Shovel Talks, Relationship Pep Talks, & Blessing Requests

Shovel Talks, Relationship Pep Talks, & Blessing Requests

Do u have stony fic when they both get pep talk from opposite bestfriend? Or when other avengers included? Thx xx

I’ve gotten a couple of asks along these lines, so I’m going to include pep talks, shovel talks and blessing requests.  Feel free to add others, if you know them.  Hope you enjoy them!


Shovel Talk

5 Times Steve Got the Shovel Talk, and 1 Time There Was No Talking by Thisishappening: 5 Times Steve got the shovel talk, and 1 time there was no talking.
In Order:

5 Times Tony Gets the Shovel Talk and 1 Time He Doesn’t by Thisishappening: “I need you to fix my arm.”Tony startled and jumped up from his chair, and turned to look at Bucky.Tony
stared at the super-soldier, looking down at his arm, then back at his
face, which was resolutely staring at anything but him.Tony gaped
at the mangled arm, it looked like it had been run over by a car, then
stuck in the garbage disposal, and spit back out.Tony resigned to the antics of his team, asked the familiar question “Do I want to know?”This pulled a small smile from Bucky, who was trying to look angry and failing miserably because of the pain he was in.Tony gestured at a chair, and said “Welcome to the house of horrors.”Bucky
climbed into the chair, rolling his eyes at Tony, who sighed
dramatically “No-one appreciates the length I go to, to make you
ingrates happy.”Bucky levelled Tony with a look that spoke
volumes at how familiar he was with a dramatic Tony and settled
comfortably in the chair.Tony asked JARVIS for the back-up arm,
and Bucky settled into the familiar routine, before the comfortable
silence was broken by Tony’s curious “So, you want to tell me why you
deliberately broke your arm?”

The Unexpected Shovel Talk by @thecitylightshow (part of series): Peter thinks that Tony finds Barnes rather irrelevant but Steve…If anyone can hurt Tony enough to make him leave, it’s Steve. Maybe
it is a little bit his business, because he’s legally Tony’s son now.
He’s going to suffer the fall-out too.

In Which Steve Doesn’t Take Kindly to Shovel Talk by love_in_the_stars:
When warning Tony Stark not to break Steve’s heart, Bucky probably shouldn’t have threatened to remove the arc reactor.

Re: Shovels by kellebelle:
Tony and Steve start dating. They’re happy and in love. Tony gets shovel talks. Why is it always Tony?

Fire Extinguishers and Other Deadly Threats by straight_as_a_curly_fry:
Steve and Tony are dating, and the bots decide that Steve needs the shovel talk.

Just a Friendly Conversation by Crematosis:
The Winter Soldier gives Tony the shovel speech.

Nobody Can Drag Me Down by Nimiamlove:
The team gives Tony the shovel talk. Tony doesn’t deal well, Steve to the rescue. Then there is a party ;D

Working Out the Details by CapsicleRogers:
Steve’s going to ask Tony out… eventually. It’s harder when things
like giant tentacled ooze monsters and Pepper Potts are in the way. (Or,
Pepper gives the scariest shovel speeches and why does nothing go
Steve’s way?)

beggars would ride by kangeiko: Rhodey really should have had that shovel talk a lot sooner. (Not to worry, he still has a shovel.)a.k.a. Rhodey isn’t paid enough to be a couples counselor.

Not So Normal Friends After All by Darkyu (series): When people told Steve that dating Tony Stark was going
to be a challenge, he couldn’t have imagined that it wouldn’t be
because of Tony’s infamous relationship-related reputation at all. It
was the unexpected over-protectiveness of Tony’s loved ones that made
the whole achievement seem impossible.Steve only hoped that he would be able to get through this without resorting to violence.Or: The one where Steve gets Shovel Talked by Tony’s friends.

Big, Blond, Beautiful and a dick by Imonherewaytoooften:
Steve and Tony have been dating for two months when Colonel James Rhodes
comes to visit. Steve wants to know why Rhodes suddenly hates him but
he might not like the truth when he finds out.

Pep Talk

Paperweights & Purple Pens by bellax_xmuerte:
Sometimes The Avengers just need a friendly face to talk to; that’s why they creep into Bruce Banner’s lab.

Nothing to Hide or: Earth’s Mightiest Weirdos by ElleOnWheels (series):
Tony has a talk with Natasha about the nature of family and
relationships. Rhodey thinks Tony looks like a kicked puppy. Dum-E
worries like a mother hen, and stays true to himself. Steve explains the
nature of his relationship with Bucky to Tony. And the whole team burns
down to Madripoor to root out the wayward Bruce Banner and a surprise
Bucky Barnes. Because of this, Tony proves he has stones, and is capable
of keeping his shit together when he needs to… Bucky and Steve
REUNITED AT LAST… And Wanda and Bruce talk. Let’s see how THAT goes.
Hoo, here we go. There’s a lot here. You have been warned. Tissues may
be required.

The (Not Really) Secret Origins of Movie Night by nightwalker:
Somewhere along the line the Avengers have become a pretty good team.
But Tony’s still the odd man out, and Steve’s determined to change that.

try and try by cablewires: “Are you sure this is a good idea?”Steve didn’t think it was at all possible, but right now he was even
more confused than he was before this whole thing started. He frowned at
the brightly colored website Clint had loaded on his laptop. Flirting for Dummies, the title of the article read. Want a guy’s attention but not sure how to go about it? You’ve come to the right article!Steve had a bad feeling about this. AKA the one where Clint helps Steve flirt with Tony via Internet
tips. Steve kind of screws it up, but that’s what makes it work.

Blessing Request

One Burning Question by @musicalluna:
Steve has an important question to ask the most important man in Tony’s life: Rhodey.

The Start of Something New by ms_superwhoavengelockgermany06;
Tony wants to take his and Steve’s relationship to the level of
marriage. The only logical thing to do is ask Clint for Steve’s hand,
since they’re BFFs and all.

Not Awake Enough for This by aceofhearts88: And there he had thought the bloody honeymoon phase
between Steve and Tony in the first three fucking never ending months
post war had been horrible, when in fact they had been a frigging piece
of cake compared to this amount of cringe worthy domesticity. Bucky wants sleep, maybe even a vacation, but what he gets is the honor of keeping rings secret. Two of them.