Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Do you have any stories with sex toys? Other than handcuffs and restraints, but other toys?

Here you go, Anon!  I’ve tried to organize them a bit, but by their nature, some are going to feature multiple things and a lot will have bondage as part of it, but also feature other toys.  Enjoy!


Butt Plugs

But With Whimper by theappleppielifestyle:  Steve fucks Tony against a wall.

Big Boy Games by sharkie335;  Steve’s home from a publicity tour, and Tony has a surprise for him.

Cry Uncle by silverfoxflower:  Tony chuckled, flipping up his mask so that Steve could feel Tony’s breath on his ear as he whispered, “But Cap, I promised that I’d make you beg for mercy.” Steve’s eyes widened, his body going taut as a bowstring in anticipation of being drawn.

With a Bow on Top by @veldeia​:  Fill for the bingo prompt “kink: sex toys”, in which Steve has a cunning plan for luring Tony out of his workshop.

Hot and Tight Tonight by BeamsnBows;  Steve wears a little surprise for Tony on their night out.

Not Anymore by orphan_account:  Steve is jealous of strangers and gains a newfound appreciation for Avengers merchandise when Tony tries to fix that.

Overture by @ashes0909​:  It wasn’t until the second act that Steve realized Tony hadn’t been entirely forthcoming about the toy.

Plugged by @ashes0909​:   Steve shifted back so he faced away from Tony and the small movement caused a faint moan to fall from his lips, even as he pulled a sketchbook from their bag, flipping it open. Tony pulled his phone back out from his pocket, and they were just another couple in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

Parted by @ashes0909​:  It had been fourteen days since Tony’s departure and this morning, like the last two, Steve woke up in Tony’s bed. Sadly, alone.

Trying a New Toy by KatySummers:  Tony thinks it’s funny to invent new toys and send them off to Steve’s room, but what happens when Steve actually tries one out, and Tony catches him.

Men and their Toys by August_myg: Prompt: Tony likes to be full, so he wears a butt plug all the time.His lover thinks this is hot and likes to fuck him, then trap his come inside with the plug.Bonus: Tony used to always use a small plug, but his lover challenges him to always use bigger and bigger plugs to see how much he can take before being too distracted from his daily business.

CDV by SevlinRipley: Prompt: Tony loses a bet (up to author!anon what the bet is) and as a punishment has to wear a vibrating butt plug all day – with Steve holding the remote. By the end of the day he’s desperate for relief, and Steve is happy to oblige him.Bonus if at some point either Fury or Coulson walk in on Tony in the bathroom while he’s trying to get some type of relief and figure out what’s up in about 2 seconds flat and there’s awkwardness and pleading not to tell Steve. link

Prove Me Wrong by Renai_Chan:  Tony and Steve have a little bet that may or may not involve sex toys and semi-public sex.

Cock Rings or Cages

Promises by blacktofade:  Steve has super stamina and Tony keeps coming way before he’s done, so in the end Steve just sticks a cock ring on him and goes at him.

You Decide. I’ll Trust You by avengercat:  Tony and Steve are in a relationship and have found a new way to achieve the stress relief they so desperately need.
To quote the words in the art: “I have things I want to do to you, spanking isn’t one of them. ” “First. You’ll wear this every day, you’ll keep it on all the time. I’ll be the only one in possession of a key to open it.” “Yes.”

Taking by ifitwasribald:  Shameless smut with nothing remotely resembling a plot.

Tricked by @ashes0909​:  “I think he want’s some of your booty, Cap.” Tony knocked his elbow into Steve’s side, then pointed at the big basket of candy in his hands.

Possession by lideeah:  Tony knows exactly how to push Steve’s buttons.

Iron Men by @copperbadge​:  When a second Tony Stark slips through from an alternate universe, Steve suddenly finds his hands very full.

Don’t Keep Me Hanging On by damiensirius:  Tony didn’t say anything, but decided to just wait and see what Steve was gonna do. At first it didn’t even seem that bad. Steve grabbed the lube and slicked his right hand with it. He wrapped his fingers around Tony’s cock and jerked a few times. Tony moaned and his hips bucked up, but way too soon, Steve’s hand was already gone again. Then he felt something pressing against the tip of his dick and Steve pushed it down over the whole length. In the second Tony felt the tightness around his shaft, he remembered what they had also bought.
A cock ring.

Mirrors by 3BeesandCoffee3:  Steve likes teasing Tony in front of a mirror until he’s begging for him to fuck him.

Vibrators, Dildos and Anal Beads, oh my!

Lack of Restraint by often_adamanta:  “I want you to tie me up,” Steve says finally, voice steady even as he refuses to meet Tony’s eyes.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving by jannonny: Tony decides to put the super serum through its paces with the extra Christmas gift from Steve.(Set in the distant future, where Tony and Steve are in a relationship and have a lot of energetic sex. This is an example of said energetic sex. Multiple examples of it, actually.)

Long Distance Relationship by cookinguptales:  So what do you do when your boyfriend gets sex pollened and you’re thousands of miles away? The correct answer here is Extremis sex. Obviously.

Captain America’s Birthday Gift by Saiya_tina;  It’s Captain America’s birthday and some of his teammates don’t know what to give him as a gift. They decided to leave the perfect gift on his bed and Steve is going to have some fun with it.

Good Vibrations by @cptxrogers​:  Steve never could turn down a bet. Especially when it’s made by Tony. Even when it involves his team, a SHIELD briefing, and a vibrator up his ass.

Secret Santa by within_a_rustic_cafe:  It’s Christmastime and the Avengers decide to participate in Secret Santa! When Steve gets Tony for his Secret Santa, the super solider knows just the perfect thing to get his genius boyfriend.

You Found Me by StarSpangledCap:  Tony masturbates and Steve watches him from behind his door. It’s exactly what you think it is.

Fooling Around by @captainneverever​:  Steve catches Tony using a Captain America sex toy. Tony thinks that Steve is going to be upset. But that’s not what happens. At all.

Up in the Air by @arukou-arukou​:  Steve finds Tony’s closet toy stash and is immediately curious.

The Double by orphan_account:  Tony’s jealous of Steve’s new dildo.

Worth his Weight by chubbychoco:  King Stark has been offered a rare and valuable gift – a virgin slave, trained but untouched, for him to use in any way he sees fit. But despite the awful rumors surrounding his reign, he may not be as horrible as Steve has heard.

Lots of Stuff, lol

I won’t leave you falling by @blossomsinthemist​ :  Tony doms for Steve, which involves some specially enhanced red rope, cock rings, two vibrators, and a lot of orgasm control. It works out. Bottom Steve, trembling and desperate to come, loving dom Tony, plenty of aftercare.

Like the Winter Sun by Del_Rion:  There are times when Tony’s mind is moving too fast, too full, and he can’t stay still. Steve knows how to ground him.

full (of your love) by Hiyami:  Steve pushes Tony’s body to its limits and then some.

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