Short Fics!  1000 Words or Less of Stony Goodness

Short Fics!  1000 Words or Less of Stony Goodness

This blog has reached 1000 followers (welcome and thank you!), so I thought in honor of that milestone, I’d do a list of some short, but sweet, Stony fics for when you need a quick read.  The ability to tell a story in so few words is truly amazing. Identity porn, fake relationships, soulmates, angst, smut, humor, fluff, you name it and these wonderful authors have given you a story in just a few words.  Definitely check out their longer works, but here is a taste for you to try out.  Enjoy!


This Short Fic rec list got really long, so below the cut we go!

The Truth of It Is by nightwalker:
You can’t lie to  your soulmate, everyone knows that. Tony’s always
thought it was just hype until he tries to sass Steve and the words
freeze in his throat.

We Have These Rules for a Reason by nightwalker:
It actually is kind of Clint’s fault.

Close to Me by zams:
Steve’s a protector, always has been. It’s only natural for him to
want to hold Tony when they’re sleeping, to curve his larger body over
Tony’s so Steve can shield him from anything that would hurt him, even
when they’re in the Tower and perfectly safe.

Even the Bedsprings by queerlyobscure:
There is no plot to this. Literally none. Tony has a size kink and a
slightly inappropriate relationship with jackhammers. And a much more
appropriate one with Steve. Slightly fluffy, mostly porny.

Love a Man in Uniform by queerlyobscure: The first time Tony sees Steve in his old army uniform,
he has a little trouble keeping his mind on what he’s supposed to be
doing, and no trouble at all imagining what he’d like to do to him in
it. Basically, Tony has fantasies about Steve in uniform.

Never Insult Your Barista by Heartithateyou:
Tony grabs the wrong drink at a coffee shop and meets someone who’s
ridiculously handsome and has ridiculously bad taste in coffee.

Fondue for Two by Heartithateyou:
So maybe Tony fakes a relationship with him to get away from a woman flirting with him, that doesn’t mean he likes him.

Fantasy by Jaune_Chat:
Steve has a fantasy, a very private alpha’s fantasy…

Possession by ashinan:
Steve doesn’t like the idea of sharing.

Upgrade by ashinan:
Steve stays the entire time Dummy is being upgraded, distracting the
robot with his fingers and random tools he can reach when Dummy isn’t
clinging to his shirt.

Just So We’re Clear, This Was Steve’s Fault by @viennasunrise:
Steve and Tony manage to keep their relationship a secret for exactly
five months, thirteen days, eleven hours, and seventeen minutes.

Childhood Sweetheart by valtyr:
Written for the Cap-Ironman post celebrating the NY marriage same-sex marriage laws – MA Steve and Tony respond to the new laws.

Take Two and Call Me In the Morning by valtyr:
Tony has a medical miracle. Steve is one up on Chuck Norris.

Cupid; Or, the Whore With a Bow and Arrow by valtyr: (sex pollen)

The Bold and the Restless by @shetlandowl:
In feudal England, the wealthy lords & assorted gentry occasionally
entertained themselves by pranking their neighbors. Lord Steve was no
different, if not wilier than most.

Taste It on Your Tongue by @some-blue-jack:
“Well, damn,” Tony said, blinking as he took in the room.  “You weren’t
kidding when you said you couldn’t get drunk.“  For my “inebriated
confessions” square for avengers_tables.

Sleeping Beauty by @missbeckywrites:
A short, fluffy little fic based on this image. Tony sleeps, and Steve likes what he sees. Also, Thor likes shrimp cocktail.

I’m Thinking About the Fireworks by @missbeckywrites:
Tony never thought he would fall head over heels in love. Until he met Steve Rogers.

warmth by @laireshi:
Steve has to take care of Tony when Extremis gets compromised.

Easier by @laireshi :
505 noun (informal) 1. The thing which is
simultaneously keeping you alive and killing you, often used to describe
a person who you’re in love with (but who may be bad for you).

Hold My Hand by Dormammu:
Tony has had a bad day, now he wants only one thing.

Just the Two of Us by @pensversusswords: Tony huffed and rolled his eyes in amusement, giving
Steve a smile that was equal parts exasperated and fond. “No I don’t
want your jacket, Steve, come on.”“But you’re cold,” Steve pressed on. His brows were furrowed in
confusion, his mouth set in a determined line. He started shrugging out
of his jacket, the leather rustling as he pulled it off his shoulders.
“Here, wear this until you warm up-”’

Fervid Elation by helens78:
Steve sang in the shower.  Of course Steve sang in the shower; if Tony
had been making a list of stereotypical, I-came-from-the-1940s, Boy
Scout traits, singing in the shower would be at the top of the list.

