Steve Comes Out to Tony

Steve Comes Out to Tony

Hey, any fics (short or long idc) where steve comes out to tony? They don’t necessarily need to even get together,, just, coming out fics? Love you! 💕

Steve coming out…okay, I do know a few of those. Here are some suggestions. Also check out the Coming Out to the Public list and Steve’s Internalized Homophobia recs for more.


Okay by hotrodngold:
He figures his sketchbook is safe from the notoriously short attention span of the average American crow.

Arms and the Man by copperbadge:
His best friend keeps cockblocking him, his relationship guru is a
computer, and he might be gay. The future is very complicated.

The One in Which Steve Just Can’t Say Anything Right by PalBuddyBucky: So I saw this thing that went something like “a pretty
woman came up and asked me how I was today and I couldn’t decide to say
‘I’m good’ or ‘I’m okay’ so I freaked out and said ‘I’m gay’”And that’s exactly what Steve does.

Pride by Meatball42:
This year, Steve wouldn’t have to watch the Pride parade from inside a
cold, lonely suite while other New Yorkers like him celebrated. He would
be a part of it, free to speak his mind, in this strange new world, in a
way he’d never dared before.

just a taste by mabonwitch:
Steve’s not sure what he is, but he knows what he wants.

Crossing a Line by Norbury: Living for Steve, is about drawing lines, and not crossing them, but the new world might make him think differently. In which Steve comes out to Tony, and they have a heartfelt discussion about their sexual identities. by lupinus: The one where the Internet is stalking Steve’s day to
day life, but that might be okay, because it just keeps bringing him
closer to Tony. Or, in which Clint Barton uses the Internet to mock Steve.

Steve is Hilarious High by Heartithateyou:
After an accident, Steve is high as a kite on pain meds and it leads to an abundance of honestly with Tony.

Silly Little Love Fic by Heartithateyou: Tony questions Steve about why he always dodges Natasha’s set-ups. It leads to more honest than he was really ready for.

Steve Really Can’t Handle His Alcohol by Heartithateyou:
Steve manages to get drunk with the team for the first time and he decides to confess what he really thinks of his teammates.

The Whole Duck by AnonEhouse:
Tony gets Steve to come out of the closet. A yellow ostrich feather and a pair of black suede boots are involved.

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