Iron Man 3 with Steve

Iron Man 3 with Steve

Hi! First of all thank you for running this blog! Fo a new stony shipper like me it’s like paradise:) I was wondering if you know some fics where Avengers (mostly Steve) are involved in the IM 3? Or at least react to the news of Tony’s “death”? Or try to explain where the hell they all were when Tony’s house got blown out to bits?

Here are a few you might enjoy!


From the Ground Up by thatsweetmysteryoflife: The first time Steve had seen Tony Stark since SHIELD had fallen, he was on TV.Or, how a team became a family, and friendship became love.

Presumed Dead by msrogersstark:
Summary: Steve reads the newspaper article stating that Tony is dead.

Heart Stopping Moments by Henordra:
Five times Tony almost scares Steve into a heart-attack and one time it’s a little different.

It’s Not Home Yet (But I’m Getting There) by orphan_account: Takes place right after Iron Man 3.Screw the summary.  I don’t
even know how I’ll summarize this without spoiling anything and some
people have already cursed me for it.

Extreme Measures by @wordsplat:
Steve wrestles with the idea of Tony injecting himself with Extremis.

Anywhere, I Will Follow You by starspangledsprocket: “Mr Stark? I, uh, I’m still not entirely sure how to do
this, but the gentleman told me to leave a message, so I guess…” A
sigh rattled over the phone line. “Look, Tony, I’m going to level with
you – they told me I had one phone call, and you… you’re the first
person that popped into my head. So, yeah, I, uh… I’ve sort of been
arrested, and I know we don’t always see eye to eye, but I – if it’s not
too much trouble, that is – could really use some help, if you… you
know what? It doesn’t matter. Sorry for bothering you, Mr Stark.” A reworking of IM3.

The Young and the Free by starspangledsprocket:
Steve and Tony are finally becoming friends when Loki decides to play a
prank. Now Steve has fully grown man with the mind of a three year old
to deal with, made all the worse by Tony’s apparent hero worship.
Meanwhile, dark forces are lurking in the shadows.

Rebuild by theappleppielifestyle:
The first time Tony really notices that something’s up with Steve
is- okay, to be honest it’s five seconds after seeing the guy again,
come on, Tony has spent the latter of his life being the dictionary
definition of hot mess, he recognizes a kindred spirit.
Or, the one where Tony is, for the first time in his life, one of the least screwed up members of the team.

And I Will Be Your Man by @stark-spangled-lovers: ** Iron Man 3 AU **** Can be read as a stand alone! **Book
2 of the Say When series. An alternate version of Iron Man 3. After
completing his undercover mission and earning Tony’s forgiveness,
Steve’s life has become wonderfully peaceful. The Avengers had
officially taken up their residence in New York, and—Tony’s nightmares,
and occasional precarious missions aside—life was good. He was in love,
and he’d never been happier. That was, until some terrorist decided to
go ahead and destroy everything he’d ever fought for.