Tony Feels Guilty

Tony Feels Guilty

Any recs for Tony making Steve feel bad, whether intentionally
or not, and feeling horrible when he realizes what he’s done? I’ve gone
through all your fic recs, and read all your fics, and just love Tony’s
feelings of guilt from Catching Lightning in a Bottle and Falling Into

I’m glad you like Catching Lightning in a Bottle!  This was a tough ask, because I know there are lots of fics where Tony makes some kind of mistake and definitely a lot where he feels guilty, but since
it isn’t really something in the tags or description, that makes it
hard to find these.  I have a few suggestions, but hopefully, other followers can add some.  I’m going to consider this sort of Tony messing up and feeling bad about it, and throw in a hodge-podge of suggestions.  Enjoy!


Old Man’s Tunes by batty4u:
It had been one of those days whenever everything went wrong. Tony had
screwed up, big time. Which meant a big apology. but when he had gone to
find Steve to man up and do so, he hadn’t expected to find everyone
singing in the kitchen.

As Sharp As Any Thorn by RurouniHime:
It’s four days to Christmas, there’s a city in shambles, and the nation is in mourning because of the actions of a single man.

(Not really Tony’s fault, but he definitely feels terrible)

absolution by @laireshi​:
It’s simultaneously good and not; everything Tony wanted, when he asked
for this, but – the cold guilt isn’t something he counted on. The masked
betrayal in Steve’s eyes isn’t something he thought he’d see.

In the Stillness of Remembering by @elise509​:
Steve Rogers is a reminder of a past that Tony Stark would rather
forget.  But when Steve’s own ghosts suddenly become the present, Tony
finds he and Steve need each other to face the future.

(I do remember Tony messing up in this one and hurting Steve’s feelings)

Humility by awesome_goddess_of_mischief: A mistake in Tony’s tech causes a huge explosion, killing dozens and injuring many more.
Including Steve. Will Tony manage to deal with the guilt?
Or is all not as it seems…?

Nothing to Forgive by kellebelle:
After Steve defeats his Skrull counterpart and the team returns to Stark
Manor, Tony doesn’t think Steve will ever be able to forgive him. So
instead of facing the problem head-on, he avoids Steve until he is
forced to actually face the problem.

Intrepid Hearts by @captainneverever​:
Tony hangs around the mansion more after Steve is seriously hurt in an
explosion caused by Iron Man. Steve likes Tony but doesn’t know why Tony
is upset all the time. Maybe Iron Man is the problem.

Breaking Through by @captainneverever​:
Tony can’t shake the guilt of nearly killing Steve while under the Purple Man’s control.

Might Have Cherished You More Wisely by @blossomsinthemist​: “You didn’t fuck it up,” he said, again, keeping his
voice even, steady, with an effort of will.  “I was the one who redded
out.”“I was the one who made you,” Tony said.  “Let’s not play around.”–
Or, Steve and Tony are together before the incursion crisis starts, and
since Tony can’t find a way to break it off after Steve’s mindwipe
without tipping him off that something big has changed, they stay
together.  They’ve tried dom/sub scenes before, and try one again, but
this time, Tony’s guilt makes it much harder for him to handle than he
expected … .

You may also like…

Falling Into You by sabrecmc:
Tony and Steve end up as fuck buddies after the events of The Winter
Soldier until Steve calls it off.  When Loki’s spell wipes all of
Steve’s memories since the last time Loki was in town, Tony decides it
will be so much easier to just not tell Steve they had something of a
relationship.  Spoiler:  It isn’t.  Or, how Steve fell in love with Tony
and forgot about it, and how Tony fell in love with Steve and realized
it. (Tony definitely messes up and hurts Steve here, though unintentionally)

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