We all know Tony likes a good tipple every once in a while, but I was wondering if you knew of any stories that deal with his alcoholism e.g he’s tempted or helping him to stop like Steve pouring his drinks away, the Team/Steve supporting him or even if it’s not the main focus in a story just something causes his drinking to be a problem. Thank you kindly, you’re doing so great. ^_^

I’ve gotten several asks related to Alcoholism, so here are some suggestions for you and the others who were interested.  Probably after IW, we all feel like we need a drink.  *sigh*  There are a lot of fics that deal with this in some way, particularly Hydra Steve and 1872 fics, so I’d suggest going through the Alcoholism tag on Ao3, but here are some ideas for you:


Beer-Bottle Eyes by theappleppielifestyle:
“I can stop if I want to,” Tony says, and something inside him feels like drowning.

The Best Gifts Need No Packages by Dormammu:
Sheriff Steve has one plan for Stark’s newly discovered birthday: give
him a gift he’ll like enough not to drink for the day, choosing instead
to be happy and booze-free for his birthday. Easy, right?

The Bottom of an Empty Glass by RoySwordsman:
Tony drinks whenever he’s in a bad place, that’s common knowledge. Steve
is always there for him and attempts to pull him out of his funks, but
what happens when Tony breaks a promise to him and breaks Steve’s heart?

Another Lonely Hour (the Ultimates War) by navaan:
It’s the last year of the war, but things are looking bad enough for the
secret spy organization of SHIELD to launch a new Super Soldier
initiative. The original Super Soldier has been found just recently and
the only thing he wants to do now is go back to the front and end this
war. All the while Tony Stark knows he’s dying, but he wouldn’t be Tony
Stark if he would let that get in the way of giving something back to
the world before he has to go

Boss Man by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony starts calling Steve “boss,” and Steve has all sorts of feelings
about it.  It ends up coming up in bed.  The results open up some new
areas in their sexual relationship, and maybe reveal a few things about
Tony, and how he feels about Steve.

Wishful Thinking by @blossomsinthemist:
Things have been building between Steve and Tony for a while, but after a
battle where Tony is injured, they come to a head in an unexpected way.
Was originally envisioned as a post-credits scene for Age of Ultron,
but probably won’t end up fitting the movie well, so feel free to
envision it differently.

Detours in Getting to Yes by @msermesth: Tony is trying hard to stay sober by throwing himself
into his work and leading the Avengers. At the same time, Steve moves to
Brooklyn Heights in an attempt to find himself after Sharon’s death.Which
means it’s a great time for the two of them to get in an argument about
Stark International’s new Brooklyn facility and for Steve to realize
he’s in love with Iron Man.

Most Faithful Mirror by @kiyaar:
After the events of Fear Itself, Tony is in rough shape. Feelings and porn ensue.

Token by @laudatenium:
Tony wants a drink.  So he calls his sponsor.

Control by @laireshi: No one can control Tony Stark, and when alcohol is involved, not even himself.Tony
Stark is many things. One of them is a futurist, another is an
alcoholic. The incursions aren’t a problem anymore, but the price may
have been too high to pay – he can’t face tomorrow, and he’s drinking
again. Steve’s probably making it worse, but he can’t force himself to

So Far Away from Me by @sineala:
Captain America has a new hotline, and Tony is a frequent caller – but for a very unusual reason. (past alcoholism)

Chasing the Shadows Away by @sineala:
Steve wants to help Tony, but it’s a long time before either of them are ready.

All Time Low by @sineala:
Tony’s lost his company to Obadiah Stane. He’s lost it all: his money,
his friends, his Avengers team… and his sobriety. Drunk, homeless,
Tony is living on the streets, and when he runs out of liquor money, he
sells the only thing he has left: his body. And one day, he has the
exact wrong customer.

Snow Demons by @ironlawyer:
Steve finds Tony drunk in the snow.  Things don’t look good.

Two Stars, One Constellation by fandomfrolics:
He’s hungover, or maybe even still a little drunk, and he has no idea
where the hell he is – it’s just a typical Tuesday morning for Tony
Stark. Until he opens his eyes and finds himself face-to-face with
Captain America, that is.

i am seeing (as if by the light of a match) by wanderseeing:
Tony really wished he hadn’t just hit his six-month sobriety streak.

Poison by Signe_chan:
Steve finds Tony suffering from alcohol poisoning. Pre-slash. Hurt/Comfort.

Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World by Olivier_Mira:
Tony gets drunk. Steve gets overprotective. Trouble ensues.

A Stake in this Ground by Woad:
Granted, Tony gets off to a bumpy start in Timely, but he’s still
surprised when Rogers arrests him for drunk and disorderly behavior.

Take a Sharp Right at the Bottom of the Bottle by @festiveferret:
“I’m off the team, right? Just say it. Please.”

Addicted to You by mzyz: in which tony is an alcoholic and steve has had enough-X-He looks at all his broken pieces, his shattered world that he, himself, had broken. And god, he misses Steve.

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