Marathon Sex with Bottom Tony

Marathon Sex with Bottom Tony

Hello! Do you have any “I can do this all day”Steve? Like when he continuously have sex with Tony in a row? This is making me blush… Thank you!

Ah, yes, one delightful side effect of the serum, right?  Here you go, Anon!


Refractory by FreshBrains: “When did the sun go down?”“After round three,” Steve says, still panting hotly against Tony’s shoulder.

full (of your love) by Hiyami:
Steve pushes Tony’s body to its limits and then some.

No Because, No Reason, No Explanation, No Solution by @blossomsinthemist:
He let his hands rest, warmly, on Steve’s shoulders, against his
neck.  “I just want you to fuck me, soldier,” he managed to get out,
breathy.  “I want you to fuck me, yes, in my ass, and not stop.  Again
and again, until it’s out of your system.”
Steve and Tony and a marathon sex encounter.  That’s it, that’s the fic.

Go Time by Agent C: Tony is the average teenage omega Avenger. He’s smart.
He’s handsome. He’s talented. He also happens to be dating the hottest
alpha in the whole school. He just received his latest mission: Steve
was in rut!(Or: How to Take Care of an Alpha in Rut – ‘cause too many ABO stories have helpless omegas and Tony isn’t one of them.)

Perfect Body by IronShield:
Steve Rogers is struggling with his sexual desires, he doesn’t know if
he should share them with anyone. One day, out of curiosity he reads
some SteveXTony fanfiction and Tony wonders if the fanfic matches up the
the real deal. The first chapter sets it up, chapter 2 and on will
contain all the smut!

No Rest for the Horny by look_turtles:
Steve doesn’t have a refractory period and Tony couldn’t be more pleased.

Machines by bonzai_bunny:
No matter how he acted, he never truly wanted punishment. He just
accepted that it was something that he needed every now and then,
something to alleviate the stress of having the world on his shoulders.

(Steve and a fucking machine)

Touch Me, I Wanna Be Dirty by @some-blue-jack:
Tony’s not going to deny that he’s ridiculously excited.  Steve.  In his bed.  Naked.  Everything is rainbows and nothing hurts.

A gift that keeps on giving by janonny: Tony decides to put the super serum through its paces with the extra Christmas gift from Steve. (Set in the distant future, where Tony and Steve are in a
relationship and have a lot of energetic sex. This is an example of said
energetic sex. Multiple examples of it, actually.)

Prostrate by thryza:
Fill for a prompt on LJ community avengerkink: The super serum has given
Steve enhanced stamina and almost no refractory period. It means that
Steve can easily get one last one in when Tony is done for the night,
and he loves it. (Roughly 1k of shameless PWP ensues. And yes, the title
is meant to be “prostrate,” as in lying supine. Not prostate. I

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