Based in Animated Universes

Based in Animated Universes

Hey mom, do you have any fics set in the animated universes? Like Avengers Assemble, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Heroes United, etc.?

Their love works in all different verses, doesn’t it?  There are some great fics from the cartoons that I think sometimes we overlook b/c we think of them as kids’ shows, but please do yourselves a favor and check these out.  On that note, not surprisingly, a lot of my recs appear to be porn…? Eh. Don’t judge.


Below the Cut for length

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes:

Starlight Captured by @everybodyilovedies:

After they save Earth’s sun and defeat the Kree empire, the Avengers have a long five week journey ahead of them back to Earth. Tony and Steve find a way to pass the time one night aboard the bridge of their ship.

The Futurist by @everybodyilovedies:

After the Avengers defeat Kang, Tony heads up to the roof of the mansion to brood. But Steve is already up there, himself pondering something Kang said: Does he really belong in the 21st century? Or will he always be a man out of time?

Fight Through It Together by @everybodyilovedies:

An alternate ending for the episode “Emperor Stark”: What if Tony hadn’t been able to shirk Purple Man’s control long enough to take him out with Steve? Purple Man has a few choice commands for Tony while he’s under his control. Specifically, to rape Steve Rogers.

Love Always Feels Like a Battlefield by nightwalker:

No one knew it was a weapon at first, and by then Iron Man was falling out of the sky.

Hidden Agendas by Missy_dee811:

The team is out and Tony and Steve are by themselves. They make good use of their alone time. This is unadulterated porn. I make no excuses.

Trust Exercises by Missy_dee811: (no summary, but…porn)

I’m No Superman by kellebelle:

Tony gets hurt. While he’s in the hospital he is on morphine (aka some sort of ridiculous emotional truth serum and Tony is in no way happy about that). Sappy times ensue.

A Songbird of a Different Color by meh_guh: Steve was the best thing to ever happen to Tony, the first lover to last longer than a week.It was just a pity he wasn’t really Steve.

We’re Not Broken, Just Bent by @missbeckywrites:

The Skrull invasion has begun, and Tony is at their mercy. And he’s about to learn that Steve is not who he thought he was.

Up to the Challenge by @missbeckywrites:

When Steve catches Tony in some uncharacteristic behavior and suspects he might not be who he says he is, he dares Tony to prove his identity. Good thing Tony is up to the challenge.

I Can See Clearly Now (the Rain is Gone) by @missbeckywrites:

An accidental spell from the Enchantress leaves Tony with the ability to see the future. Now he’s able to use those visions to guide the Avengers into stopping villains even before they commit their crimes. The one thing he never saw coming, though, was Steve.

Black Holes and Revelations by @missbeckywrites:

Back home after the Skrull invasion, Steve tries to find out what happened while the Skrull was impersonating him. What he discovers utterly horrifies him, but leads him into making another, more personal discovery about his feelings for Tony. The only problem is, after what the Skrull did, it might be too late to do anything about it.

The Alcmene Analogue by @ironlawyer:

Post season one final. When ‘Steve’ sets his eye on Tony, Tony thinks his life couldn’t get any better. Except things don’t go quite as he imagined them.

Breaking Through by @captainneverever:

Tony can’t shake the guilt of nearly killing Steve while under the Purple Man’s control.

we don’t end, we start by navaan:

Sometimes you need to realize what it is you want and things will work out from there. Steve asks Tony out.

Everybody Needs a Shoulder Sometimes by AngeNoir @outercorner: Steve Rogers honestly thought he was helping. Tony Stark honestly thought Steve Rogers was supervising. Somewhere they meet in the middle and realize more than they expected.Okay, more than Tony Stark expected, but Steve could forgive him that.

Heroes United

Elevator Going Down by @cptxrogers:

An alternative version of that elevator scene from Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United.

Avengers Assemble

Five Times the Avengers Tried to Make Tony Like Christmas (And the One Time They Didn’t) by sara_holmes: In which Tony avoids Christmas because of reasons and Clint is not okay with this.Featuring bickering, unresolved childhood issues, cookies, eggnog lattes, unicorn tree-toppers, man-eating snowmen and Steve being the only sane person in the tower.

To Hold You Again by navaan;

For the first week after he’s back, Steve makes sure he has everything he needs.

Adaptability by @everybodyilovedies;

After the events of 1×06 and the debacle with Hammer, Steve decides Tony needs to learn to listen to him… or else.

Reciprocity by @laireshi:

There are still some things Tony can learn about Steve.

The Scarf by @laglemon:

After Ultron’s defeat, and Avengers Tower being rebuilt, Steve assumed things would go back to normal – or at least, he hoped they would. Now things have changed, and he’s pretty sure he’s got a hard decision to make.

Quit While You’re Ahead by magicsen:

It began, as things tend to between them, as a bet.

In the Eye of the Beholder by magicsen:

Tony asks to see one of Steve’s paintings. Steve quickly discovers he has a new favorite subject.

