Kidnapped Steve

Kidnapped Steve

I love you and this amazing blog! I saw an ask about Tony being kidnapped, do you have any recs for when Steve is the one being kidnapped?? Thank you!!! You’re amazing!

Check the Kidnapped recs for where they are both kidnapped together, but here are some for Steve being kidnapped.  Enjoy!


like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die by @cptxrogers:
Tony is still furious at Steve over the events of Civil War. But when
Steve gets kidnapped using Stark technology, Tony feels responsible and
figures out a plan to save him – by getting kidnapped himself.

To Break a Dream by @wordsplat:
Steve is kidnapped and tortured to prove a point to the American people
at large. Warning: Graphic depictions of multiple kinds of torture. Not
for the squeamish.

The Weight of Armor by @the-vorkosigan:
Steve is mysteriously kidnapped. His Avengers are worried. Or: a
post-Arthurian AU, with knights and kings and swords, evil sorcerers,
half-giants out of Wales, and two certain idiots who don’t realize they
are in love.

everything that drowns me makes me want to fly by @seventymilestobabylon:
Steve gets kidnapped. Sam wakes up Bucky to go find him. Nobody is fine.

(this is Bucky/Sam with side of Stony, but very good!)

To the Core (Under My Skin) by windscryer:
Hydra has Steve stashed in the freezer like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s
when Tony finds him. They’ll pay for that, of course, but first he has
something much more important to take care of.

My Idiot (Whether You Know It or Not) by AetherSprite:
Steve is captured by Hydra and Tony is going to get him back.

Don’t Take My Things by kitteekatz69:
Steve has a stalker, who eventually drugs him and kidnaps him. Tony
searches for him, and when he finds him, beats the hell out of the

as they learned to see by often_adamanta:
Tony stayed silent through her terse explanation, anger growing. When
Natasha was finished, he asked, “So you’re telling me that Steve’s been
missing for almost two months, most likely kidnapped by an unknown
organization, a force which employs two brilliant but completely crazy
scientists that hate Stark Industries because they were refused jobs on
the basis of their psych evals, and I’m only hearing about this now?”

Between You and Me by toraguru: Steve is kidnapped by terrorists, and it’s Iron Man to
the rescue in more ways that one. AKA, the one where Steve is given sex
drugs and Tony has to give him some relief. Shameless, unabashed porn. I’m not sorry.

5 Times Tony Had Steve’s Back, and 1 Time Steve Had Tony’s by @itsallavengers:
As it turns out, Steve gets himself into a lot more shit than you would
think. And for some reason, it’s always Tony who ends up saving his
sorry ass.

Abduction!  An Avengers Assemble Adventure by ricochet, runningondreams:
Steve gets kidnapped by aliens. Tony does not approve.

Fixing Steve Rogers by goldtitaniumman:
‘Tony Stark’s Three Step Plan To Fix Steve Rogers’
After the battle
in Manhattan Steve becomes stuck in a depressing, monotonous routine.
Just when he begins to lose hope, he’s kidnapped by Tony Stark.
attempts to ‘fix him’ which will either be the beginning of something
specetular, or a horribly traumatising experience; both Steve and JARVIS
are betting on the latter.

To the Victor by @thegraytigress: Nightmares are real.  Tony is living one.  It’s awful,
unending, torturous.  It’s driving him mad.  It’s killing him.  He just
wants to wake up and go back to his life with Steve, a life filled with
love and happiness. Yet every day the hell of reality presses down,
because Steve went on a mission. Steve made the ultimate sacrifice.
Steve is never coming home. And Tony can’t let himself believe it.

Living on Your Breath by @sineala:
The Avengers have faced Onslaught and come home. The team has assembled
again. And Steve is finally together with Tony. They’re in love.
Everything is perfect. But this happiness is all too brief, as Tony is
kidnapped by forces unknown. Steve rushes off to rescue Tony, only to
find that Tony has been brainwashed and turned against him. Now Steve,
captured and tortured by the man he loves, must sacrifice everything he
has to stop Tony from becoming a monster. Their relationship will never
be the same again… if they both get out of here alive.

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