do you know if there are any inception like stony fics?


I do!  There are a couple of Inception-esque fics, but I’ll also include some dreamscape sort of fics that you might enjoy as well.


Insomniatic (Are You This Restless Too?) by silver Nebulae:

As young children, Steve and Tony have always had strange dreams about a life they don’t live. When those dreams start interfering with their day-to-day life, it’s up to them to figure out what path they want to take and whether they want to take it together. Under a secret organization, they can find out just what their dreams actually mean.

Horn and Ivory by valtyr:

Steve’s not sure what’s real anymore. (Inception fusion.)

Empires of Wood by sazzafraz:

In which nothing is as it seems, being awake is not the same as not dreaming and Tony Stark cannot catch a freaking break. Inception fusion. Sort of. Mostly just takes a few ideas and runs with it.

Dream a Little Dream of Me by ann2who @stark-spangled-lovers:

Back in 1943, Steve Rogers is left with the aftermath of Project Rebirth. His days are filled with fighting Hydra on German soil, his dreams, however, are occupied by a very handsome stranger. A stranger, who barges into his life like a hurricane, and throws Steve’s expectation of love right out of the window. The guy’s aggravating, unpredictable, and yet, irritatingly handsome. The more Steve’s dreams and waking life blur together, the more he finds himself drawn to the man. But how can he fall in love with someone who might not even be part of his world?

Armistice (The Nothing Else Matters Remix) by @sineala:

It’s 1944. Captain America lies dreaming, trapped in his own mind, and only Tony Stark can save him. But this is no mere Marvels adventure, as Tony finds when he enters Steve’s dreams. Tony is confronted with dreams of superheroes, an imagined future fantastic and terrifying in equal parts, and a Steve Rogers who knows both too much and nothing at all about him. But they’re just dreams. The war is what’s real… isn’t it?

Dreams of War, Dreams of Liars by teaberryblue: When Steve succumbs to a malevolent attack that puts him permanently to sleep, the only way to wake him up is to unearth a technology that hasn’t been used in twenty years.Welcome back to Dreamvision, Tony Stark.This is an MCU canon-compliant story that incorporates the science of Inception, rather than a straight-up AU or crossover.

Wake Up (Can’t Live Without You Remix) by @laireshi:

Tony smiles weakly and says, “This is not a dream.”

Stars Fading, But I Linger On, Dear by @chibisquirt:

A Soulmate AU where people meet their soulmate in their dreams. Of course, not even that solves all the world’s problems, especially if one or more of the soulmates has a secret identity…

Ad Infinitum by @the-vorkosigan:

After incidentally inhaling timefog (or an MCU equivalent thereof), Tony and Steve, stuck on different sides of the world, start sharing dreams. Only, these aren’t your regular dreams; these seem to be echoes of all the shit that tends to happen to other Tonys and Steves all across the multiverse. But a side effect is, they slowly become aware of each other’s feelings in this universe too. Only, who would believe such a thing is even possible? Tony, for one, thinks it’s bullshit; going crazy seems like a way more plausible explanation.

Same As It Ever Was (The Thought Bubbles Remix) by @sineala:

Steve Rogers, leader of the Ultimates, has strange dreams. Dreams where he’s a comic book artist. Dreams where it wasn’t SHIELD who pulled him from the ice. Dreams where he’s an Avenger, whatever that is. But they’re definitely dreams, because in these dreams he has a whole lot of… feelings… for Tony Stark. And that can’t possibly be real, right? Right.

Multiverse Dreaming (The Out of Context Remix) by Lilian_Cho: In which AvAc Steve and Tony dream about their multiverse selves. Or is it the Timefog acting up?
“If you didn’t want me to tease you,” Bucky said, “then you shouldn’t have told me about your chick flick dream.”“Chick…flick?” Steve’s forehead creased in an uncomprehending frown. His face seemed to make that expression a lot ever since he woke up in the future. It would be nice if he and Bucky could discover the future together, but in between Hydra brainwashing and reprogramming, Bucky had somehow managed to acquire pop culture.“Romantic comedy movies targeted to women,” Bucky explained.Rather than asking yet another question, Steve wrote down ‘romantic comedy’ on his list of things to catch up on in this new century.“It sounds like a rom-com plot,” Bucky continued. “You were sitting there, drawing pictures of you and Tony Stark, thinking about how much you missed him?”

Butterfly Dreams by Teyke: In one world, Tony and Steve are newlyweds, trying to make the most of their honeymoon. Too bad about the incredibly inconvenient timing of earthquakes, volcanoes, and supervillains…In another, Steve’s just gotten Bucky back, and the Accords have been struck down. But the fractures the Accords caused haven’t healed, and Tony has vanished from the face of the earth.The problem? It’s the same Steve. When he falls asleep in one life, he wakes in the other. Unless he can figure out which life is real, both are at risk.

In Dreams (Everything Makes  Sense) by MsErmestH: “So, you’re saying there isn’t a chance that Steve and Tony’s relationship could have been more than friendly?”“No!”
Clint and Natasha said at the same time, but then she added, “I’m not
saying it couldn’t happen or anything. Just that I don’t believe it
already has. The more I think about it… I guess it makes some sense?
Tony and Steve… I swear it could be the end of the world, and they
would be bickering about something or the other. But they would still be
together. Their friendship was… intense.”“Shame it all went to hell.” Clint muttered and shook his head. “They’ve got so much baggage, there is no way it could happen.”“So,
you’re saying Steve and Tony would need to be in some sort of alternate
dream state, removed their past history, in order to realize they
really just want to be together?” Bucky asked with a smirk.“Uh, when you put it that way…” Clint conceded.Or, it only took a group hallucination for Bucky to find his team and Steve and Tony to find each other. (thanks to anon for the suggestion)

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