Memorized by wanderseeing: “Steve?” “Yes, Tony?” “Where are we?”It’s 3am and Steve knows this script by heart.

Get In the Doorway At Least by StarkRogers:
Tony really wants Steve to fuck him.

cuffed by @ashes0909: There was a briefcase Tony held sometimes. He used it
when they assembled, or when he had a particularly precarious board
meeting to attend. It contained the suit, iron man red, sleek as much as
sturdy. But all Steve saw was the thin metal chain; twisted steel from the handlebar to Tony’s wrist. (Part 1 of Held series by @ashes0909 and @festiveferret)

Drinks on me! by Tacuma: Surprised Steve reached for his butt and pulled a fifty out of his back pocket. He sighed.‘I’m not a stripper, sir, you can keep your money.’

A Kiss is Still A Kiss by @ms-meredith-milton: mini-fill for this kinkmeme prompt:”Steve pulls the yawn & stretch move”

Home by Pearl_Unplanned:
Steve comes home.

Only a Second by Pearl_Unplanned:
When Captain America is pulled from the ice, Tony has a vision of his and Steve’s future.

Tiny Red Thongs by Pearl_Unplanned:
Steve had always preferred women’s lingerie. The way it looked, the way it felt… the way it made him feel.

No-Shave November by Kaitie:
Tony can’t get enough of Steve’s new look.

Just Sex by Annie6211:
Steve is convinced that he and Tony don’t have ‘just sex’ and that they are dating. But can he convince Tony of that?

It’s the Simple Things by onewayfreak:
Steve is definitely an ass man.

Proof that Tony Stark Has a Heart by sassyfangs13:
Steve asks what the arc reactor is for and doesn’t exactly like the answer.

Breathe by Tobezilla:
During an intense battle, Tony is buried beneath a fallen building. Not even Iron Man is invincible.

Because I Love You by Tobezilla:
Tony rarely ever says what he means. Fortunately for him, Steve is fluent in Tony-Speak.

Finding the Words by antigrav_vector:
After one date too many that gets interrupted, Steve makes a Decision. He’s got to tell Tony.

Midnight Kisses by @kurowrites:
Tony needs to sleep more. Steve tries to convince Tony to go to bed, with a surprising result for everyone.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher by @robintcj:
And it’s not that Steve doesn’t want their friends to know. It’s not even that he doesn’t want the world to know. He’s proud of his relationship with Tony. He likes Tony.

Endearments by @winterstar95:
Cap-Ironman Bingo card fill: Old

Steve Rogers Is Going to Hell by @chibisquirt;
Steve, being an old-timey soldier from before current gender norms, knits.  That’s… not exactly why he’s going to Hell, but the two facts are definitely related.

Dust by @chibisquirt:
Aftermath of a (mostly) successful mission.

My Blue Heaven by @kiyaar:
This for allthewonderfulstony, who won my birthday giveaway and wanted “all kinds of smut.” And love, there’s some love, too.

Glitch by @kiyaar:
“Call me Tony,” the other Tony says.

Absentia by @kiyaar:
So the prompt for today’s 12daysofstevetony is “first.” You know what that means – ANNIVERSARY FIC!

Tony wears the Red, White and Blue by MiloKitty:
When Tony was a Teen, he wanted to piss Howard off. Best way to do that?
something Captain America or Steve Rogers related or Something
irreversible that affected his image. So why not combine the two and get
a tattoo, it’s not like Captain Rogers will ever know, the man is an
ice cube for christ sake

Testing a Hypothesis by tsukinofaerii:
The first time Tony noted Steve’s sensitivity was, predictably, one when he was preoccupied.

Both One and the Other by tsukinofaerii:
Still only recently pulled from the ice, Steve can’t choose.

Peace by @ironlawyer:
Tony says goodbye.  The Confession from Tony’s POV.

Family Dynamics by Nix:
Steve and Tony on a couch together. Domestic fluff.

I Needed to Know by @saralhylor:
“Why did you do that?” Because that was the question, wasn’t it?
Steve Rogers, Captain America, did not just go around kissing men.
Especially not Tony Stark. It just didn’t happen.

A More Perfect Union by @sineala:
Tony has a proposal for his president.

