Tony Gets Headaches or a Fever

Tony Gets Headaches or a Fever

Hey fic mama u got any recs where Tony has headaches or fevers?

There are a couple like that, so here is what I could find.


Banking the Fire by torianmist: “Then my love, roll over.  One way or another I’m getting a read of how high your fever is.”~Isolated with a sick Tony, Steve wants, no needs, to make sure his lover is okay~

Running a Little Hot by AnonEHouse: The Avengers are in one of the Nine Worlds for unexplained reasons. A magic spell makes Tony tiny and the Avengers think this is funny at first, but then he becomes ill. What would you do with a five inch tall feverish Tony?PANIC. Well, a little, in between going AWWWW, so adorable.

Feverish by Withstarryeyes:
Tony gets sick. Cue Steve caring for him

Cuddles Make Everything Better by roguewidow97:
Made for the request “short, fluffy, stony sickfic.” Just a sweet little late night drabble.

Overheat by StarSpangledCap:
Tony has a fever so he takes a shower and Steve gives him a surprise visit.

Let Yourself by @blossomsinthemist:
Shortly after Tony gets Extremis, he and Steve end up stranded in the
Savage Land, with Extremis mysteriously not functioning and Tony barely
functioning, either.  Established relationship, set early in the first
New Avengers run.  This was inspired by a piece of art by Shaliara.

We Got No Troubles (Life is the Bubbles) by @viennasunrise:
Tony comes home from work with a splitting headache and seeks out the
one thing that always makes him feel better: his husband, Steve.

Somehow We Always End Up Here by @viennasunrise: “The test results have finished, sir.”“Volume,
J,” Tony said, wincing at the sound. Maybe things were a lot worse than
he realised if listening to JARVIS was going to exacerbate his headache.
“My apologies, sir,” JARVIS said softly, “You appear to be
suffering from an unintended side effect of the Power Cosmic. I cannot
isolate the virus but it seems to be attacking your circulatory system,
sir.”Tony groaned. The news wasn’t entirely unexpected; given his
symptoms it made perfect sense that whatever it was, was going to
attack his weakest point. If you thought about it, it was the perfect
bookend to his tenure as Iron Man. The heart condition he suffered
post-Afghanistan made him Iron Man and being Iron Man ultimately gave
him a lovely new heart condition he wasn’t sure he could cure. He leaned
forward, suddenly overwhelmed with the weight of it all, and dropped
his head into his hands. “At its current rate your heart will be unable to survive longer than six months.“

Who, What, Where? by Withstarryeyes:
Tony wakes up in the morning in his bed with a hell of a headache, a
sleeping super soldier in his bed and a blank as to what just happened
last night. Just what exactly happened with Steve? And just how happy is
Tony going to be when he figures it out?

I Can’t Exactly Hold Your Hair Back by @sirsapling:
Steve had never particularly been a person people had turned to for
comfort when ill, he mostly just wished people better and went on his
way. However, this is Tony, and a sense of obligation wells up within
him that he needs to help, but he’s completely lost as to how.

Moments by @saralhylor: Life should be good. Tony has almost made it through
high school, his boyfriend is the hottest guy in school. Sure, he
doesn’t get along the best with his parents, but that seems to be normal
for teenagers, isn’t it?It’s just, the headaches won’t stop.

Relief by @kurowrites: Tony has a migraine attack. The Avengers mistake it for a hangover. (And Steve might have some secret skills nobody knows about.)

The Official Avengers Movie Night Movie Selection Bylaws by phenominable_snowman:
It was just little things at first.  Elevators opening on the wrong
floor.  Wild temperature fluctuations.  An odd, glitchy babble from
J.A.R.V.I.S. that went from amusing to annoying to alarming and then
righted itself without explanation.

Tony nursed a persistent migraine.  His body ached.  He slept,
but he never felt rested.  He was sure there was something lurking on
the edge of his periphery, but whenever he gave in and looked, it was

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