Proposals & Weddings

Proposals & Weddings

Hello I just watched infinity war an I am Not Ok could you rec me some good proposal/marriage fics please and thank you

We could all use some hopeful fics, right?  Here are some of my favorite proposal and wedding fics.  Enjoy



Indecent Proposal by gyzym, Siria:
On the plus side, marriage is bound to be easier than proposing.

Size Doesn’t Matter by @izazov:
An incident results in Steve reverting to his pre-serum body. It may be
the worst thing that has happened to Tony Stark. Or the best.

Morning Light by @captainneverever:
During his morning routine, Steve has a revelation about Tony.

A More Perfect Union by @sineala:
Tony has a proposal for his president.

You’ll Never Recover by @tonystarkssnipples:
“You’re alive.” The words were barely audible; Steve’s mouth was dry as
cotton. Tony poured him a small glass of water and held it up for Steve
to sip at.“Yeah. A little building fell on me. No big deal. You, on the other hand, hit your head.”Steve nodded. “I got that yeah. Hey, Tony… what are you wearing?”Tony looked down at the neatly pressed suit and cleared his throat.

Keep on Beating by @itsallavengers:
There were an awful lot of things Steve loved about Tony. But one thing
in particular Steve could never get enough of was his heartbeat.

Tenth Time Lucky by @itsallavengers: Steve just wants to propose to Tony.If only he didn’t keep getting fucking interrupted-

Tony Stark Decides to Put a Ring on It by bondboy68:
Tony comes up with an sudden solution to Steve’s worries in the middle of an argument.

A Proposal by starspangledsprocket:
A proposal is made. Sexy times ensue.

Something New by tsukinofaerii:
Tony is a man with a plan. A groggy, not really awake man, but he has a plan. Funny thing is, so does Steve.

Why is there a ring? by theappleppielifestyle:
“Steve,” Tony says, his eyes almost comically wide. “Why is there a
ring.” His voice is on the edge of hysteria, and, shit, people are

How to Marry Steve Rogers by superangsty: “I,” Tony said, striding into the lab “am going to marry Steve Rogers.”After a moment’s pause, Bruce replied with “Right. Minor problem – you two aren’t even dating.”A guide on how to marry Steve Rogers by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner (but mostly Bruce Bannner)

Belief by @wordsplat:
It’s not that Steve would ever cheat on him, because Tony knows without
question that he wouldn’t. It’s that maybe Steve doesn’t belong with him
in the first place.

Universal Constant by @wordsplat:
Some things are the same in every universe.

I Will Wait by @musicalluna:
Tony’s brilliant brain is working hard at something, and Steve’s not sure what.

Tony, No by kellebelle: Steve + drunk texting = enthusiastic billionaireOr how Steve found himself possibly engaged to a man named Tony he’s never met.

My Heart is With You by @naxa1818: Steve and Tony talk about a hopeful future.*WARNING* This is set after AA Season 3 Finale. There will be spoilers.

with you by @laireshi:
Sometimes Steve gets overwhelmed by how much he loves Tony.

Do Me the Honour, It’s for a Good Cause by @laireshi:
Tony finds the perfect way to make everyone trust Steve again: he just has to propose to him.

Super-Hero Team Up by nightwalker:
Steve was just behind him, down on one knee. He was looking up at Tony
with one of Tony’s favorite smiles, the soft, happy one that made his
mouth turn up in the corners, but otherwise took place mostly in his
eyes. The smile he had when he said “I love you” or when Tony made him

Not Another Second by nightwalker:
There’s only a few minutes left until the new year. Tony has a minor revelation. Of sorts.

Unwrapped by nightwalker:
Tony and Steve each have a surprise for the other. Turns out they were thinking along similar lines.

The Onion Ring Proposal by nightwalker:
Now the entire restaurant was staring at her, but that was what happened when you tried to put a leash on Tony.