Sharp Teeth, Warm Heart by @sineala:
This time it’s Tony who’s a wolf.

Only Say My Name by @sineala:
Steve’s always been capable of obsession. Maybe his friends should remember that.

Virtues by @sineala:
“Let me show you 1963,” Tony said, smiling.

I’m Not Going Anywhere by @tonystarkssnipples:
When Steve wakes up in the hospital after the events on the hellicarrier, there’s someone waiting for him.

There Little Words by @izazov:
As it turned out, making the first Iron Man suit in a cave out of a box of scraps was less challenging than saying ‘I love you’.

Word Salad by @veldeia:
Steve has an important question.
Little dialogue-only smutty oneshot. Fill for my Stony Bingo prompt “kink: rimming”.

Steve’s Engagement Ring by @captainneverever:
Steve always has plans. His plans for his engagement ring shouldn’t really surprise Tony.

In the Workshop by @captainneverever:
After ripping his uniform, Steve goes to Tony in hopes of fixing it. Or not as it turns out.

Blind Date by @captainneverever:
Steve thinks he’s been stood up by his blind date.

Tentative Experiment by AnonEHouse:
Tony accidentally gives Steve temporary tentacles. Seems a shame to waste them.

Touching by AnonEHouse:
Tony wants to touch Steve’s heart. He has a list and everything.

Song and Dance by @arukou-arukou:
Tony hasn’t been feeling the schmoozing lately, especially not when Ty Stone blows in from the West Coast.

can’t buy me, love by dorcus_gustine: Captain America is not a slut for charity.

Satiety by Sinope: From a kinkmeme prompt: Tony builds a fucking
machine designed specifically for Steve. It fucks him for hours, through
multiple orgasms until he’s sore to the point of crying and begs for it
to stop. Once Steve can’t come anymore, Tony unties him and plays with
his sore hole. Then he fucks him. Afterwards, he licks his cum out of
Contains exactly what it says on the box.

(Together We) Dissemble by RayShippouUchiha: “I didn’t call you,” Tony rasps.  It’s all he can think
to say with the taste of blood heavy on his tongue and the feel of his
atoms being pulled apart filling every nerve with pain.

“I know,” Steve smiles down at him, sad and pained and still so
beautiful despite everything that’d passed between them.  “You didn’t
need me Tony, you never needed me.”

Keep Me Warm by MsErmestH:
Tony likes to think he is prepared for anything, but when their spaceship loses power, he must think fast to keep Steve warm.

Bonding by Jabber_Moose:
Everyone had a soulmate, a bond that was initiated by the simplest of skin to skin contact.

Practicing Your Autograph by wisia:
Tony sees Steve’s signature and panics, just a little.

I speak the truth by wisia:
You can’t lie to your soulmate, but Tony does.

In the sun by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve wakes up in bed with Tony.  When he remembers why, he’s in no hurry to leave.

Lygerastia by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony always wants the lights out when they have sex, and Steve starts to wonder why.

Warmth by @blossomsinthemist :
Tony Stark is on a business trip and misses his lover, Steve Rogers.
It’s a good thing he packed one of Steve’s sweatshirts to help out with
that.  (It’s warm, okay?)

Secret Dreams by navaan:
When Steve has Tony like this – bound and helpless – it’s as close to
perfection as it can be. But there’s one thing he would like to do to
him, that he can’t yet allow himself just yet.

For You by navaan:
After the Avengers Christmas party someone knows on Tony’s door

when he’s not here by navaan:
Iron Man is gone and Steve misses him

all i ever want to be is somebody to you by @theappleppielifestyle: It’s not like Steve went out of his way to be stupidly, pathetically, embarrassingly in love with Tony.It just- it turned out impossible to not be, after a while.

Passing Notes by @theappleppielifestyle: Steve just wants to take notes in peace.Tony is bored.

if i were fearless by @theappleppielifestyle:
Tony asks Steve for advice on how to woo ‘someone.’

Twenty-Twelve by sheafrotherdon:
The tangle of PTSD.

Safe and Sound by AkikoFumi:
Tony’s wings are long gone. So when his suit malfunctions and ejects him
high up in the air, he thinks he will fall to his death.

Captain America Has No Time for Your Dumbassery by RurouniHime:
No, seriously, stop calling.

Keep the Earth Below My Feet by RurouniHime:
It’s warm for late February, very pleasant. From the edge of the roof
here, he can see clearly to the Freedom Tower and the sparkling ocean

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