Steve’s Internalized Homophobia

Steve’s Internalized Homophobia

Hello!! Love your blog and I was just wondering if you have any internalised homophobia on Steve’s End? I want to read fics were my boo is feeling bad about himself/confused about his feelings for Tony but ppl make sure he’s okey.

I love fics that deal with Steve’s issues, and there are some really good ones that address internalized homophobia on his end (poor Steeb).  You could probably just put all Ults fic in here, right?  LOL.  Anyway, here are some suggestions you might enjoy!


Under the cut for length b/c Steve apparently has a LOT of issues.

Not a Disease by willbell:
Steve Rogers lost hope in getting cured a long time ago.

Silence Suppression by rufflefeather:
They have overcome the Chitauri and New York slowly recovers. Steve
feels a little lost and  has trouble accepting his own sexuality, Tony
carefully begins to show him how.

Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do by @copperbadge:
The year is 1930, Prohibition and the Depression are both in full swing,
and Chicago Police Detective Steve Rogers has his hands full. There’s a
dead body on the banks of Lake Michigan, the entire city’s legal system
is corrupt, and the king gangster of the North Side, Tony Stark, has
taken more than a passing interest in him.

Take Two by @wordsplat:
Steve loses his memory, but he gets the feeling he’s lost a lot more.
Who exactly is Tony Stark to him, and why won’t he come out of the

You’d Be So Nice (To Come Home To) by @wordsplat:
Steve is a stripper, Tony is the Stark Adventures poster boy, and they fall madly in love in the 1940’s.

The Last Best Hope of Earth by @cptxrogers: Steve isn’t into men, and he definitely isn’t into
Tony. He certainly doesn’t think about him in that way. If they hooked
up on occasion, it was just a distraction which didn’t mean anything.When Galactus appears and threatens the Ultimates universe, Steve realizes he has one last chance to make things right.

Want by @cptxrogers:
Steve doesn’t know what he’s doing here, with Tony. He only knows that he wants.

Blank Space by Verdandi: During a fight with Doom, Steve is hit with a spell
that takes all of his memories from his time as a Super Soldier. The
last thing he remembers is going in for the Project Rebirth experiment.
Now he’s being told it is 80 years later, he’s a Super Soldier called
Captain America, and he leads a team of other super powered people. One
week earlier Tony finally takes the leap and makes a move on Steve. It
works out great and they start dating, without telling anyone. Now Steve
doesn’t even remember ever knowing him and Tony doesn’t know how to
tell the guy from the 1940’s that they are in a relationship.

Positive/Negative by lamanguejoyeuse:
Steve’s got some hangups from the 1940’s.

Of Sex Tapes and Their Unexpected Consequences by chemically_yours:
After Tony’s sex tape hits the news, Steve finds himself curious.
Takes place during/after Ultimates 3.

Two’s a Crowd by rainproof:
If Steve were any deeper in the closet his ass would be in Narnia.

Of Course I’m Happy to See You by scribblywobblytimeylimey: Tony is always such a jerk to him – making fun of his
face, his body, and his personality, with a sarcastic “Prince Charming”
or “Goody two-shoes” or “GI Steve”. Or “sparkly-eyed bishounen”,  or
“innocent virgin”, or “Greek god”. Or “bedroom eyes”, or “first-time
stutter”, or “hung like a centaur”. Or “quit looking at me like you’re
sucking me off”, or “if you keep bending over like that, someone’s gonna
spank you”, or “you go ahead with the shield; I’ll take care of the gun
in your pocket”.In which oblivious Steve is oblivious. After all, he’s heard more legitimate insults in his time than horny come-ons.

Not About Superheroes (A Private Little War) by AnnaFugazzi:
In less than a year, Steve has been brought back from the dead, adapted
to a whole new world, plunged right back into battle again, and moved in
with a bunch of superheroes. He’s handling everything remarkably well.
Except when he’s not.

That Which Kills Us by @ironlawyer:
Sometimes Tony hates being alive as much as he hates dying.  Trying to
juggle duties to The Ultimates and a terminal illness isn’t exactly
easy.  Throw in an irate Steve Rogers and things just get too damn

Staking Claim (The Ghosts Remix) by navaan: Sheriff Rogers came to Timely to forget a part of
himself and live without the burden of who he is, but things only worked
out in part. He knows what it is to be haunted. And into town walks a
man battling his own demons.vaguely implied past Steve/Bucky, Natasha/Bucky

