Tony is Self-Sacrificing

Tony is Self-Sacrificing

Hi Sabre! Could you do a list about selfsacrifing!Tony ? I’d reeeaaaally like that, thank you, you’re amazing

Of course!  We all know he can’t wait to sacrifice himself for a good cause, right? Honestly, that makes it a little hard b/c it is such a part of who Steve and Tony are, they are trying to die for each other in almost every fic.  But, here are some you might enjoy and if anyone has other suggestions for fic that really highlights the self-sacrificing part of Tony, please feel free to add them.


Sacrifice Play by Amonet:  “I like you a lot actually,” Tony says because he can’t lie when Steve looks at him like that. “Maybe a bit too much.”
Tony hadn’t expected to have to explain to Steve why he tries to save the Captains life every time he gets himself in danger because it isn’t like Steve cared about him, right? Turns out, Steve wants to solve this problem right now and he doesn’t let Tony make excuses. Misunderstandings ensue, get resolved and maybe they’ve both been wrong all along?

Even the Light is an Illusion by Mizzy: Death threats are an unfortunate side-effect of being Tony Stark, so he’s learned to ignore them. The problem is, when someone really wants you dead, hiding your head in the sand just kinda exposes your ass.But it’s not just Tony’s behind on the line. Whoever wants him dead wants him to suffer first, and they’re willing to do anything to make that happen. Tony knows there’s only one way out. To save Steve, the Avengers, and the general public, Tony has to die. Of course, death isn’t always the end, and Tony does what any other self-disrespecting scientist would do: he finds a way to fake his death and avenge his own murder.The trouble is, terrible decisions usually have a terrible price, and this one is no different. Tony has a chance to save the day, but the cost may be more than Tony was ever expecting to pay…

Entitlement by Nix (CrimsonQuills):  Post-“Red Zone” ficlet. While Tony lies unconscious in the hospital, Steve contemplates his sacrifice, and Jan clobbers Steve with a clue.

Out of Many Waters by @arukou-arukou​:  A freak accident sends Tony and Steve hurtling onto an alien planet. They’ve only each other for survival, and both have an unfortunate tendency towards monumentally stupid self-sacrifice.

An Agathokakological Mind by Renai_Chan:  Tony would do anything to save his son, including willingly walking into a trap, getting surgery, betraying his husband and becoming a supervillain.

Blow Out by xaritomene: Written for this prompt on the Avengers kinkmeme (and first posted there): “The Avengers are trapped somewhere. A forest, a cave, whatever. Tony, who is hurt, traumatized, his arc reactor running low, MacGyvers some awesome shit and saves the day. The Avengers can only watch in awe.”The Avengers are stuck in a cave, and Tony, despite being essentially incapacitated by the loss of his suit, has a working plan to deal with this shit. So what if his team thinks he’s only useful in the suit? And so what that they’re not in life-threatening danger, the kind that Loki strews around himself like confetti? Tony is going to get them out of there by hook or by crook, because goddammit he hates caves, and no one else is coming up with a better plan. They’re not in danger now, but time is running out. And if Tony has to damage himself to pull off his plan, well, them’s the breaks.Incidentally, Steve doesn’t like it when Tony’s damaged.(Or: Stand back! Tony Stark’s about to try science. Dangerous, self-sacrificing science.)

See You At the Bitter End (the Rest of the Rainbow Remix) by @sineala​:  Pick a Gem, any Gem. And try to stop a war.

Letting Go by @trickyarchangel​: Some say it happens quickly. They say your life flashes before your eyes and it’s over.Tony disagrees. Each time, it’s been agonizingly slow. He’s not surprised this time is the same.

Appraise Valuable Assets –> Launch Opportune Navigation by @gottalovev​: The plan was that no one but Tony would know about the AVALON protocol until it was needed. Steve finds out and he’s pissed.

Haste by @veldeia​:  With Captain America seriously injured and a bomb attached to the Quinjet, set to go off at any change in speed or altitude, this is not the best flight the Avengers have ever had.

Listen by @brandnewfashion​:  “You always worry about everyone else. Why can’t it be the other way around for once?”

Wearing Our Vintage Misery by kayura_sanada:  Thanos has attacked the Earth, and now the Avengers must make their final plan.

Fool’s Gold by Woad:  Instead of beating Tony into a coma, Norman Osborn brings him back to New York as bait for a newly reawakened Steve Rogers.

Love Me (Not) by navaan:  Steve and Tony fall into a friends with benefits relationship and Tony is completely okay with that. Right?