the armor remotely while letting the others believe he’s wearing it is a good plan, until he realizes he’s not hung over, but actually quite ill.  Steve thinks something’s off with Tony today, but he has no clue what that might be, and since Tony says he’s good to go, they’ll proceed with the mission anyway.

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