Publicly Announcing their Relationship

Publicly Announcing their Relationship

hi! do you know any fics where steve and tony decides to announce their relationship to the public? or fics where their relationship are publicly known. thanks!

Definitely check out the News Media and Not So Secret Relationship recs, but here are some where they let everyone in on the secret that you might enjoy!


A Proposal of Sorts by Scientia_Fantasia:  Tony pulls off the least shitty public proposal of all time

Stages of Acceptance by kijikun:  Four ways Steve and Tony were outed, and one way they outed themselves

All in the Family by  ayuwensayk, BobhasRainbowVeins, hackle, morphia:  How Steve and Tony’s relationship is made public.

Fandom Reality by carzla:  In which Steve is aware that his and Tony’s relationship is “shipped”, and crashing the Internet is the way to go for certain announcements.

Guess What by Annie6211:  Steve and Tony surprise the rest of the Avengers by telling them about their…less than platonic relationship.

Stuck in the Ice Ages by LagLemon:  Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have been together for three months now. Steve is finally ready to come out to his friends and fellow Avengers – he is feeling good about himself for the first time in a long time, and finally feels like he belongs. He wants to tell the Avengers that he is deeply and madly in love with Tony… he might get the chance to tell someone else he didn’t think would be around to find out… He’s not sure whether he’s ready but he’ll damn well try!

All About Standards by @everybodyilovedies​:  Steve Rogers and Tony Stark begin dating publicly. Their respective villains are Not Amused.

We didn’t mean to tell the world by Bablefishmouse:  Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have been dating for a while now, and the whole world knows. The oddity was, they never actually told anyone, as a matter of fact. But this tells of how, nevertheless, everyone, (except SHIELD) found out.

You Can’t Believe Everything You Read by Heartithateyou: Steve is fed up with all of the lies that are printed about Tony.So he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Don’t Call Me Bro by Heartithateyou: Steve and Tony have been secretly dating for six months now and Steve is more than ready to tell everyone.But Tony still wants to keep their relationship a secret.Unfortunately, Steve isn’t as good at keeping secrets as he thinks he is.

Tony Shouldn’t Speak Before Coffee by Heartithateyou: Steve and Tony have been secretly dating for months now, until Tony accidentally lets a secret slip at breakfast.He really shouldn’t talk before coffee.

In a New York Minute by @missbeckywrites​:  Shortly before Valentine’s Day, Steve and Tony are accidentally outed to the world. Already uncertain of where they stand, now they have an additional worry to contend with.

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