Insecure Tony

Insecure Tony

do you have any fics where Steve finds out how bad tonys insecurity is?
How Scared Tony is That Steve will Leave him, how much the cockyness is just an act, that he thinks he’s not worthy enough for Steve etc,
thankyou bonus for Tony crying, I love the guy but by God I love seeing
him cry

Insecure Tony is pretty much canon, huh?  There are a lot of fics
with that trope, since it is a core characteristic, but here are some
you might enjoy!


More Than Friends by Pearl_Unplanned:
After the first time they have sex, nothing really changed.The
fighting didn’t stop. If anything, it got a bit more heated, they got a
bit closer, and after everyone thought they’d left to go cool off, the
angry sex was great.But that was just about it. More sex, not that
Tony could complain, because Steve was amazing in bed. Here he’d thought
for so long that the man was a blushing virgin. He learned the truth
before they’d even made it to the bedroom.Tony really didn’t want to
complain, because this was more than he could’ve hoped for, but when
he’d watch Steve walk into the room with that tight white shirt and
those loose pants, barely hanging onto his hips, he couldn’t help but
want more than just sex.

Fiery First Date by Pearl_Unplanned:
Tony Stark, billionaire funder of the Avengers, never expected the incredible Steve Rogers, Captain America,
to ask him out. No one knows he’s Iron Man, though dating a teammate
might make it hard to hide that. And, of course, Tony can’t even enjoy
their first date because everything has to go wrong in the meantime.

Midnight Thoughts by aPseudonym:
It occurred to Tony, as he propped himself up on his elbow to watch
Steve snore softly next to him, that he honestly didn’t deserve Steve.

by Kelady: Tony’s expendable and he knows it. So why is the whole team
in his hospital room, worried?or Tony gets stabbed by Loki and he learns
exactly how much they care.Hint. It’s a lot.

Keep On Falling by @musicalluna​:
Steve doesn’t like PDA. At least, that’s what Tony thought.

Can’t See the Forest for the Pine by @musicalluna​:
Tony is in love with Steve, only he had no idea.

Trying to Deserve You, weddingfic!AU
by @theappleppielifestyle: “He thinks that he’s worthless, that he
doesn’t deserve to be loved, and that everyone’s eventually going to
leave him.”Steve swallows.”I want to prove him wrong about all three.”

All the Difference In the World by @winterstar95​:
It’s Tony’s luck that on his first date with Steve away from the
Academy, they end up abducted by AIM agents and it looks like their boss
just might reveal Tony’s big secret.

If Only You Could Tell Me What I Need to Hear by lweilaura:
The sad thing was that it wasn’t even a surprise at all. Tony was used
to it. He was used to the pain of not being good enough, he was used to
be let down just when his hopes were high and he was used to be
neglected for something better than him.
No big news, no big
surprises, just his life being his life. The worst thing, however, was
that no matter how often it had happened to him, it never stopped
hurting like the very first time.

Tony Stark Does Not Deserve Anything Good by writedeku:
Tony Stark doesn’t deserve anything good. That’s his motto. How much
crap has he done to people around the world? How many families have
suffered?So of course, when he falls for Steve Rogers, he keeps it very
quiet. He doesn’t deserve him, after all. But Steve ain’t having any of
that shit.

Life Is a Joke, But Everything’s Riding on Me Tonight by RahRaZorBlade:
Tony and Steve find out they’re soulmates, but while Steve is straight
for it, Tony can’t help but feel like he’s going to drag Steve down.

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree by skund:
Tony, while being considered a genius in some fields, can be really
rather dense. But Steve is patience personified… to a point. Tony
tries to set Steve up with the perfect woman, but things go astray. For
[ profile] merry_marvels  Tony knows he’ll never be good
enough for Steve, so he does everything in his considerable power to
find the perfect woman/man for Cap instead. Of course Steve/Tony in the
end would be awesomecakes but angsty/lonely Tony is fine too. – 616
Avengers (New or Classic)

What’s In a Name? by theydonotmove:
Inspired by tumblr user forlorn-kumquat’s headcannon: “When Tony was
born, his parents named him Steven Anthony Stark. Howard had his name
legally changed when he decided that Tony wasn’t worthy of the same name
as Captain America. Tony hasn’t told anyone, especially Steve.”