Never Too Late for Love by @sineala: Steve has always believed that a soulbond is a blessing
– a rare and beautiful miracle, joining the thoughts and feelings of
two people forever, from the first time they touch. Steve knows he’s not
going to be one of the lucky ones. He knows Gail isn’t his soulmate.
But he loves her, even if they’re not soulmates, and he’s going to do
right by her. After the war’s over, he’s going to marry her, and they’re
going to settle down. They’ll buy a house. They’ll have children. He’ll
see his family again. Maybe Bucky will live next door. It’s going to be
a good life. He doesn’t need a soulbond. He’ll be fine without one.Then Steve wakes up sixty years in the future to find that his
wonderful life has moved on without him. His family is long dead. His
fiancée married his best friend. And the only purpose he has left is
leading the Ultimates, a misbegotten team of superheroes with flaws too
numerous to count. Steve hates everything about the future – but most
of all he detests Tony, flashy and flirtatious, who embodies everything
Steve hates about a world he never wanted to live in.And, oh, yeah, Steve has a soulmate after all: Tony fucking Stark.

Love Across the Multiverse by @sineala: Mojo presents: Love Across the Multiverse! In
tonight’s episode, a battle-hardened supersoldier finds himself drawn to
his handsome, genius teammate! It’s an agonizing duel between his
long-held beliefs and the secret passions of his heart! Will true love
conquer all? There’s only one way to find out! Don’t miss the highlight
of the season! (Viewer discretion is advised. Mojoworld residents who do not vote
for their favorite participants of the season will be summarily sent to
the arena. All hail Mojo.)

The Best of Intentions by @sineala:
Steve Rogers, Earth-1610, attempts to warn Steve Rogers, Earth-616, away from Tony Stark. Events do not proceed as planned.

In Rainbows of Living Color by CyrusBreeze: Steve Rogers is determined to deny part of himself in his desperate attempt to come to terms with his sexuality. And then he meets Tony Stark.

I Don’t Want Labels, But I Do Want You (Never Eye to Eye Remix) by MiniRaven:
After the Civil War, Tony and Steve try to work out their differences in
concerns to the accords. Steve tries to compromise, by god he tries,
but something else bothering him. So he goes to see Tony in person to
see if they can work it out together and let’s just say he gets more
than he bargained for.

Knights in Shining Armor by @veldeia:
Tony is stranded in a medieval-ish world where Sir Stephen, the actual knight in shining armor, rides to his rescue.

I was made for loving you by SpellWolf:
Steve moves into the Avengers tower and discovers he isn’t as straight
as he wants to be. He soon learns that it’s okay to feel the way he does
and do the things he wants to do!

Good, Better, Best by MsErmestH:
Steve has a little alone time.

Exposed by @festiveferret and @sirsapling:
Of all the people Steve could be stuck with while this agonizing drug surged through him, of course, it had to be Tony Stark

stand by your man by invincibleironwoman:
Anthony Stark was a nuisance and Sheriff Steven Rogers wasn’t sure he knew how to handle him.

Getting There by bonzai_bunny:
Steve was hoping the serum was going to make him better. Maybe the 21st century will help him in a different way.

In All the Years Since They Met by Fluffypanda: “Steve Rogers?”Fury raised an eyebrow at him. “You know him?”“He’s an old friend, used to work as my chronicler. He was just a kid back then.” OrTony gets recruited to work on Project Rebirth

Yet Knowing how way leads on to way by RurouniHime: It’s been sixteen days since Tony gave up this gig.
Sixteen days since Tony signed over the Avengers to him, officially or
not. Since Tony left.
In which there is broken training equipment and a lot of bottling up.

What Is Right is Not Always What is Popular by Garter:
In the 1940s, being gay was unheard of. In 2012, it’s much more widely
accepted, but Steve is still not so sure people will accept Captain
America if they knew he was.

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) by @kiyaar: “Why don’t you take that off,” Tony whispers back, and
he tugs at the guy’s mask. He tries an arm around his waist, firm,
solid, hot. Tony is hard and it’s obvious. He thinks he’d be more of a
gentleman about it under normal circumstances, but in this place, it’s
like a handshake.He shudders and his back muscles move beneath
Tony’s hand. Tony’s pants grow tighter. He smells like Barbasol. A
well-respected man. Tony wants to disrespect him.(an AU where Steve never gave up the Nomad mantle, Tony has a coke habit, and they meet on the dance floor at Studio 54.)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Oblivion by sabrecmc: “Mr….Mr. Stark?” the man asked, shaking his head as if to clear it, grip convulsing spasmodically on Tony’s hand.“That’s
me,” Tony responded gruffly.  Of course the man recognized him.  His
face had been everywhere before the whole Iron Man thing and now…well,
now…so yeah, totally understandable.  Guy was probably thinking of his
lawyer’s speed dial number.  “Look, ambulance is on its way, okay, so
just sit tight.  You’re going to be fine.” “I—I think I missed my date,” the blond man said.  And promptly passed out. Or, how Tony accidentally kidnapped Captain America and then wanted to keep him.

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