Mob Boss AUs

Mob Boss AUs

Any stony mob boss AUs?

Grab your ankle holsters and don your pinstripe suits!  Here are some mob fics you might enjoy.


get gone (this town is only gonna eat you) (series) by @theappleppielifestyle: “I’ll take care of it,” Steve promises, squeezing Tony’s hand, and then, at Tony’s look: “We’ll take care of it.” (Mafia!AU where Steve never wanted Tony to get involved in his mob
business- he wants to keep Tony safe, no matter the cost, even if it
means letting Tony forge himself into something just as terrifying as

Go Ugly Early by just_another_tinker (WiP): He’s The Captain?This was not good. This was so not good. There
were theories of course, of what The Captain would look like. Most
followed the typical Hollywoodesque belief that he was some version of
the Godfather, sitting in a dark room with a cigar, commanding his
forces with a flick of his wrist.  There were even some that even
thought that The Captain was not one person, but a whole network of
people with eyes and ears everywhere.The blonde Adonis in front of him was definitely not what Tony was expecting. Of course, in the end it didn’t matter. There was a reason no one knew what The Captain looked like. Because anyone who saw his face never lived to tell the tale.

Kings of Coney Island by Vespasiana (WiP): In which Steve is a rising mafia don lacking in
panache, Tony is an unethical businessman with a target on his back, and
somehow a fake marriage will solve all their problems.Also murder. Murder solves a lot of problems, too.

the moment of truth in your lies by SailorChibi: Being in the army and being an Enforcer for the Stark family are two completely different things. Steve is good at both.Turns out he’s also really good at falling for Iron Man even though he has no idea who Iron Man really is.

The Captain by arianapeterson19: Tony was convinced that the men who had nabbed him off
the street had the wrong guy; Tony didn’t know any guy named the
Captain. However, if the Captain wanted to show up and tell them that,
Tony would really appreciate it.ORThe one where Steve really should have told his boyfriend he was a mob boss BEFORE he was kidnapped.

Hang Up Your Cross (this one’s on me) by Ylixia:
Mafia AU.  PWP.  Tony Stark is a pain slut who did a bad thing.  Steve
Rogers has a temper and does not approve of the thing.  They work things
out.  With sex.

you’ve got me head over heels (on gasoline) by sheildmaidenofrohan:
The one where… a kidnapped Tony Stark meets the Captain, and deals are made in… unusual ways.

In the Dark of the Night by cauldronofdoom:
Steve is in charge of the local mob. Tony, no thanks to Stane, has come to his attention.

(part of mob verse series)

Mobsters Can Be Domestic Too (series) by @tari-aldarion:
Precious: Tell me Mafia!AU things, please! DOES STEVE EVER PROPOSE?

Rescued by nightwalker:
The gunshot echoes off the walls and ceiling of the warehouse.

Hope You’re In the Mood by persephoneggsy:
Steve’s not so sure about this new gang of Janet’s, so she decides to send her second-in-command to go and… ‘persuade’ him.

Baiting the Water by @veldeia: In the underworld of 1930’s New York, a bitter artist
turned small-time swindler takes a bold step and goes to the Kingpin for
help in plotting his revenge against his former friend and patron, an
obnoxious inventor with a taste for art.Bingo fill for the prompt “au: mob/gangster”.

Midnight by @kiyaar:
“Careful,” Steve says, jumping down with his gun in hand. “You’ll get
blood on those fancy shoes of yours. Some might say it’s sloppy.”

My Boy Builds Coffins (series) by myadamantiumheart:
Tony hadn’t known that he was getting involved with a mob boss, Steve
hadn’t given any indications of being anything other than a
mild-mannered art teacher, and Pepper hadn’t been right about one night
stands being more dangerous than a long term relationship.

Surprise, I Got Kidnapped by ihavealotofwords: This time, it actually was Tony’s fault. He knew that Steve’s enemies
were everywhere. He knew that they all had seen his face before. But he
had still slipped away from his guard, leaving them in the dust while
he ran free. He had just wanted to pick up Steve’s anniversary present
without Steve knowing for once. He wanted to surprise him, just once.  Surprise, I got kidnapped. Happy anniversary, baby!

These Names (will be the death of me) by misshopeless:
In which Tony finds out that his boyfriend runs a mob, and that they all have ridiculous “mob” names

The Devil’s Strand by Woad: 1940. Steve Rogers just wants to serve his country, but
with a dead man’s name on his wrist the army will never take him.
Soulmate marks can be removed, but so-called cures have already landed
Steve in debt with the wrong sort of people, and it’s hard enough to
make ends meet waiting tables.With a bad heart, Tony Stark, a capo
in his father’s mob, never dreamed he would serve his country. But when
a ship sinks under mysterious circumstances, a special division of Navy
Intelligence calls on Tony for his connections. He’s never liked the
family business, but he thinks maybe, just this once, he can manage to
use it for good.They meet by chance one night, when Steve knows him as only “Tony.” But after Steve is pulled into mob business and meets the capo, their relationship becomes much more complicated.

Stony Mob AU (series) by Potato67:
Tony Stark is a young man that is trying to move on from a tragic past.
He is happily living with his friend and fellow scientist Bruce Banner
in a small apartment and working at the auto shop S.H.I.E.L.D.
that is about to change when he finds out that Bruce is a part of a mob
called the Avengers. Now he has to deal with having the Avengers rival
HYDRA after him and his growing attraction towards the Captain, Steve

Get Money, Get Paid by Missy_dee811:
Arno, Tony’s sadistic evil brother, usurps control of the Iron Legion
with the help of someone close to Tony. Tony’s left reeling. In due
time, he and Steve, the leader of the Howling Commandos, form an
unlikely partnership. A rival gang, the Guardians, led by the
charismatic Peter, threatens the status quo. Seeing no other way to
protect Tony, with whom he’s in love, Steve proposes a fake marriage,
which Tony accepts.

Brooklyn’s Finest by kellebelle:
“Day #79 of Stark Watch. Where is the 25 year old genius? No one
has spotted him in nearly three months, and many are speculating that he
might be dead. Others remain hopeful and alert, eagerly awaiting the
return of their favorite billionaire to the spotlight.”

HYDRA gets Tony, then Steve gets Tony. Steve isn’t sure how this
became his life but he’s fairly certain Tony Stark is going to be the
death of him.Mafia AU.

You Idiot (series) by Resacon1990:
In which Tony is kidnapped by a rival mob

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