Steve and/or Tony is Trans

Steve and/or Tony is Trans

hello do u have any fics where one of them is trans? also idc which one i just want validation thanks

Of course! I will add that there are a number of trans!character fics that are Stuckony, which I haven’t read, so if you like that, you should definitely use the search feature on Ao3 to check those out.  Here are some Stony fics with a Trans character.  Enjoy!

Home by orphan_account: “You probably don’t know this, but I had to make myself
a man! I wasn’t goddamn born one!” Tony snarls, and knees Steve in the
balls.Steve’s knees buckle underneath him and he uses Tony to
hold himself up, Tony vaguely thinks he might’ve missed his mark because
Steve doesn’t look to be in much pain, “What the fuck do you mean?” The
anger is draining out of his face and his eyes are welling up with

Thermocouple Junction  (series) by feverbeats:
Five times Tony Stark came out.

We Need to Talk (series) by duc:
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, (Earth-3490) Natasha isn’t really sure how to tell her husband she’d rather be an Anthony.

Challenging Authority by rocknrollout: On May 29th, Maria Stark went into labor. The baby was
perfectly healthy and after 5.3 hours, the doctor was able to hold up a
bright red, wriggling baby and announce that Howard and Maria Stark now
had a perfect baby girl. That was when problems started to arise.

Not Asking for Much by Sucrosesanction:
It’s as simple as telling someone your name.

Everything Old is New Again (Oh, and Doom’s on Line 2) by Medie:
Christine sits there, notepad in hand, cameraman at her shoulder, and
looks at them for a good solid minute (Tony counts) before saying, “You
honestly expect me to believe this? You expect me to believe that you are Tony Stark, transformed into a female body by aliens, and that you’ve chosen to stay this way?”

Guided Tour by hobittdragon:
Tony’s already asked the kid to move in. Why not ask him for a little more?

Part of the All Your Favorite Superheroes are Trans series.

Tony is a Man by masonmontyy: The worst thing about periods is that it reminds you that you will never be a real man.

Tony’s New Outfit by EdgarAllanHobo:
Tony comes into the kitchen, while Steve is eating breakfast, dressed a
bit out of the ordinary. That is to say, wearing nothing at all.

does this shirt make me look flat? by paxatonic:
Tony’s ten years post-op so him and his husband go out and have dinner to celebrate. lots of fluff

Anthony and Natasha by @thecitylightshow: On Steve’s sixteenth birthday, as was the norm, he woke
up with a name on his wrist, etched beautifully into his skin. In
blocky, scruffy handwriting now sat “Natasha Stark” on his left wrist.It was elegant handwriting, but not in a way that anyone other than Steve would share the notion.Now, he’s out of the ice, and he lifts his wrist to his face as his vision swims for a second. Oh thank god,
he thinks at the sight of the black blur that mars his wrist, and then
his thought processes stutter and screech to halt because it’s changed.The handwriting is still the blocky scruffy script that he loves, that holds comfort for him in the cross of the t and the arc of the r, but it’s not Natasha. It doesn’t say Natasha Stark any more.No, the name on his wrist is Anthony Stark. This
time – this new time, Director Fury explains to him, this time sixty
seven years in the future – this time he will find him. Whether they’re
ninety like he should be, or closer to his actual age, Steve won’t make
the same mistake twice.He doesn’t tell SHIELD that the name in their file is now wrong.

Steve Rogers’ Little (BIG) Secret by
nursal1060: Steve Rogers isn’t the man that everyone expects him to be. More like, he wasn’t always a man.
Explanation for why Steve Rogers is so evasive of his boyfriend Tony Stark’s attention.

Spa Day by elimymoons:
Tony is stressed. Tony enjoys the spa. Tony always enjoys having sex with Steve.

Tony Comes Out by Annie6211:
Tony comes out to Steve that he use to be a female. He’s more than a little surprised at Steve’s reaction.

Remodeled by flight815kitsune: Written in response to all of the non-consensual reveal fic out there. Steve
was in the ice for awhile, when the whole “Stark child shocker” stuff
was in the headlines. He may or may not know. Tony tells him.

Fuck You Steve Rogers! No, wait, Fuck me! by PrincessSunflower: Stony transfic. Angst, fluff at smut. Featuring:
absolutely clueless Steve
angry Tony
Plotting Natasha

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