hullo! do u happen to know any fics where Steve uses Tony to either get over/get Peggy back? But he ends up falling in love with Tony. Kind of like A Budapest Christmas if you’ve read it :> pls & thank you

Budapest Christmas is great, isn’t it?  A must-read.  I don’t read a lot of fics tagged with even past Peggy/Steve, tbh, but here are a few suggestions for you:


flammable by theappleppielifestyle: Tony glances up at him, his eyes brown and beautiful and not Peggy’s by a long shot.Steve finds that he really doesn’t mind.

All-American Boy by Pearl_Unplanned:
It was supposed to be a fun little gathering. The issue was that Tony
invited the entire senior class, which meant All-American Boy showed up
with his Sweetheart Girlfriend.
Tony didn’t have a problem with
Steve—in fact, it was exactly the opposite. He had a crush on Steve. And
Steve had a girlfriend. Right?

The Scars of Your Love by @some-blue-jack:
On the day Peggy moved out, Steve stood naked in front of the mirror and
looked at all the ragged lines running over his body.  He felt like
someone had taken a knife to him, slicing every inch open, and he didn’t
understand how there wasn’t any blood.  He traced one particularly
thick scar on his stomach, gritting his teeth against the pain, the
memory of the first time he’d brought Peggy over to meet his family and
all the teasing that had accompanied it burning through his mind.  He
couldn’t imagine her marks ever disappearing, and in that moment, he
didn’t want them to, didn’t want to ever expose himself to that much
hurt again.  Once in a lifetime was enough.

Don’t Wake Me Up by Dark_k:
Steve Rogers couldn’t let go of his past – he was far from home. Sixty nine years far from home.

For a Certain Definition of Happiness by @captainneverever: Steve Rogers should be happy – he has a job leading the
new team of Avengers, friends, and a steady girlfriend.  He works well
with Tony Stark, who has retired as Iron Man and provides financial
backing and technical support for the team. Steve’s life becomes
complicated when the Avengers encounter a mysterious supervillain
crimewave, Helmut Zemo wants to legislate the Avengers out of existence,
and his relationship with Sharon begins to fall apart. Then, after the
death of a close friend, Steve begins to question if he is truly happy.And, worse, why can’t he get Tony off his mind? (features Peggy/Steve and Sharon/Steve, but endgame is Stony)

A Beautiful Delusion by writingshipper:
Tony wants Steve, but Steve is with Peggy. But out of the blue, Steve announces that he wants to kiss Tony.

And definitely, everyone read the aforementioned:

A Budapest Christmas by @shetlandowl:
A Housesitter AU where Tony moves into Steve’s place, charms his
parents, befriends his life-long friends, and repairs the relationships
Steve ruined in the aftermath of his own heartbreak. Their relationship
is a happy, loving, and supportive one; or, at least it was so until
Steve showed up unannounced and was congratulated on a marriage he’d
never heard of.

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