Winter Soldier!Tony

Winter Soldier!Tony

Do you have any winter soldier!tony stark fic recs ? Also you are amazing and i’m really thankful for what you are doing

Argh, sorry, I answered the wrong ask at first.  Thanks to @ayapandagirl for some suggestions, but here you go:

Hooked by AnonEHouse: In this story, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are
contemporaries, and both have hard-knock lives in 1939-1941 New York.
Hard to say whose is worse. Steve is sickly. Tony’s a whore. They become
friends– the world is going crazy with war, adding to the tension of
daily life.Tony is/was an underage prostitute, but as that’s not
explicit*, I felt the warning tag was misleading, however if even that
much is disturbing, I thought I’d best mention it here.CHAPTER 22
became EXPLICIT (consensual, not prostitution) Sex, but at the time
Tony was 17 years old, 10 months, and some days, so it’s not all that
MUCH underage. There was no explicit sex when he was younger.(There’s
tons of Google Research in the times and events of daily life in NYC
and world events. Where reasonable, factoids have been woven into the
story, but there’s a lot left over that wound up in chapter notes.)

I Started a Joke by Naferty: “Tony?” “Who the hell is Tony?”

Ferrum Hiemem by @kagekanecavi:
In an alternate timeline where James Rhodes is Captain America, Steve
Rogers is Iron Man, and Bucky Barnes is War Machine, Tony Stark is the
one who fell off the train in the mountains and became the Winter
Soldier. Fortunately for him one thing that is common across nearly
every timeline is the friendship, love, and support the Avengers have
for each other.

Frozen Earth and Bare Trees by iamironman (WiP): AU with Tony Stark as the Winter Soldier.

05.02.04 by infinitewritings (WiP):
Ten years later. Steve Rogers is still trying to find answers. But when
threat starts to loom over his father’s presidency, Steve is forced to
see his past come back to life. With his SHIELD friends, Steve struggles
to hold onto to hope and keep his father safe from HYDRA as it
continues to work in the dark with its new asset and keep its hold on
terror in the country. As all the conspiracies are revealed Steve is
forced to decide to keep holding onto hope or focus on what he has right

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