Cockslut Tony

Cockslut Tony

sabremom! i took a look at the rec list masterpost and saw needy bottom!steve, which just made me wonder: do you have any cockslut!tony fics or are any like that just in the bottom!tony category?

I would say most are probably in the bottom!Tony recs or feature Tony/Other Characters, which is not something I really read, but here are some that you might particularly enjoy.


Happy Birthday, Steve by Agent C:  What better way to spend a birthday then BJs and morning sex!

Control by StarkRogers135: This is hardly a summary! XD I have no life so I just write smut and Omegaverse because why the fuck not! Ehehehe.

When You’re Beauty Struck Me by @blossomsinthemist​: Tony always devoted himself to it wholeheartedly, like he couldn’t imagine anything better or more important than kneeling there, naked on the floor, with his mouth on Steve’s cock, giving him a suck.Written for Day Eight of Kinktober: Deep-Throating.

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