Good Dad Howard

Good Dad Howard

Hi Sabre! Just wondering if there are any redemption Howard fics? I can only think of Arysteia’s Twice Told Tale.

I only know a few with Good Parent Howard, but everyone deserves a second chance, right?


Knowing the Truth by Pearl_Unplanned:  After seeing how well Tony’s family accepted that he and Steve were boyfriends, Steve decides to tell his mother and step father that he’s gay. Things don’t go as planned.

Love, My Disease by Pearl_Unplanned:  Fifteen years after Steve’s family left, he returns to reunite with Tony. Tony’s just scared what his parents are going to think, seeing that he’s never actually told them, “Hey, I’m gay.”

What if by HannaHazzard: What if Tony had been alive when Steve got the serum. If he were friends with Bucky and Steve…Cap movie-au, with Tony meshed in the middle.

Together by @thudworm​:  Prompt: Howard was a good dad to Tony and is still alive when he finds Steve in the Ice only 50 years after he went down. Twenty-ish Tony and Steve fall for each other to Howard’s surprise and amusement.

don’t hold back when you could be dating by navaan:  Steve is pretty new to this world, and he thinks Iron Man is pretty swell.

Discomfort by Taeryfai:  There was something about Stane that made Tony uncomfortable. (gen)

Ever After–A Stony Love Story by Dophe (WiP): Tony Stark was born to a nobleman only to become a servant in his own home by his stepmother after his father’s death. He accidentally hits the crown prince of their country with an apple thus sending him down a path that he never expected to be on.Steve Rogers is the crown prince of France. He is restless and tireless and wants to do more with his life than being a king. He tries for one more escape but is foiled in his plans when he not only gets attacked by apples but has to save a man’s painting from being thieved. Now he has to find true love in a month or his father will wed him to someone he cares not for.Will Tony be able to overcome the challenges he faces? Will Steve find true love or be forced into a loveless marriage?