As We Try to Sleep by @blossomsinthemist​:
Tony talks to Steve when he thinks he’s asleep, confessing things he’d
never say to him awake–but Steve sleeps lightly, and he listens.

Scars by @blossomsinthemist​:
“You do please me,” Tony protested.  “Every day.”

Steve smiled at that, soft and genuine.  “Well, good,” he said.
“It’s a real pleasure to hear that, let me tell you.  But I think
tonight I’d feel best if I could make love to you, just had you lay back
so I could make you feel better.”

Piece of Work by @orbingarrow​: TITLE: How to Make Friends – T. Stark. – Age 6OBSERVATION: People do not want to be friends with a know-it-all
HYPOTHESIS: If I act less smart I will make friends.
PREDICTION: If I let Jimmy Francis thinks he’s smarter than me he will be my friend.
EXPERIMENT: Gave wrong answer in class when Jimmy had his hand raised too and it was an easy question so he got it right.
RESULT: Jimmy Francis sat with me at lunch after I got the answer wrong and he got it right.
Hypothesis confirmed.  I will make friends if I’m not so
smart.ADDITIONAL RESULT: Jimmy Francis ate the cookie Jarvis packed me.
CONCLUSION 2: Jimmy Francis is a dick.—-35+ years have passed and Tony’s still waiting to be proven wrong.

Alexia by everythingispoetry:
Tony was ten when he lost the ability to read after an accident
involving a brain injury. He’s managed to hide that information from
almost everyone for decades and he intends to keep it that way, but then
the other Avengers move in and Tony realizes that inviting them was a
very bad decision.

Maybe It’s All I’ve Known by awesome_goddess_of_mischief:
Tony loves Steve and Steve loves Tony. But those damn presents all the time…
does not want Tony to spend as much money on him and Tony doesn’t
understand. How is he suppose to be useful now? And how can he ever
repay Steve?

The One Who Ran Away by awesome_goddess_of_mischief:
“Not now Tony, just… Just leave me alone alright?”Tony makes
assumptions. Wrong ones.Thinking Steve dumped him he tries to change,
until Steve finds out and hugs happen.

Tony Understood by
awesome_goddess_of_mischief: Tony Stark knew exactly what he was
worth.He just felt so empty…Everyone knows Tony hates being
touched…He does. Right?

Shutting up, as you wished by awesome_goddess_of_mischief:
A careless comment brings out more than anyone could have expected. Can Steve fix it? Or will Iron Man be forever silent?

Alone Now by arianapeterson19: If anyone had bothered to ask him, Tony would have told
them that the building collapsed on top of him wasn’t the worst part of
the situation.But nobody asked him.

A Reminder by DigitalSunburn: “Tony?” Steve whispered as his eyes slowly traced
Tony’s naked chest. Steve’s eyes fell upon the arc reactor and a gasped
escaped passed his lips before he could stop it. Despite all the scars
and red angry tissue around the device its self. The reactor was even
more beautiful than Steve had thought, and he could feel his fingers
itching for a pencil.Or the one where Tony hates the arc reactor
even though Steve tells him it’s beautiful, and somehow Steve ends up in
front of a naked Tony, drawing the reactor.

Not Worthy by Heartithateyou:
Based off this prompt: Is it weird that after reading this I now want to
see a story with insecure Tony be comforted by Steve after he try’s to
lift the hammer in Age of Ultron?

A Broken Man by nerdyhawaiian:
Tony can’t believe how lucky he is to be in love with Steve Rogers, but a fight with Dr. Doom may just ruin it all.

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