Asexual Tony

Asexual Tony

Do you know of any stony fics with asexual tony?

Indeed, there are a good number of these, actually!  Also, this search led me to finding the tag “shrugs asexually” when an author wasn’t sure if the fic really had a ship in it or not, which I find absolutely wonderful.


Stay the Night by orphan_account:
Tony meets someone at a formal event. He doesn’t expect much, but is pleasantly surprised.

(both are Asexual)

Trying Things by stitchy:
In which Tony has a reputation and Steve’s confused about it.

Parts We Keep by adarksweetness: Tony thinks about how there’s a lot of special
snowflake stuff that Steve takes in stride. He thinks about how at least
his genius, his late nights in the lab, and his publicity stunts do
something for the team, whereas his sexuality doesn’t. He thinks about
how said sexuality is, in fact, hurting the one person Tony should put
before himself.  Or; Steve is running out of time after being dosed with sex pollen, and asexual Tony is the only one compatible.

But What Even Is Sexual Attraction (What’d I Miss series) by TenSpencerReidPlease: Bruce sighs, “Everyone who experiences sexual attraction hands up,” he says and everyone in the room raises their hands.“No,
that’s not right,” Tony says, “I thought this was a joke or something,
sexual attraction isn’t even a thing, it’s like a Hollywood invention or
something, like Valentine’s Day. This… no, sexual attraction was
invented by capitalism and patriarchy to exploit women and make money,”
he says, flapping his hands around. Steve pats his shoulder, “Tony no, sexual attraction was not invented by capitalism,” he says, laughing at Tony’s confusion.

There’s Beauty in Understanding by ich_bin_ein_stern:
Prompt: can i prompt you some stevetony hurt/comfort with asexual tony?

Two Arms to Hold Him by Amledo:
Tony Stark isn’t the playboy that he wants the world to believe he is.
He hasn’t actually taken anyone to bed with him in a very long time, it
simply isn’t for him. What he wants is what Thor and Loki have, a
platonic romance. But his heart has chosen Steve Rogers and he doesn’t
think he has a chance. Straight!Thor/Asexual!Loki
Straight!Steve/Asexual!Tony fluff and a bad word

Fearless by orphan_account:
Fearless is a rather funny concept. Everyone has fear, right? You see,
the thing about being fearless is you go ahead and do something anyway,
even if it terrifies you. Even if it means going to homecoming or
dancing in the rain with your crush who looks like he belongs with the
stars. Gotta live a little, right Tony?