Steve & Tony Work Together

Steve & Tony Work Together

Any fics where Tony and Steve are colleagues?

I’m going to assume you mean non-powered work colleagues and go with that.  Here are some suggestions, but if anyone wants to rec more or has a self-rec, please add, since I haven’t read too many of these.  Enjoy!


Tesseract (Suite for piano, winds and strings) by @veldeia:
Nick Fury, conductor and artistic director of a major music festival,
brings together an unusual ensemble of talented musicians headed by the
violin virtuoso Steve Rogers and the world-class piano soloist Tony
Stark, to tackle a challenging work by a little-known Norwegian
composer. (A non-powered AU with the Avengers as a chamber music

The Case of the Senator’s Son by celli:
Meet (very) Special Agents Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanova, and the rest. Together they do indeed fight crime.

The Brave Little Temp and the Playboy Engineer by @captainneverever:
Steve finds himself facing the consequences of his decisions when he
meets Tony Stark and starts working as a temp at Hammer Industries. How
will he stand up for himself and still have his happy ending?

Buried by Notevenclosetostraight:
When Howard Stark demands Tony work at a dig site in S.America one
summer to “build character” and “learn about life”, Tony is furious.
then he meets soldier/archeologist Steve and falls in love with blue
eyes and a perfect smile. Just as they are ready to move forward
together, Steve leaves abruptly with no explanation and breaks Tonys
Ten years later, Tony stumbles across the file for the old dig
site. He’s determined to visit and shut it down, but discovers that
instead of a village, the dig has unconvered a temple and actually needs
MORE money to stay open. A security team is hired to protect the staff
and the artifacts they find, and Tony comes face to face with Steve
Rogers all over again– except Steve is bearded and BIGGER and way more
dangerous than he used to be…And Tony likes it.
When the camp is
attacked, Steve jumps into action, snatching Tony and running into the
jungle to escape and work their way towards safety.
But long days and
nights together bring back old feelings, and one day Steve takes a risk
and asks Tony to give them another chance.
Will Tony say yes? Or is his heart buried too far for the soldier-turned- archaeologist-turned-mercenary to find it?

Lesson Learned by MaxxJacks: Prompt: Our Students see us leave and arrive in the same car.“No, we are not Dating, get on with your work.”

I love the way your hips move by fleurfeyrac:
Steve’s ballet class is pushed back a time slot because of a new hip-hop
class being taught by a really hot Tony Stark. They keep bumping into
each other in the gym and Steve really can’t handle all these feelings
he’s having. Suddenly Natasha and Tony become good friends after lifting
together and it’s nothing but suffering for Steve from then on.

It Takes Time (series) by @shetlandowl:
After a year-long sabbatical abroad, Tony returns to his post at the
Department of Architecture at MIT in time to hear all the excitement
over a hot new stud on Fury’s faculty roster, a Dr. Steve Rogers. As a
genius and the only MIT alumnus in the faculty, he’s not used to being
eclipsed by anyone, and he doesn’t take it all that well.

Community Service by Tacuma:
While drunk Tony damaged a piece of art in a park. It’s not the first
time and the judge is done with him. Instead of a paying a fine, Tony
will have to do community service in a care home. It’s hell. The work is
stupid and the guy he is working with is an asshole. Rhodey makes sure
Tony won’t quit and it’s worth it in the end.

It’s Just a Spark (But Its Enough) by Insomniact:
Steve works at Stark Industries as a graphic designer. He meets Tony
Stark, and unsurprisingly, his seduction techniques could use some work.