Steve is a Stripper

Steve is a Stripper

Hey, I don’t know if you’ve already done a fic rec list for this one but do you know any good fanfictions where Steve is a stripper and Tony is one of his clients (or the owner of the club)? 🙂

I do, indeed!  Who wouldn’t pay to see Steve naked, right?  I mean, let’s face it, when I win the Powerball, I’m just going to check with Chris b/c I feel like, really, we all have a price.  Aaaaanyway…


Stripper Act by Tacuma:  Tony is turning 40 and when his best friends don’t know what to buy him, they end up hiring a very special stripper for him: one dressed as his childhood crush Captain America. It’s just a joke and it’s just a lap dance, except that Tony is not really over his crush yet and he takes the patriotic stripper to his bedroom, in front of his girlfriend, who isn’t too happy.

when in need of money by ThomasBlue:  Steve really hoped it wouldnt come to something like this. but he needs money. but when he becomes the newest dancer at one of new yorks many strip clubs, he isnt quite expecting things to turn out the way they do

Baby, I’m Gonna Be Your Man by cherryvanilla:  In which Tony takes Steve to a strip club. (not exactly the ask, but good)

You’d Be So Nice (to come home to) by @wordsplat:  Steve is a stripper, Tony is the Stark Adventures poster boy, and they fall madly in love in the 1940’s.

Undercover by queerlyobscure:  No fandom is complete without a ‘going undercover as a stripper’ story. In this case, poor Steve is the one showing off his moves, much to Tony’s (and everyone else’s) delight.

What Tony Found in Steve’s Bedroom by @captainneverever​:  Tony is surprised by what Steve got up to while he was away on business. (he isn’t a stripper but does a strip tease for Tony)

Working Class by Professor_Fluffy:  Natasha helps Steve get a job at a gentlemen’s club where he pole dances at night for a certain type of clientele.

My Private Dancer by @lilmoongodess:  Steve Rogers enters the world of high-end exotic dancing, and catches the eye of world-famous billionaire playboy Tony Stark. Will the strange relationship he develops with Tony develop into something more? Or will the high-intensity connection between them short out and burn to the ground?

Perceptions of Light and Shadow by @winterstar95:  Signing up for an art course had not been his intention at all. He’d gone into the building after something else entirely. And not the hot teacher, the other one, the one with the arm or lack thereof. Tony Stark might be a warmonger to the rest of the world, especially his soon to be father-in-law, Obadiah Stane, but his true heart lies in building, inventing, and helping others. After what he saw in Afghanistan he decides to change everything with his company and way of life. He wants to redirect the company into biotech, green energy, anything that will make the world a better place. So, walking into the little art school was only to find a way to talk with the disabled Vet, it wasn’t to sign up for an art class, and it sure had nothing to do with how hot the teacher was. After all, Tony Stark is engaged and about to be married to the love of his life, Ty Stane. Why would he care about a down on his luck art teacher, who is a single father, and who has a mysterious job at a downtown exclusive club? Nope, Tony is perfectly happy in his life…yep, perfectly happy. He just can’t figure out why he just signed up for art classes.

What Happens in Vegas by sabrecmc: “What the hell, Tony?” Rhodey demanded brusquely. Tony winced and drew the phone away from his ear. “You’ve got cops and Feds all over the hotel. I’m watching you perp walk out of the police station on repeat on CNN. They’re saying you tried to bribe Stern? Fox News has you selling weapons on the black market, and God that picture they’re using is the one from Bali in ’09. You look like shit. They wheeled Stern out and put him in an ambulance, by the way. Got some paparazzi swearing you decked the guy. Now they’ve got ‘copters following it like he’s OJ.”“Yeah, don’t worry, Sourpatch, I’ve got it covered. Uh, though, I should probably tell you that, purely in the interests of national security and the greater good, I kind of had to fake marry that stripper-gram you sent. Thanks for that, by the way,” Tony added quickly.