any action/adventure fics? preferably with steve fighting but tony is good too!! anything with combat!! lots of plot if possible 🙂 thank you so much!!!!

Hmmm…action/adventure, huh?  Let’s see…definitely check the mission gone wrong fic recs, but here are some great action/adventure fics.  Most are long, but there are a couple of relatively short ones, too.  Enjoy!


Iron Man: Unavailable, Tony Stark: In Trouble by @navaanwrites:
After what happened in New York the Avengers with the help of Tony Stark
are trying to become more independent. The team has grown together and
for Steve Iron Man is a big part of that, although he has some trouble
getting along with his employer. Then Steve faces a bit of a mystery
when Tony Stark gets kidnapped – and Iron Man, who is supposed to be the
man’s bodyguard when he’s not an Avenger, is nowhere to be found.

Strange Mechanics by @navaanwrites:
Steve is hell bent on ending Hydra before it’s too late. Right before he leaves he meets a strange mechanic on base.

Missing in Action (the Who You Are Underneath Remix) by @navaanwrites:
Tony and his friends are on a mission in war torn Europe and Fury has
sent along a soldier to serve as their driver and a sort of attache.
Tony likes him well enough, but the real help he’s counting on is that
of Captain America, especially with Hydra hot on his trail. But then
Private Steve Rogers has a mishap that costs him his memory – and Tony
can’t seem to make contact with Captain America at all.

Quickening by @kiyaar:
At some point, Steve stops being a chorus girl and becomes a soldier.


Buried by @not-close-to-straight:
When Howard Stark demands Tony work at a dig site in S.America one
summer to “build character” and “learn about life”, Tony is furious.But
then he meets soldier/archeologist Steve and falls in love with blue
eyes and a perfect smile. Just as they are ready to move forward
together, Steve leaves abruptly with no explanation and breaks Tonys
Ten years later, Tony stumbles across the file for the old dig
site. He’s determined to visit and shut it down, but discovers that
instead of a village, the dig has unconvered a temple and actually needs
MORE money to stay open. A security team is hired to protect the staff
and the artifacts they find, and Tony comes face to face with Steve
Rogers all over again– except Steve is bearded and BIGGER and way more
dangerous than he used to be…And Tony likes it.
When the camp is
attacked, Steve jumps into action, snatching Tony and running into the
jungle to escape and work their way towards safety.
But long days and
nights together bring back old feelings, and one day Steve takes a risk
and asks Tony to give them another chance.
Will Tony say yes? Or is his heart buried too far for the soldier-turned- archaeologist-turned-mercenary to find it?

An Inglorious Affair by @stark-spangled-lovers, morphia:
In 1944, Steve’s commando team, The Basterds, are off to fight nazis in
France. Tony joins their efforts after intelligence suggests that Herr
Kleiser, a German scientist, has set his sights on making a massive
nuclear bomb. Their mission: Get to Kleiser before he completes his evil
plan. What neither of them had planned for, however, was to fall in
love in the middle of the worst war either of them had ever seen.

Treasure, Explosions and Romance by runningondreams:
There are three main ingredients to a good adventure. The fighting for your life and running away parts are just added fun.

This is Why We Fight by MemoryDragon:
Steve confesses his love to Iron Man but gets rejected because of Iron
Man’s loyalty to Tony Stark.  He starts to get to know the man Iron Man
rejected him for, but before that, robots from the future could tear the
whole team apart…

Eigengrau by @the-vorkosigan:
Tony is captured; he doesn’t know by whom, or why. He doesn’t know how
much time has passed since. What he knows is, he can now hear something
in the adjacent cell, and that ‘something’ sounds a lot like Steve

Prisoner’s Dilemma by @awesomeavocadolove:
After taking the airplane down in the Arctic, Steve wakes to find
himself imprisoned as a human test subject. With no idea where in the
world he is, his only ally is a fast-talking inventor in the cell next
door. Something’s off about Tony that Steve can’t put his finger on, and
it’s obvious Tony doesn’t fully trust him either. But to escape they
may not have a choice…

get it hot, hit it hard by @gottalovev: Anthony is unexpectedly brought back to Winterfell to
be King in the North following his parent’s death. Frankly, he would
have preferred continuing to work on his special projects – such as
anonymously participating in tourneys as the Iron Man, and forging his
special steel – instead of being given a crown. As for Captain Steven
Rogers, he doesn’t quite know how to deal with this unconventional new
king.Unfortunately, their lives are shaken again when Hydra strikes.

The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark by jibrailis:
After contracting an Asgardian virus, Tony starts forgetting things. And people. And Steve.

Across the Universe by antigrav_vector:
During a mission, Iron Man vanishes. Captain America isn’t about leave a
man down – or missing – on the field. Going after his missing
teammate reveals a bit more than he really intended, though. Now, he has
to decide what – if anything – he wants to do about the feelings he’s
finally had to acknowledge.

The Ransom of Tony Stark by antigrav_vector:
As tends to be the case with anything involving the Avengers, the day
starts out routine, and rapidly goes sideways. This day is no different;
What was supposed to be a routine recon mission suddenly turns into a

For Freedom and the Fear of Forgetting by dapperanachronism: Steve’s eyes linger on Tony until the last possible
second, as if he’s trying to memorize features he’s desperate not to
forget. Because he will, if they don’t get out of here and fast.

Into the Breach by @wordsplat:
The world is coming to an end fast and Steve needs a co-pilot, but can’t
find anyone he can’t knock off their feet in a flat second. He’s also
reluctant to get back in his old Jaeger, but that’s a bridge he’ll cross
when he comes to it—for the moment, it’d just be nice if he could learn
to talk to certain attractive kaiju scientists without sounding like he
has a brain injury.

The Rest of Our Lives by @sineala:
It’s the next year of the weapons expo, and Steve and Tony are back in
Madripoor. Where there is one hotel with vacancies. Which has only one
available room. Which has only one bed. Also Batroc is after them again.
But that’s not really the important part here.

Double Time by @sineala:
Cassino, Italy, December 1943. Special Agent Tony Stark, former Marvels
adventurer, is sent to investigate a Cosmic Cube found by the Invaders
– and it’s the perfect opportunity for him to rekindle his secret
romance with Steve Rogers. But when Hydra attempts to steal the Cube, an
inadvertent wish for help leads to the appearance of a Tony from the
future of another world: Director Stark of SHIELD. This Tony is a man
with a lot on his mind. He refuses to tell them anything about the
future, but he seems to know much more than he should about Captain
America. And something’s happened that’s clearly killing him inside, but
he’s not talking. When Director Stark’s failed attempt to return home
leads to the unexpected appearance of another visitor from his universe,
all the lies come undone. Now there are two wars to fight, and the
second one could ruin all of them.

Tony Stark and the Sentinel of Liberty: A Marvels Adventure by @sineala:
When Project Rebirth fails, leaving the super-soldier serum inert in his
veins, Steve Rogers is forced to bid goodbye to his dream of defending
his country – at least, in the way he’d always envisioned it. But his
prospects in that regard aren’t entirely bleak: he takes a job as
chronicler for Tony Stark, the former Marvels adventurer who now serves
his country in his typical unorthodox style, hunting down mystical
relics before the Nazis can find them. At Tony’s side in the jungles of
Peru, Steve discovers that the serum works after all – but it works in
ways he could never have imagined.

De-Serumed Steve & Protective Tony by sabrecmc:
The prompt request was for Steve getting de-serumed and Tony being protective.

Shattered by sabrecmc:
Tony watches the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier unfold.