Seeing Each Other After Civil War or Homecoming

Seeing Each Other After Civil War or Homecoming

Post-cw or homecoming recs where tony has to deal w his feelings about steve until the first time he sees him?

I have some post-CACW fic recs here, though I need to update those now, but here are some Post-Spiderman Homecoming recs for you!


Would You Have Married Me? by 1000milestoohigh:  The band was smooth, a rose gold studded with rubies around one half. It was gorgeous, everything Tony didn’t know he wanted. It fit perfectly, so perfectly, as if it was meant to be right where it was, on Tony’s left ring finger. Tony fell in love and then loudly, so forcefully it came out as a scream of agony, he fell apart.

Feels Like Deja Vu by Fangirlingmanaged: Happy knows that he screwed up with the kid, okay. He knows that. So it’s probably best if he just— he should probably just keep his distance. So he doesn’t screw up again.Tony has some objections to that, obviously.

never thought, but knew by navaan:  A man waits for him in a dark corridor. But it can’t be Steve, because he’s on the other side of the world.

love is the voice under all silences by jelliebean: imagining how that flip phone got used during Spiderman Homecoming.
spoilers. not important ones or anything.“I hear you’re mentoring the Queens kid,” Steve says when Tony calls him for his birthday. “He seems like a good kid.”
“Mentoring is kind of a strong word for it. Trying to stop him from getting himself killed is all. He’s a little ambitious maybe. Headstrong. Doesn’t know his limits. Remind you of anyone?”
There’s a silence on the phone. Then Tony gets it.
“Not you, you idiot. Me. Ambitious. Headstrong. Doesn’t know his limits.” Tony hadn’t even thought about applying that description to Steve. But hearing it again, it does seem appropriate.

You Don’t Only Get One Shot by janonny: In which Tony voluntarily carries a tracker around, and learns how to talk to Steve all over again in-between and during kidnapping attempts.“Leave you alone for two months, and you have an operation all set up to track wayward Hydra cells and rescue innocent billionaires,” Tony said, his tone skating the line of annoyance and admiration.