Sparkler by magicsen: Tony’s already lost the “best birthday present” competition, but it doesn’t mean Steve can’t enjoy his gift.Set post-S03E19: ‘The House of Zemo’

Stallion, Schmallion by magicsen: “JARVIS?”“Yes, sir?”“Did my boyfriend just ditch me for a horse?”Coda to S02E11: ‘Downgraded’, specifically this scene!

Mandatory Fun by @captainneverever:

Steve loses a bet to Tony and has to go to Las Vegas for a fun-filled vacation. Or it was fun until people started thinking that they were married.

Poker Night by @captainneverever:

When Tony convinces Steve to play a game of strip poker, Steve isn’t sure what they are playing for or what exactly Tony is after.

Hyperion’s Threat by love_in_the_stars:

Hyperion was right about a threat too big for the Avengers to handle alone. Now they must rely on the unstable superhuman to help them protect the Earth. His condition? Freedom and Tony Stark as the only one he will deal with.

Home is Where the Heart Is by @naxa1818:

Tony adds a few items to Steve’s room to try to make him feel more at home. Little did Tony know, Steve was already home.

My Heart (Is With You) by @naxa1818: Steve and Tony talk about a hopeful future.*WARNING* This is set after AA Season 3 Finale. There will be spoilers.

At Last by @erdesque:

All Steve wants is to hold Tony’s hand.

Protective Protocol by love_in_the_stars: “Says the guy responsible for Tony getting hurt!”Those words kept repeating in his head because as much as they were said out of false anger, they still had a shard of truth to them, didn’t they?

Steve can’t sleep after the events of the first two episodes.

Threshold Potential by @veldeia: Tony finds out the hard way that some of the most dangerous creatures in the Savage Land are not enormous and scaly.Bingo fill for the prompt “locked in”.

Tony Stark Through the Ages by @veldeiaThe Time Stone had turned him into a teenager. He was a damn teenager. He was a kid. He’d been de-aged. The armor couldn’t recognize him because he’d reverted to a prototype version of himself. Tony Stark 0.5, still stuck in the beta testing phase. This was bad.Filling in some of the gaps for Avengers Assemble S2 E7, “The Age of Tony Stark”. Bingo fill for the prompt “kidfic/mpreg” (strictly only the “kidfic” part).

Assemble, Disassemble, Reassemble (series) by thryza:

Post-episode PWP set after S01E06: After returning from fighting the Super Adaptoid in space, Steve and Tony hit the showers … together.

Touch by @cptxrogers: Once the team succeeds in bringing Tony back from the magical dimension he’s been trapped in, Steve can’t stop touching him.

Multiple Verses

when Steve’s meet Tony by @infinitegem: what else would you expect when EMH, MCU and 616 Steve all conveniently and inexplicably find themselves in the AA universe with a married Steve and Tony?Sex, obviously.

One Universe Over by @inukagome15​:  There was a reason the Avengers and the Fantastic Four didn’t do much work together, and it could all be lain at Reed’s feet. Crossing dimensions and meeting another version of their team hadn’t exactly been in Steve’s and Tony’s plans, but at least it wasn’t the Cabal. Or Doom.

A Little Travel is Good for the Soul by @cptxrogers: Tony was not expecting angry, argumentative versions of himself and Steve to appear in his living room one day. But now they’re here, he’s sure that he and Steve can help them work through their issues together.MCU Steve and Tony travel to the Avengers Assemble universe and meet their counterparts.

The Counselors Are In by @cptxrogers:

Steve and Tony from Avengers Assemble open a counseling service for all the other Steves and Tonys from across the multiverse. God knows they need it.

Moments by captainshellhead & vibraniumstark:

After being trapped in a pocket dimension, Tony tries to find his way home – and ends up lost in the multiverse.

Of Multiverse and Flying Monkeys by SarkaS: My addition to the second week of I’ll Be There Stony Fest. Filling this prompt: (MCU) De-aged Steve playing with Tony’s bots.I took the liberty to make it a bit more complicated: De-aged AA!Steve appears in MCU!Tony’s workshop, shenanigans ensue, while MCU!Steve can’t believe how good Tony is with this little him. Discovering maybe he’s been wrong about Stark. Until AA!Tony finds his dearly missed husband and takes him back home, leaving MCU Steve and Tony with a lot to deal with.

Like Them by Tahlruil:

Tony never really thought about there being another him somewhere – because he’s one of a kind, and even the universe can only hold so much awesome. But time fog on his end and some tinkering elsewhere in the multiverse leads to him meeting two other versions of himself, and it’s weird. He’s just glad he’s got Steve with him, and he guesses the other Tony’s must be just as happy to have their Steve’s too. Well, maybe one of them is kind of a dick…

In Every Universe (Different Realities Remix) by @captainneverever:

Natasha Stark gets sent to another universe where she finds a Steve missing his Tony.

Long Journey Home by @captainneverever:

Avengers Assemble Steve thinks that his Tony has found a way home through a portal. But it goes terribly wrong. Both Steve and Tony end up on a journey through the multiverse, reliving other Tony and Steve’s lives and meeting their multiverse counterparts. Something is keeping them from finding each other and Steve and Tony have to find a way to get back to each other or be lost forever.

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