Clothes Thief Tony

Clothes Thief Tony

Do you know any fics where Tony getting caught wearing Steve’s well anything (Cap Uniform, Clothing, Army clothes) it would be greatly appreciated 💜

Dress up time!  Check the uniform kink recs for some fics where Tony wears a Cap costume, but here are some other fics you might enjoy.


Military Kink by Annie621:
Fury forces Tony into 40’s military garb and Steve sees. Things happen.

Thievery by Buggy_Barnes:
Tony Stark steals Steve’s clothes, like any normal boyfriend. Just not the article of clothing you’d expect.

Stealing Shirts from Steve Rogers by Gothic_Lolita:
Natasha would fuck Steve, Clint wins a bet, Tony has stolen Steve’s shirt, and Steve just wants to find his lover.

Its Mine by MaxxJacks: Prompt: One gives the other their jacket and they don’t give it backTony doesn’t listen when Steve tells him it’s cold.

The T-Shirt Means I Love You by @laireshi: “You’re wearing my clothes.”Steve wants to take
the words back as soon as he said them, because obviously Tony isn’t
wearing his clothes, Tony’s not wearing any clothes, Tony’s an
artificial intelligence, but Steve wishes Tony were corporeal and wearing his clothes, preferably in his bed.

Just the Two of Us by @pensversusswords; Tony huffed and rolled his eyes in amusement, giving
Steve a smile that was equal parts exasperated and fond. “No I don’t
want your jacket, Steve, come on.”“But you’re cold,” Steve pressed on. His brows were furrowed in
confusion, his mouth set in a determined line. He started shrugging out
of his jacket, the leather rustling as he pulled it off his shoulders.
“Here, wear this until you warm up-”

Nights of Cydonia by @veldeia: Steve’s police uniform has a really nice hat, which gives Tony ideas.Bingo fill for the prompt “sharing clothes”, set in my Space Western AU.

It All Started With a Shirt by @queendophne:
Steve had a lucky shirt until it was lost forever…or so he thought.
Well, he never expected to find it the way he did but he’s not going to
complain. He sure does like the view.

later on, we’ll conspire by ohmyloki:
There’s something Tony’s never done before. And Steve’s going to be the one to show him what it’s all about.

Warmth by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony Stark is on a business trip and misses his lover, Steve Rogers.
It’s a good thing he packed one of Steve’s sweatshirts to help out with
that.  (It’s warm, okay?)

A Week is Too Long by Embug: Stupid Steve. He just had to be born with a hero
complex the size of Texas three times over. He’s making Tony look bad,
as if that was possible.Steve left for a mission, leaving Tony
bored and lonely. After he goes through various activities, he finds a
Cap hoodie. Fluff ensues

Sweater Weather by Heartithateyou: So what if Tony likes wearing Steve’s sweater, it won’t matter as long as Steve never finds out.So of course he does.

A Sentimental Gift–Or Tony Stark Makes an Ass out of U and Me by thescarletwoman: Steve decides it’s time for a big step in their
relationship. Tony misunderstands and blow things out of proportion as
he always does. Written for the following prompt: Stony smut:
Steve gives Tony his dog tags. Love making happens, with a lot of dog
tags kinks, like how much Steve loves seeing them moving between their

Thou Shalt Not Steal from Steve Rogers by holmesintardis:
After a one night stand, Tony accidentally steals Steve’s favorite pair
of underwear. Steve isn’t about to let him get away with it.

Captain Steve Rogers is the Largest Sap In All Known Universes (And Tony Stark Is a Sucker) by LemonSchwaySchway:
Steve doesn’t have much need for his old dog tags, so he gives them away.

I Don’t Need a Ring (I Just Need You) by overthehill:
Steve and Tony are officially a couple…now if only there was a symbol to show it.

Sharing Clothes by princeofroses:
Steve and Tony’s relationship becomes apparent to all, thanks to a few misplaced/misworn articles of clothing.

The Clothes that Make the Man by @tisfan:
Tony keeps souvenirs of special moments with Steve…

you keep his shirt by talktothesky: So, Tony has never been that particular about the
clothes he wears. Even less so since he started dating Steve. And that
is why this recent development in the crazy storm that is Tony’s life
doesn’t make any sense. There is no real explanation about the recent obsession he has
developed with wearing Steve’s clothes and, honestly, it’s even getting a
little embarrassing.

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