There seems to be a chain reaction going on here lol, but on your team mom tony rec post, I found the one where the team was de aged so cute! I was wondering if you knew of anymore like that (p.s I love love LOVE your blog)

De-aged is such a fun trope.  Here are some you might enjoy!


24 Hours by @wordsplat:
When one of Loki’s spells turns their leaders pint-sized, the team is surprised by the behavior of the children in their care.

Teenage Dream by shinkonokokoru: This was written for this prompt:
A battle with Loki leaves Tony de-aged physically and mentally to the time he was in college.

young!Tony takes it all in stride. He is duly impressed by his
armor, confused and excited by all the superhumans (Thor and Hulk)
around and then is smacked by the realization that the boring blond
hovering around is actually his MAJOR childhood hero / crush / source of
adolescent fantasies Captain America! Cue teen!Tony trying his best
(and maybe succeeding?) to get into an increasingly flustered and blushy
Captain America.

Bonus if teen!Tony is still way way more experienced than
virgin!Steve and is *delighted* to get to top (and deflower) Captain

(Um, extra bonus for including a little bit of Rhodey and Pepper
interacting with Tony. Also super bonus for Steve unearthing Tony’s
daddy issues by the dozen.)

not without you by @musicalluna:
Tony is a lot better at this than people give him credit for, and Steve
was a lot more of a handful as a kid than anyone expected.

The Kid (will be alright) by AngeNoir @outercorner: Steve Rogers has the unique chance to find out that yes, Tony Stark was a dick even at eleven years old.He also gets to understand why.

My Hero by cdreaiton:
When an alien artifact explodes and turns Tony into a four year old, the
team works on finding a way to fix him, while Steve deals with little
Tony’s hero worship.

It’s Captain America (or how everyone found out that Tony Stark is Steve’s biggest fan) by thisislegit:
Tony’s been de-aged to that of an elementry student and the team has to
deal with it until they figure out how to change him back.

Steve Rogers is a Child by @laglemon: Tony gets into fights with Steve all the time and it’s
driving him insane.  Sure, he’s not the nicest guy in the world, but all
he did was steal a little of the guy’s sesame seed bagel – he didn’t
deserve to get yelled at for something stupid like that.  After
drowning his sorrows in hot chocolate and complaining to Pepper about
what happened, Tony gets a phone call from Natasha telling him to hurry
back home.  Something’s happened – Steve has been attacked and he’s not
quite the same man he once was – he’s been turned into a child.With
Steve out of commission, the team struggles with what to do and Tony
finds himself filling roles he had never expected: babysitter and

Small Packages (the ‘not without you’ Remix) by AnonEhouse:
Steve may be de-aged, but not to worry, Tony’s not going to let anything happen to him.

Just a Broken Lullaby by ratherastory:
When a mission goes wrong, the Avengers find themselves the unlikely guardians of a six-year-old Tony Stark.

The One with the Teenage Hormones by cherryfeather:
Steve is an incredibly attractive teenager this time around, Clint can’t
stop laughing, Thor can’t stop apologizing, and Tony doesn’t know how
he ever made good decisions when he was younger. He certainly doesn’t
want to now.

Purple Fleece and Honey by Morethancupcake: “Protecting Tony Stark is like keeping an open fire in
the palm of his hand. It’s like fighting the rain.  It keeps him alive,
in a way.“All it takes is a tiny Tony, and suddenly being right doesn’t seem important anymore.

Away Childish Things by @kagekanecavi:
Steve and Rhodey fret over a de-aged Tony while he sleeps.

A Second Chance by StonyAvengerGirl16:
During a battle with Loki, Tony is being his usual snarky self.  After hitting a raw nerve, Loki decides to take his revenge.

Tony Stark Through the Ages by @veldeia:
The Time Stone had turned him into a teenager. He was a damn
teenager. He was a kid. He’d been de-aged. The armor couldn’t recognize
him because he’d reverted to a prototype version of himself. Tony Stark
0.5, still stuck in the beta testing phase. This was bad.

Filling in some of the gaps for Avengers Assemble S2 E7, “The Age
of Tony Stark”. Bingo fill for the prompt “kidfic/mpreg” (strictly only
the “kidfic” part).

One of a Kind by kellebelle: Tony is turned back into his five-year-old self, and guess who Fury has assigned to babysit. Tony is a swell kid. Too bad Howard never noticed. (One shot)

Forget Your Past and Embrace Your Future by AvengersTime: “At first, it’s such a shock to Tony he just stares at
Bruce, unbelieving. It’s not possible. There is no way that that little
boy is Tony Stark from when he was six years old.”Loki brings Tony from the past to the future. It goes as well as you might expect. (not really de-aged, so much as time travel, but features a kid!Tony and Steve being a good guy)

Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies by MemoryDragon:
Seven-year-old Tony Stark wakes up on a Hydra base, lost, afraid, and
alone.  He has to overcome his fears before it’s too late for the
Avengers and Captain America.

Of Multiverse and Flying Monkeys by SarkaS: My addition to the second week of I’ll Be There Stony Fest. Filling this prompt: (MCU) De-aged Steve playing with Tony’s bots.I
took the liberty to make it a bit more complicated: De-aged AA!Steve
appears in MCU!Tony’s workshop, shenanigans ensue, while MCU!Steve can’t
believe how good Tony is with this little him. Discovering maybe he’s
been wrong about Stark. Until AA!Tony finds his dearly missed husband
and takes him back home, leaving MCU Steve and Tony with a lot to deal

Second Childhood by navaan:
Steve and Tony get de-aged and it brings some problems, but maybe it gives them to chance to start over.

De-Aged Steve who clings to Tony by sabrecmc: exactly what it says