Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

Any rec where Steve or Tony have gone a little Crazy or Evil and taken/kidnapped the other and the other gets Stockholm Syndrome, whether Or not they were together beforehand, or a otherworld steve/Tony lost theirs and Wanted another, just Steve or Tony taking/being with the other against the others wishes, oblivious that the Other doesn’t want them or not, I hope I have wrote This ok, English is not my best language, sorry

Check out the Dark Tony and Villain Steve and Hydra Cap recs.  These aren’t exactly what you were looking for, I don’t think, but here are some you might particularly enjoy featuring Stockholm Syndrome.  If anyone has other suggestions, please add them in the comments!


I’m so goddamn sick baby, its a sin by MystikSpiral:  He may look like Steve, he sounds like Steve but it isn’t Steve—it can’t possibly be his Steve. He feels nauseous again, but he’s afraid of showing any vulnerability that could allude to him being weak (despite being chained up and possibly playing at the hands of some grander scheme). He could possibly negotiate; maybe this Steve is a clone, but how?

never let you go by @laireshi​:  “I need you, Tony.“

Darkness Loves Light by MiloKitty:  Steve Rogers had spent years working his way into Tony Starks life, then breaking the man, turning the Billionaire into his plaything, Into his pet. Tony knew it was wrong, so very wrong, but Steve, Steve was intoxicating, besides if he tried to stop now, his master would probably kill him.

I’ll Think About That Tomorrow by NobodysBloodyPrincess:  At seventeen Steve had it all, the love of his life, amazing friends and a full scholarship to one of the best High Schools in the country. Then his sense of loyalty and stubbornness led him down another path and twenty years later, he stands at the ruins of his life willing to do whatever it takes to regain what he lost at any cost.

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