Whump Tony

Whump Tony

Do you have Whump!Tony fic recs 🙂 or are they included in Hurt
Tony fic recs of your masterlist? Thanks a lot by the way, it’s so
useful! <3

There are definitely some good Tony whump fics in the Hurt Tony and Steve Taking Care of Him recs,
but here are some from the ever-so-delightful whump Tony tag.  These tend to be darker than the other rec list.  Enjoy?
Some of these include very disturbing scenes or themes, so mind the


I’m Here, Sweetheart by DaftPunk_DeLorean:
When Tony gets grievously injured at a press conference, Steve just
about loses his mind with worry. And not only because they are best
friends, or teammates, or colleagues. No one could blame Steve for his
reaction, knowing that he and Tony were married. The problem was, no one

Perspective by starspangledsprocket: “Having seven shades of shit kicked out of you tended
to give a guy a sense of perspective, and Tony’s came in the form of
realising that he was desperately, madly in love with Steve – had been
for the longest time without even realising it, apparently – and,
suddenly, the thought that he might never get to see those beautiful
blue eyes ever again, or that dorky smile, just furthered his resolve to
stay alive.”Tony is kidnapped. An understanding is reached.

Containment by D (come_feel_the_rain):
After Tony ends up severely injured from a surprise attack, triggering a
flashback and putting him in the hospital for emergency surgery, the
Avengers come together in worry for their friend and teammate and are
disquieted by the intensity of Tony’s reaction. Between the flashback
and the sedatives, Tony’s mind revisits key moments in his life while
the team bands together in support of each other and their injured
friend, letting SHIELD handle Tony’s attacker, they remain where they
are needed, even if Tony isn’t awake to truly realize this. And through
it all, Steve makes a decision that will change things with Tony.

The Scapegoat by
Strangecat_Ramsey: For Avengers kink meme:The government/army/whatever
decides after Ultron to publicly punish
omega and/or sub Tony for creating a monster that nearly destroyed the
planet. And they decide to broadcast the punishment to the world, to
show everyone that they are taking care of things…Seriously this is
dark and disturbing. Heed the warnings and then add about 10% .More Hurt
than Comfort. Also the end kind of steers toward a kinda happy ending.

It’s Like You Never Had Wings by orphan_account:
The Illuminati meet to discuss a matter of great importance. Things go somewhat downhill from there.

What Have You Tamed by tsukinofaerii:
Kink Meme Request: Semi mirror!verse fic. Tony gets pulled into another
universe where Steve’s side won Civil War, Tony died, and Steve took
control of the government. By the time they get 616!Tony back, he’s
slightly broken and convinced that Steve owns him and can’t make any
decision without Steve. And gained the ‘distressing’ habit of offering
his body to Steve and waking him up with blow jobs.

Golden (The Problem Children) by KakushiMiko, tatemshope: Steve and Tony are high school best friends, when
Tony’s parents are killed and the whole world thinks Tony was killed
with them.  In reality, Tony’s held prisoner and slowly brainwashed into
one of Hydra’s most skilled agents.  During that same time, Steve’s
dedicated his life to making the world a better place, in memory of the
friend he lost.When Steve and Tony’s objectives collide, will the truth be enough to save them both?

You Want It Darker by @laireshi​: When Steve kisses him, he tastes like champagne. Or: Hydra Cap has a gift for Tony.

Heartbreaker by AnonEHouse:
In this AU Stane decides to break the golden goose to his will rather than kill Tony. Steve tries to repair the damage.

time is all around by tonystarxk (romanoff):
Tony used to love Steve, and Steve used to love Tony, and then they went
to war. And then there was only one way to keep Ross from erasing Steve
from the earth. And then that’s how Tony ended up carry the anti-christ
with the man who was supposed to help him a thousand miles away.

Our Love is a Ghost That the Others Can’t See by @kiyaar​: Post-Civil War, canon-divergent from Director of SHIELD.
In Tony’s dreams, he is back in the street, in a crater, the city
on fire around him. Steve kneels over him and beats him to within an
inch of his life.

It’s his favorite place to be, these days.

Fool’s Gold by Woad:
Instead of beating Tony into a coma, Norman Osborn brings him back to New York as bait for a newly reawakened Steve Rogers.

In Your Service by Renai_Chan:
The world is in ruins, and Tony can no longer be Iron Man, but he’s
still a hero, and when the world’s survival depends on him, he’s going
to do whatever it takes, no matter what the cost. (seriously, mind the tags here)

In a Different Light by marinarusalka: After an unexpected attack, Tony has trouble dealing with his injuries and Steve has trouble dealing with Tony.

if I should stumble by AvengersTime:
“The gunshot wound had been too infected, in between the lack of
care and the blood loss there was no choice but to amputate the leg from
above the knee and down.”
Tony’s captivity had changed everything about him, he gained and lost
valuable things, and led him to be Iron Man. He’s perfectly okay with
his secrets to remain secrets, but he didn’t expect his team to actually
care. Also, unconsciously falling in love with Captain America was definitely not part of the plan.

The Ransom of Tony Stark by antigrav_vector:
As tends to be the case with anything involving the Avengers, the day
starts out routine, and rapidly goes sideways. This day is no different;
What was supposed to be a routine recon mission suddenly turns into a

Losing Control by The_Buzz:
Tony and Steve are captured by HYDRA. A tesseract-infused dart forces
Steve to follow his HYDRA handler’s every order, while a truth serum
means that Tony can tell no lies. Steve is forced to torture Tony, then
inexplicably ordered to take care of him. To make matters worse, Steve
feels exactly like himself, and there are a few things that Tony really
doesn’t want Steve to know. And what is HYDRA really up to?

I’m so goddamn sick, baby, its a sin by MystickSpiral:
He may look like Steve, he sounds like Steve but it isn’t Steve—it can’t
possibly be his Steve. He feels nauseous again, but he’s afraid of
showing any vulnerability that could allude to him being weak (despite
being chained up and possibly playing at the hands of some grander
scheme). He could possibly negotiate; maybe this Steve is a clone, but

Tactical Field Care by @veldeia​:
One unlucky shot is enough to turn a mission in occupied France into a
nightmare, but Steve isn’t going to leave Tony behind, no matter what.

Good For You by @orbingarrow​: Steve doesn’t understand why Tony dates people who abuse him.  Tony doesn’t understand why Steve cares.  The
rest is bad choices, good choices, rehab, milkshakes, paintball,
YouTube videos, couples therapy and learning to put the past in the
past.  Or: How Tony finds his happy ending.

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