Breaking News by nightwalker:
Good news spreads fast – possibly faster than Tony intended. Pepper’s gonna be mad.

We Have These Rules for a Reason by nightwalker:
It actually is kind of Clint’s fault.


Never Gonna Happen by AnneHiggins:
Tony Stark never really believed Steve Rogers would actually marry him,
but he’d never dreamed it would be because Bucky Barnes turned up alive
on their wedding day. Takes into account all pre-Winter Soldier movies except Tony and Pepper broke up between The Avengers and Iron Man 3 for the usual reasons.

A Giant Wedding by @wisiaden:
Everyone thinks that Tony Stark wanted a huge ass wedding with all the bells and whistles, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

I Could Have Danced All Night by @s-horne: “Pep, come on – I’m marrying the guy! I have the rest
of my life to spend with him; I won’t be with him for the whole day.
I’ll be lucky to even see him after the ceremony is over; there will be
far too much to do, people to see, food to be eaten. Of course you and I
will have time together.”/It’s Steve and Tony’s wedding day and they get a little wrapped up in each other

I do by HannaHazard:
Do you, Anthony Edward Stark, take this man… And then all hell broke lose.

Put on the Suit by @winterstar95:
“Put on the suit” takes on a whole new meaning when Steve gets ready for his wedding.

That Magic Moment by windscryer:
Tony doesn’t have cold feet. He just thinks that Steve probably should
if he’s got any sense. Steve doesn’t mind reassuring Tony he’s an idiot.

Without Limitations, Absolute by onewayfreak:
Wedding night fic. Even sappier than that would imply.

The Vegas Remixes (series) by navaan:
Getting Married in Vegas Across the Multiverse

This is the Night I’ve Been Dreaming of Forever by lweilaura:
“Wait – did you just fucking proposed to each other?” Clint asked after a minute of shocked silence.“I guess.” Steve muttered distantly, scribbling something in his book.
“Just like that?”“Duh.” Tony agreed.

(proposal through wedding)

Worth Waiting For by @ivorysilk7, @robintcj: Steve Rogers has been in love with his best friend,
Bucky, his entire life. Except Bucky is smart, kind, and gorgeous, and
Steve knows he’s none of these things. It doesn’t really matter, until
Bucky tells him one day that he’s moving clear across the country – to
L.A. Steve doesn’t really understand why Bucky would ever even consider
leaving New York, but he tries to be supportive, and it’s not the same,
but they still stay in touch over the miles. A year passes. Steve grows
taller. And then he receives an invitation in the mail – to Bucky’s
wedding. Frantic, Steve drops everything he’s doing to fly out to L.A.
to prevent Bucky from making the biggest mistake of his life, and
marrying Clint.When he gets to L.A., though, he meets Clint’s
friend Tony – brash, flirty, and gorgeous. Steve has to make a choice –
and maybe learn some hard truths about himself in the process.The
closer it gets to the wedding, the more confused Steve gets – does he
admit how he feels to Bucky, or does he admit to himself how he feels
about Tony?

First Comes Love, Second Comes Marriage (series) by @orbingarrow:
Steve and Tony aren’t dating, but the world assumes they are because
Steve won’t stop touching Tony in public.  A young man invites them to
his wedding to try and cheer up his fiance, whose parents are being
unsupportive because they don’t approve of same-sex marriage.  The
superheroes decide to go, and so much fluff happens!

Trying to Deserve You, weddingfic! by theappleppielifestyle: “He thinks that he’s worthless, that he doesn’t deserve to be loved, and that everyone’s eventually going to leave him.”Steve swallows.”I want to prove him wrong about all three.”

there is nothing for me (but to love you) by @brandnewfashion:
“Even now, as they’re standing in the middle of the dance floor, Tony is
hyperaware of Steve’s hand in his, and he idly wonders what it would be
like to brush his thumb over Steve’s finger and feel the smooth metal
of a ring there.”

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