Hug and Fly

Hug and Fly

Hi! Impressive work you’ve done here 🙂 So, very specific, but I’m a sucker for Tony (in armor) catching Steve as he falls or just carrying him. I find it so sweet ~~ Do you have some fics to recommend me ?? Thanks !

Well, there are a lot of fics that have a short scene of that, but it isn’t really a main feature of the fic.  Here are some suggestions for you, though. If anyone has others, please add them in the replies!


Don’t Drop Me (I Know You Wouldn’t) by AetherSprite:
Steve trusts Tony with his life even when Tony fears a repeat of his
latest failing. A swan dive off a building should remedy that… Or not.

Just Like Flying by ashinan:
And with that, Steve actually jumps.

Much Ado About Paper by Woad:
Tony teases Steve about being in a play.

The World From Above by magicsen:
Tony takes Steve flying

Come Fly with Me by Ossobuco:
Tony Stark has some odd ideas about how to escape from a party. Inspired by the song of the same name by Frank Sinatra.

Zenith by Chrism:
He could have shielded his face in Tony’s shoulder, but that would mean
looking away from the vista below, the sparkle of city lights and people
becoming ants, dwindling to specks, and disappearing as the world
slipped farther away.

Benefit Cost Analysis by omphaloskepist:
Sometimes, Tony didn’t think Extremis was worth it.

Come Fly With Me by alafaye:
Steve asks for Tony to take him flying.

An Ounce of Prevention by antigrav_vector:
Some aerial practice maneuvers lead to a Conversation…

You’ve Never Flown With Me by @cptxrogers: Steve felt a smile on his lips as he rolled his eyes at
Tony’s faux outrage. “Flying’s all right. The view’s nice. But being
stuck inside a plane is…” he searched for the right word,
“restricting. I don’t think I’d call it fun.”Tony’s eyes were bright and playful. “That’s because you’ve never flown with me.”

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