Steve Underestimates His Strength (Accidental Abuse)

Steve Underestimates His Strength (Accidental Abuse)

Hey thanks for all your work in this fandom! I was wondering if you had any fics where Steve like underestimates his strength/loses control of it (like during a panic attack, sex, etc) and maybe hurts Tony bc of it? Thanks again!

I don’t know a whole lot like that, but here are a couple of suggestions. If anyone knows of one that fits this, please reply in the comments!

Steve is an Uncoordinated Piece of Man Beef by Heartithateyou:
Steve accidentally hits a stranger on the street and somehow he ends up with a date.

Dream of Ice and Wake Shivering by @captainshellhead:
Steve accidentally hurts Tony when he wakes up from a nightmare. Tony isn’t going to let Steve make this about him, though.

Unfeeling by whitchry9:
“Have you heard of CIPA?”
Despite not being able to feel pain. Tony
manages to get himself both a broken arm, and a broken heart, both
courtesy of Steve. Which he can never ever know about.

The Holds of the Past by kijikun:
Written for Capkink prompt: The first time Steve and Tony try
something other than plain vanilla sex, they decide to go a little light
bondage, with Steve tying Tony down with a tie or something. Only,
halfway through the foreplay Tony freaks the fuck out when Steve touches
his arc-reactor (courtesy Obadiah and the paralysis incident).

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