Single Parent Steve &/or Tony

Single Parent Steve &/or Tony

Are there any fics where either of them is a single parent? Or both of them?

There are some great single parent fics, and, admittedly, I haven’t read a lot of them, since I don’t do kidfic much, but here are some I can suggest.  If anyone has other recs, please feel free to add them.


Perceptions of Light and Shadow by @winterstar95​:  Signing up for an art course had not been his intention at all. He’d gone into the building after something else entirely. And not the hot teacher, the other one, the one with the arm or lack thereof. Tony Stark might be a warmonger to the rest of the world, especially his soon to be father-in-law, Obadiah Stane, but his true heart lies in building, inventing, and helping others. After what he saw in Afghanistan he decides to change everything with his company and way of life. He wants to redirect the company into biotech, green energy, anything that will make the world a better place. So, walking into the little art school was only to find a way to talk with the disabled Vet, it wasn’t to sign up for an art class, and it sure had nothing to do with how hot the teacher was. After all, Tony Stark is engaged and about to be married to the love of his life, Ty Stane. Why would he care about a down on his luck art teacher, who is a single father, and who has a mysterious job at a downtown exclusive club? Nope, Tony is perfectly happy in his life…yep, perfectly happy. He just can’t figure out why he just signed up for art classes.

ten years too late (just in time) by theappleppielifestyle: Steve never went out with Tony when they were young despite Tony’s attempts at wooing him, mostly because he thought Tony was too much of a flimsy playboy who could never really commit seriously to anything that wasn’t partying.Years later he runs into Single Father Tony taking care of his 3 year old. Tony refuses to buy his kid candy before dinner and is overall a pretty decent dad. Tony also thinks Steve could never be interested in him, since he was always rebuffed before, but Tony’s in for a surprise.

Me, You and Peter, Too (series) by starspangledsprocket; Steve can’t stomach the thought of Peter growing up in an orphanage. He knows what that’s like, and he will do anything to stop that from happening to another child. If that means he adopts Peter himself, so be it.In the meantime, he has to figure out what to do about his feelings for Tony.

My Nightingale by Tobezilla:  An accident leaves Steve raising his four year old son and working two jobs. His world has been flipped around more times than he can count, each time harder than the last. When he becomes the personal assistant of the billionaire, Tony Stark – his world is flipped around for the millionth time. But maybe this time will be the different than the others.

The Billionaire and the Army Captain by @captainneverever​;  Facing finanical ruin and needing to care for his sick daughter, Steve Rogers agrees to marry Tony Stark, who needs to get married by his 30th birthday to inherit. It’s just a job for Steve until he starts to fall for the enigmatic billionaire.

Buy You a Mockingbird by jadedoll:  Babyfic! When Tony unexpectedly becomes a parent, his world view drastically changes. And changes. Then it changes again. And then again.

We’ve Been on this Path Before by vassalady: Years ago, Steve and Tony were the it couple over all the magazines. Now, Steve lives with his four-year-old son, Ian, in a shabby apartment. It’s not perfect, but life is good. Then, Tony shows up at their door and asks for Steve to come back.Steve isn’t sure that getting back together with Tony is the right thing. There’s so much history between them, and he has Ian to think of. But Tony could provide opportunities for Ian that Steve can’t. And, underneath it all, he still loves Tony even after all these years.It will take time and a lot of work to find the life he wants for him and his son. However, secrets both old and new may prove a threat that will cost them dearly.

Proof Positive by @megaranoelle​: Tony is no stranger to paternity claims from his female conquests, there’s a system in place for them. But when one of the tests actually comes back positive, he makes a rash decision to not tell anyone about it, not even Pepper Potts. All Mary Parker wants is for Tony to spend a little time with their son, and she’ll badger Tony Stark into showing up at least twice a month in any way that she can.And then he goes missing for three months in Afghanistan. Tony has a lot to think about in his life now, how he wants to run his company, how his life is going to change with the arc reactor, and what he’s going to do about his son, Peter. Then, the Avengers Initiative pops up, and in waltzes his childhood hero, and enemy, Captain America.

Signs of Life by cvsossong:  Tony Stark gets thrown into a new world when a one- night stand ends with him having a son. When it’s discovered that Peter is deaf due to his mother’s mistakes while pregnant, Tony vows to become the father he never had. Fortunately, he’s got the Avengers to step up as a team— and a family.

My Son, My Sun by @wordsplat​:  Just before the events of Iron Man, a baby is left on Tony’s doorstep. He wants nothing to do with it at first, but his time in Afghanistan changes his mind and Tony vows to become a better man for his son’s sake.

Breakfast at Steve’s by KilltheDirector:  Owning a diner, Steve is always there to hear about his customer’s problems. Raising a six-year old by himself (well, he knows he has help from Peggy and Michael) and having to deal with the annoyance that is Tony Stark, it’s a small wonder that Steve hasn’t cracked yet.

Deep in the Heart of Me by Finely Honed: There were days when the realization that he was someone’s father made Steve’s head hurt, but mostly he was grateful that he could trust his instincts, because apparently Peter was what had been missing from his life. Yes, he still had lingering, unresolved issues from his time in the Army, and sure, he had what Bucky annoyingly referred to as a criminally untapped ass, and no life outside of work and Peter, but Steve was okay with how his life had turned out because of trusting his instincts.Unfortunately, those same instincts had straight up betrayed him by going absolutely haywire upon being exposed to Tony Stark.Veteran single dad Steve runs a tattoo shop. For his 40th birthday, Pepper arranges for Tony to get that tattoo he always wanted, and he winds up with the mother of all crushes instead. Jumping out of airplanes is one thing, but falling in love is something else entirely. Steve struggles with the idea of actually letting someone into his life. Tony is left trying to keep his heart from being broken while Steve figures things out.