Steve is Not a Blushing Virgin

Steve is Not a Blushing Virgin

Hey sabre! Do you have any fics where the team is shocked that Steve isn’t actually all apple-pie-boy-scout innocent

There are a lot of this type of fic that feature a bunch of Steve/Other, and there is nothing wrong with that, of course, but it isn’t my thing, so I haven’t read them.  Here are some Steve/Tony recs for you, though.  Enjoy!


Steve Rogers-Not a Blushing Virgin After All by Cassy27: “There are days you’re fine, when you’re not a giant
asshole, and I actually start to think you’re quite a decent guy, but
you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t constantly prove me wrong.” Steve let
go of Tony’s wrist, as if touching him suddenly disgusted him, maybe
even hurt him, and Tony stumbled back, like Steve had punched him right
in the throat.When Tony dares to think that Steve is a blushing
virgin, Steve doesn’t take those words kindly. Then one thing leads to
another, secrets are revealed, and Tony finally learns the truth about
Steve’s not so passive sex-life.

Taking it Slow by ladydragon543: Tony and Steve have been dating for a year.And it’s been a very frustrating and celibate year, until now…

Swinging for the Fences by akatonbo:
Steve walks in on most of the team sitting around the kitchen table, and
Tony, whose back is to the door, saying, “Anyway, pretty sure Cap
doesn’t swing that way.”

what you like times two by @gottalovev: To Tony’s delight, Steve Rogers is a lot kinkier than the WWII newsreels had led him to believe.(written for the alphabet challenge, letter “F”  *eyes the tags*  Plot? What plot?)

3 Times Tony Discovered Something About Steve (And 1 Time Steve Reciprocated) by ehemfitz:
In which Steve is not a blushing virgin, but is definitely a natural blonde.

The (Terrible) Seduction of Tony Stark by cvsossong:
Tony thinks Steve is an innocent virgin and tries to take it slow with
him. Steve is having none of that. Unfortunately, Tony doesn’t take
hints well.

Nicknames are always deserved…Or when you’re called the Star Spangled Man with a plan, its because you have a plan by Dorrito: So okay, Tony is a playboy. But there’s no way he will ever try to have his way with Steve because /Steve/! And Steve?Well, Steve isn’t maybe the innocent one that everybody like to believe he is…

Not that innocent by secretsuperhero1:
Tony has been pushing Steve long enough. Now he’s finally going to get what he deserves.

Fourth of July by Ab3l:
It’s Steve’s Birthday, and Tony has been taking their relationship slow,
to respect Steve’s 1940’s sensibilities. It’s nice and all, but his
patience is wearing thin. He’s a man that has needs. And he really needs
to be fucked. Like now.

Conflict Resolution by AshitaNewssnoopy: “I hope you realize that you are utterly ridiculous,”
Steve said without preamble, his brow pinched with frustration as he
slid into the car.“I’m ridiculous?” Tony asked, peering
over his sunglasses incredulously. And okay, maybe he had blown things a
little out of proportion, but still. “I wasn’t the one slobbering over someone like a dog with a choice bone.“Or the one in which Tony gets bitten by the green-eyed monster and Steve calls his bluff.

I’m ninety-five, I’m not dead by RonWeasleyAKALittleLionMan:
Tony Stark is insufferable. Steve is determined to retaliate. Tony
should be scared, but he’s a little too busy being turned on right about

Steve is not a virgin by ThatFandomObsessedChick:
Steve usually thinks things through, not today.

Acceptance and Resignation by somethingclever:
Steve Rogers can schmooze, he just doesn’t like to.  When Fury sends him
to woo a Senator into funding SHIELD’s R&D, Tony takes…

talk to me by theappleppielifestyle: “I was offering to talk dirty to you so you’d stop thinking I was such a stick in the mud.”Tony considers. Steve’s from the 40s, he assumes dirty talk back then wasn’t as graphic as it is today. “Go ahead.”Steve
cocks his head at him, lets his gaze linger on Tony’s mouth and the
exposed collarbone before saying, “Sometimes when you’re doing tune-ups
on your armour I think about stripping you out of it and fucking you
against the desk in your workshop until you scream for me.””Holy god,” Tony hears himself say, and Steve grins before continuing.

Off the Mark by @brandnewfashion: In which Tony makes assumptions, and Steve disproves every single one of them.   Aka a “five times Steve surprised Tony, and one time Tony surprised Steve” story.

For You by ShadyCarson:
Tony has an idea in his head about Steve’s sexual experience, and what
he would want in the bedroom. Thinking he is doomed to have sweet
romantic sex for the rest of his life, Tony accepts his fate. Steve has
something to say about that.

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