Tony Tutors Steve

Tony Tutors Steve

Hey do you know any fics where Tony tutors Steve? Powers or not, young or old, just a fic where Tony just teaches him something/anything, (chess, tennis, sudoku… Literally anything) thankyou

I do have a few suggestions for you!  They pretty much go Tony teaches Steve to Dance or  Tony helps Steve with Physics/School, lol. Enjoy!


Tutor by CaptainIronAvenger1996:  Steve is freaking out over his college physics semester exam because he not only doesn’t understand any of it but he also can’t pay attention in class thanks to a certain teacher’s assistant.

Golden by thegrimshapeofyoursmile:  Tony is a genius and has more money than anybody else on his school. He is also sixteen, short and has to wear braces, which makes things a little less easy. Having to tutor Steve doesn’t really help with that, especially because Steve is a little too attractive, a little too nice and a little too confusing- also, he does things to Tony’s hormones-tormented body and doesn’t even seem to notice. Maybe things will get better if Tony starts the best band ever?

The Physics Tutor by nvaleinturn: A crush on your physics teacher isn’t too common, is it? Well, either way Steve Rogers is in it over his head. But does his hot young physics teacher Mister Stark feel the same about him? I guess the only way to find out is to fail his class on purpose, in hopes of getting private tutoring lessons, am I right?Steve is 17, Tony 28

Guinea Pig by orphan_account:  After Steve fails his psychology exam, he goes to the best tutor on campus, Tony Stark, for help.

Physics 101 by shinkonokokoro:  Tony teaches Physics 101. But only because he has to. Steve needs it for a gen ed. (he’s a teacher here, but helps Steve along)

No, That Was Not My First Kiss Since 1945 by @tonystarkssnipples:  Tony teaches Steve to kiss.

You’ll Never Know (if you don’t know now) by juxtapose:  Obligatory Tony-teaches-Steve-to-dance fic. Post-‘The Avengers’, wherein Stark Tower has become Avengers HQ and there’s a whole lot of unresolved sexual tension. And angst. Lots of angst.

A Shortcut to Happiness by Fluffypanda: Tony teaches Steve to dance.

Let the Dance Begin by avengercat:  Tony teaches Steve the Foxtrot.
“It’ll be fun Cap, some schmoozing and then drinking and a little dancing. Hardly the worst task Fury’s asked of us.”

Stepping With Time by @xtaticpearl:  Tony teaches Steve to dance and Steve learns to fall in love.

To Dance by Annie6211:  Tony teaches Steve how to dance.