Skrull Steve

Skrull Steve

Hi!! First of all, thank you for all of these incredible recs, I’m always introduced to really great fics here that often make my day and I really appreciate all the time you must put into this! Secondly, do you have any recs for Skrull!Steve or just Skrulls in general? I saw your Skrull!Tony list but didn’t see a Steve one – sorry if you already did this and I just missed it!

How have I not done Skrull Steve?  One of my favorite fics features Skrull Steve.  Anyway, here you go:


it’s been a long year (since we last spoke) by theapplepplielifestyle:
Steve gets sent the link to a video of Tony kissing a Skrull that looks like Steve.

Incursion by Seaneta: Unbeknownst to the Avengers, and the entire world, the
real Steve Rogers is held hostage by Skrulls while one wears his face.
Tony knows Steve has been acting strange lately, and he becomes uneasy
with the Captain’s sudden personality shift. And when the real Rogers escapes, the Captain isn’t pleased with what he finds.

We’re Not Broken, Just Bent by @missbeckywrites:
The Skrull invasion has begun, and Tony is at their mercy. And he’s about to learn that Steve is not who he thought he was.

Black Holes and Revelations by @missbeckywrites:
Back home after the Skrull invasion, Steve tries to find out what
happened while the Skrull was impersonating him. What he discovers
utterly horrifies him, but leads him into making another, more personal
discovery about his feelings for Tony. The only problem is, after what
the Skrull did, it might be too late to do anything about it.

Amphitryon’s Response (A Two-Way Telepathic Remix) by Muccamukk:
Steve wakes up after his abduction by Skrull!Steve, and quickly realises
that he can see through his captor’s eyes. He is disturbed when he sees
his doppelgänger seduce his best friend, and when the relationship
takes a dark turn, the real Steve must fight to escape, and to save his
team and his sanity.

Absolution by malfaisant:
“I’m not Steve Rogers,” said the man with Steve’s eyes and Steve’s nose
and Steve’s mouth. Blue eyes glinted as he pulled his cowl back, the
sight of tousled blond hair so heartbreakingly familiar. “Remember,
Tony? You killed Steve Rogers.”

The Mirror’s Edge by justanotherstonyfan:
After everything, the invasion, the battle, Tony’s just glad to have
Steve home, where he belongs. But being captured changes a man, and the
relationship he was in – short oneshot.

(this is Steve dealing with aftermath of having a Skrull replace him)

A Songbird of a Different Color by meh_guh: Steve was the best thing to ever happen to Tony, the first lover to last longer than a week.It was just a pity he wasn’t really Steve.

Sins of Omission by @kiyaar (WiP): A Post-Civil War, Pre-Secret Invasion AU where Steve is dead, Tony’s a mess, and everything sucks. In which Tony deals poorly with Steve’s death, falls off the wagon, sees ghosts, and misses a lot. Oh, and the Skrulls are about to invade.

Skrull Ficlets by @ironlawyer:
Tony wakes in Steve’s arms. Everything should be perfect, but some days it’s hard to pretend.

The Alcmene Analogue by @ironlawyer:
Post season one final.  When ‘Steve’ sets his eye on Tony, Tony thinks
his life couldn’t get any better.  Except things don’t go quite as he
imagined them.

Was It Real? by ezazahaz:
“Was it–did he–” Tony found himself starting to ask, even as he
wondered what answer he wanted, or whether he wanted an answer at all,
“You knew everything he knew, right?  Did he–did Steve ever really have
feelings for me?”
Tony visits an imprisoned Skrull who was posing as Steve after CA:CW, and wonders how much of their “reconciliation” was real.

More than Skin Deep by @sineala:
Tony can just about accept the fact that he and Steve were kidnapped and
replaced by Skrulls for three months. But what he can’t figure out is
why none of the Avengers noticed. And what he really can’t figure out is
why none of their teammates will tell them what the Skrulls did while
they were gone.

(Tony and Steve were skrulls)

Nothing to Forgive by kellebelle:
After Steve defeats his Skrull counterpart and the team returns to Stark
Manor, Tony doesn’t think Steve will ever be able to forgive him. So
instead of facing the problem head-on, he avoids Steve until he is
forced to actually face the problem.